Reist: Nathan Reist Papers, 1877-1907

Call Number: MG-613

1 box     10 folders     .25 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 13

Description: This collection contains documents related to Nathan Reist, a teacher, amateur photographer, and Lititz resident. These documents cover a period of roughly thirty years—from 1877 to at least 1907—and the majority concern his teaching career. Students’ practice ledgers, writing books, and art evince the variety of classes taught by Reist. A ledger records the activities of a Teachers’ Natural Science Club and a leaflet advertises a bee judged by Reist. The few remaining items are a mix of ephemera and advertisements.

Creator: Reist, Nathan.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Gift of Gary Hawbaker.

Related Materials: Glass plate negatives are housed in the Photograph Collections.


Folder 1 Practice ledger for bookkeeping class. Fictitious entries recorded by Jacob A. Weidmer under instruction of Nathan E. Reist. Binding in poor condition. April 1879 to April 1895.

Folder 2 Practice ledger for bookkeeping class. Fictitious entries recorded by Anna Bricker and Sophie L. Bricker. Binding in very poor condition. Sheet of calculations showing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division—interleaved between second and third pages. Set of sheets of calculations, multiplication tables, and handwriting practice. “Elmer Hademan” written on one sheet, but majority are unnamed and undated. Interleaved at rear of ledger. 1 April 1879 to 15 March 1881.

Folder 3 Practice ledger for bookkeeping class. Fictitious entries recorded by unknown student. Name apparently originally on front cover but subsequently removed. 1 April to 14 April 1879

Folder 4 Practice ledger for bookkeeping class. Fictitious entries recorded by Horace W. Jergen. Several tears in front cover. Note and practice entry in style of ledger—interleaved near front of ledger. Sketches of animals—interleaved near middle of ledger. 1 April 1879 to 10 March 1881.

Folder 5 Writing book for orthography class. Used by Leroy Hacker. Numerous assignments, each requiring the student to correctly write a variety of words. Ignores ruling of paper as well as practice strokes phrases provided by publisher. Most entries graded. Some water damage. 1890s.

Folder 6 Writing book for orthography class. Used by Charles C. Fry at the age of ten. Similar to the item in Folder 5 but with only two assignments, both requiring the student to correctly write a variety of words. Ignores ruling of paper as well as practice strokes phrases provided by publisher. 1890s.

Folder 7 Writing book for orthography class. Used by [Orville] Burkholder. Largely practice strokes, with a few phrases and names. [1890s].

Folder 8 Ledger for Teachers’ Natural Science Club. Primarily records membership dues as well as program and postage expenses. Nathan E. Reist served as the club’s treasurer. Binding in extremely poor condition. 5 March 1898 to 9 February 1907.

Folder 9 Artwork

Drawing. Woman on promontory, looking into distance. Signed by [O.] Brian Maller. Undated.

Sketch. Woman seated at piano. Signature present but illegible. Undated.

Sketch. Child cutting kneeling child’s hair. Tears at left edge. Signed by Willis K. Seitzinger. Undated.

Sketch of horse. Reverse, incomplete sketch of bovine. Bottom and left edges in poor condition. Unsigned and undated.

Map of eastern United States. States partially colored. Unsigned. [after 1889].

Map of North America. National borders marked, as are major rivers and mountain ranges. Some water damage. Signed by Mary Sanders. 23 February 1897.

Drawing of roses. Part of page removed; all edges ragged. Unsigned and undated.

Drawing and lettering. “Some Resolutions For 190[ _ ]” in highly stylized font above drawing of holly wreath. Reverse, sketch of “Some” in same font. Area around holly wreath torn in several locations. 1900s.

Sketch. Birds on tree. Reverse, photographs of unidentified factory. Signed by Elmer Eberly of Bowmansville, Pennsylvania. Undated.

Sketch. Hawk with mouse, and dove or pigeon in flight. Reverse, cardinal on branch. Unsigned and undated.

Print. Mounted knights in charge, with castle in distant background. Reverse, advertisement for Pears’ Otto of Rose scented soap. 1907.

Print. Mounted man in 18th century attire, riding through ravine; troop of mounted soldiers in background. Supplement to New York Weekly, no. 25. Undated.

Folder 10 Miscellaneous Papers

Handwriting practice sheet. Composition, “Thoughts of Wonder,” as well as several short phrases. Undated.

Advertisement for Bee held by schools of Brunnerville, Pennsylvania in Wissler’s Hall, 6 February 1904. Several categories and numerous prizes. Teachers in charge, Esta Rohrer and Nathan E. Reist. 1904.

Examination booklet for Practical Department of unidentified institution. Spaces for name, date, time in department, number of sets completed and examined, number of trials on examination, and examiner. Partially completed for final exam of Nathan E. Reist in class of Professor [illegible.] 2 September 1877.

Examination booklet. Used for various calculations and problem involving three business partners. Undated.

Sheet of terms and conditions concerning Eastman Kodak’s solio paper. Undated.

Ephemera [advertising]. “Who is Rich in Japan and Why,” “German Industry Threatens America’s Markets,” “How Science Speeds News across the Pacific,” “Where Salt and Tea Are Money,” “Will Communism Risk a Conflict with Japan?” Undated.