Reiber: Daniel Reiber Collection, 1805-1981

Call Number: MG-210

1 boxes     14 folders     .25 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 5

Description:   This collection contains the personal papers of Martin Bickham, who married Mme. Raimonde Eugenie Rivalz in 1805. Many of the documents and letters are in French, some have been translated into English. There is genealogy tracing lines of the McCamant, Jenkins, McCaa and Andes families from 1722-1942. Obituaries, correspondence with the McCaa family and deeds for the Caernarvon cemetery are among other items in the collection.

Creator: Reiber, Daniel.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:   English, French

Source of Acquisition: Source unknown.

Administrative History: Finding aid typed by CF, Summer 2011.


Folder 1 1776 – 1858

Insert 1 An essay of Martin Bickham in regard to Stephen Girard.


Folder 2 1828

Insert 1 A booklet that is a diary on the first and second voyages to Paris, accounts of activities while there and letters written from Paris. The booklet was all written by Martin Bickham. 1828.

Insert 2 A letter written from Paris by Martin Bickham to Jones & Son, Bordeaux. (loose from Insert 1) 1828.


Folder 3 1600s – 1700s

Insert 1 A survey map showing Raccoon Island along the Delaware River. No date.

Insert 2 Survey notes in regard to the mapin Insert 2. 1600s-1700s

Insert 3 An envelope which contained the items in Inserts 2 and 3 with note.


Folder 4 1805 – 1828

Insert 1 Original marriage contract written in French for Martin Bickham to Mme. Raimonde Eugenie Rivalz. 1805.

Insert 2 A typed translation of Insert 1. 1805.

Insert 3 Record of marriage written in French of Martin Bickham to Mme. Rivalz.

Insert 4 Handwritten translation of Insert 3. 1805.

Insert 5 Theoriginal marriage contract written in French of Mr. DeNermont to Miss Bickham. 1828.

Insert 6 A translated and typed copy of Insert 4. 1828.

Insert 7 A typed birth certificate for Martin Stephen Rivalz who is the son of Martin Bickham. 1806.


Folder 5 Genealogy, 1722-1942

Insert 1 Sketch of lines: McCamant, Jenkins, McCaa, Andes. 1722-1930.

Insert 2 Letters requesting genealogical information. 1915-1942.

Insert 3 Miscellaneous notes regarding genealogy. No date.

Insert 4 Interesting Contents of Wash Boiler.” No date.

Insert 5 A receipt: James McCaa of Martin Bickham for $5.80. 1849.

Insert 6 A letter in French. No date.


Folder 6 1802 – 1826

Insert 1 A deed: Gabriel Line [et uxer] to Elizabeth [Marks] for a messuage and five acres of land in Leacock Township. It was witnessed by George Reed and William Carpenter. No date.

Insert 2 A letter written in French to Madame Bickham. 1823.

Insert 3 A letter written in French to Madame Bickham. 1826.

Insert 4 A statement of M. Bickham in the case of [Larramindi] vs. Bickham. 1802-1823.

Insert 5 A letter to Martin Bickham, Isle de France written from Buenos Aires by P. Carpet. 1825.

Insert 6 Précis: Martin Beckham vs. Joseph Jean [Laramendy] in French. 1825.


Folder 7 1870 – 1981

Insert 1 A deed for Caernarvon Cemetery, Churchtown to Daniel H. Grupe. It was recorded by Peter Diffenbaugh. 1870.

Insert 2 An obituary from the Lancaster Daily Intelligencer for Dr. D. J. McCaa. 10 March 1920.

Insert 3 A photocopy of Insert 2.

Insert 4 A deed for Caernarvon Cemetery Assoc., Churchtown to Louisa Hull that was signed by William J. McCaa, President. 1922.

Insert 5 A deed same as Insert 4. 1923.

Insert 6 A correspondence of Edwin C. Diller, Lancaster with Daniel Reiber and [resultant] Roland and Diller family trees. 1978-1981.

Insert 7 A typed copy of the obituary of Captain Isaac Hull. No date.

Insert 8 A newspaper picture of George O. Roland upon his demise. 1917.

Insert 9 A photocopy of newspaper picture of George O. Roland upon his demise.

Insert 10 The obituaries and newspaper article of Dr. D. G. McCaa. 1964.

Insert 11 Photocopies of the obituaries and newspaper article of Dr. D. G. McCaa. 1964.


Folder 8 Obituaries and other newspaper clippings no dates

Insert 1 A typed obituary of John Vagan Diller. No date.

Insert 2 A typed obituary for Mrs. D. H. Grube. 3 copies. No date.

Insert 3 Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. No date.

Insert 4 A photocopy of miscellaneous newspaper clippings from insert 3. No date.


Folder 9 Martin Bickham Genealogy, Wills, Letters etc. 1829 – 1906

Insert 1 Pages from Daniel Grube’s family bible with births, marriages, deaths. 1845-1906.

Insert 2 Articles of Agreement for William McMichael’s rental of Martin Bickham’s farm in Caernarvon Township. 1835.

Insert 3 An essay regarding the government of Bangor Episcopal Church, Churchtown. The author is not identified. No date.

Insert 4 Martin Bickham’s will, codicil and notice to executors that was witnessed by James Buchanan and Charles R. Frailey. 1857-1858.

Insert 5 Letters from Martin Bickham to Joseph Curwen written from Havre, France. Also a page of comments headed “ concerning Mr. Curwen.” 1829.

Insert 6 Letters that Joseph Curwen wrote to Martin Bickham, USA to France. 1829-1830.

Insert 7 A picture of a young unidentified woman and a negative of a newspaper clipping. No date.


Folder 10 1820-1894

Insert 1 Papers in French headed “Procuration” that included Martin Bickham’s name. No date.

Insert 2 Papers in French with a front piece containing a statement in English regarding Port Louis on the island of Mauritius. 1824.

Insert 3 A newspaper clipping entitled “ Death of the Conte de Paris.” 9 September 1894.

Insert 4 A photocopy of newspaper clipping of “death of Conte de Paris.” 9 September 1894.

Insert 5 Accounts regarding 176 hhds. of Virginia tobacco received on 27 January 1820 on [Brig], Maryland on the account of Stephen Girard, Philadelphia by Martin Bickham. No date.


Folder 11 Affair of [Larramendi] and White vs. Martin Bickham, 1823-1825

Insert 1 A note in English regarding “Affair, etc.” No date.

Insert 2 Four statements in French by Martin Bickham headed Port Louis, Isle Mauritius. 1825.

Insert 3 Exposé in French of my affair with White and [Laramendi]. No date.

Insert 4 Paper in French regarding White and [Laramendi]. No date.

Insert 5 Letter in French to Martin Bickham from [Buenos Aires]. 1825.


Folder 12 McCamant Family History, 1720 – 1929

Insert 1 Newspaper clipping and photocopy of McCamant family with bits of interesting history. 1720-1920.

Insert 2 A typed copy of the original obituary of Thomas J. McCamant. (1824-[1903])

Insert 3 A typed copy of the obituary of James B. McCamant. (1832-1908)

Insert 4 A typed copy of the original will of Alexander McCamant. 1748.

Insert 5 A typed copy from a newspaper clipping of the obituary of Dr. John B. Andes. (1858-1903)

Insert 6 Newspaper clippings and photocopy regarding Judge McCamant. No date.

Insert 7 Typed copies of newspaper clippings regarding McCamant family members. 1929.

Inset 8 A typed copy of an advertisement which appeared in Benjamin Franklin’s Gazette which was placed by William McCamant.

Insert 9 A typed extract from The Three Earls. 1776.


Folder 13 Letters, 1828

Insert 1 A book of letters written in France from Martin Bickham to grandson, Stephen Girard. Two other names on book are Lavina Bickham and Alfred Bickham. 1828.


Folder 14 Martin Bickham’s book of letters and other items included. 1776-1858.

Insert 1 A book of letters by Martin Bickham that includes his marriage and children’s birthdates inside the cover. 1776-1858.

Insert 2 A copy of “Petit Blanc” which is a Creole song in French with an English translation. It was found in Insert 1. 1885.

Insert 3 Four exchange notes from banks in Philadelphia and New York for francs. They were found in Insert 1. 1838-1856.

Insert 4 Booklets titled “Things to be Purchased for the Farm” that were found in Insert 1. 1836.