Slaymaker: Samuel R. Slaymaker II, White Chimneys Collection, Series 3

Call number:  MG-268, Series 3

This collection is in the process of being cataloged.

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Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 7

Description:  The items in Series 3 are an assortment of documnents, scrapbooks and business records created or collected by the Slaymaker family.  This series consists of business and personal correspondence, legal documents, invitations, and genealogy.

Creator:  Slaymaker, Samuel R.

Conditions for Access:  Restrictions are noted at the folder or item level.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English, German

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of the family of Samuel R. Slaymaker II, 1998.


Box 1

Folder 1         Postcards

Insert 1  To (Master) S. C. Slaymaker

Presbyterian church in Gap; postmarked Lancaster Nov. [2], 190[5] from “A. G. McC.”

Conestoga and bathing resorts, Lancaster,  with glitter applied in some places. From Mrs. A. M. Breneman, Lancaster, 9 January 1907. L. B. Herr Print.

Amish children of Lancaster County, Pa. from R. F. McCoy, 17 January 1907. Copyright 1906, Frances D. Calder.

Scene on the Pequea; from Stella W. Oster, Lancaster, 29 January 1907. L. B. Herr Print.

The quaint doorway, Cloister building, Ephrata. From Howard Fisher, Lancaster 29 January 1907. Copyright 1905 The Rotograph Co., New York City (Germany). Handcolored. Nr. 5941a.

Long’s Home for Old Women. From Ella. Lancaster, 30 January 1907. Published by the Metrpolitan News Co., Boston.

Blanche Nevin’s fountain, Reservoir Park. From M. Hart, Lancaster 30 January 1907. The Hugh C. Leighton Co., manufacturers, Portland, Maine. Printed in Frankfurt o/Main, Germany. Nr. 2363.

Centre Square and Soldiers’ Monument. From Esther Parker, Lancaster January 1907. Souvenir Post Card Co., New York and Berlin. Nr.12256.

North Duke Street. From R.L.S. Lancaster, 20 July 1907. The American News Company, New York, Dresden. Nr. A 6691.

P.R.R. bridge over Conestoga. From Grand-Ma. Lancaster July 1907. Soutter, Buchanan & Young, Lancaster, Pa. (Germany).

Lancaster P.R.R. Station. From Grand-Ma, Lancaster, 5 August 1907. Printed in Germany.

P.R.R. Bridge over Conestoga. From “your loving Aunt”, Lancaster, August 1907. Soutter, Buchanan & Young, Lancaster, Pa. (Germany).

Science Building, F. and M. College. From W. W. W., Lancaster, 3 September 1907. The Hugh C. Leighton Co., manufacturers, Portland, Maine. Printed in Frankfurt o/Main, Germany. No. 2373.

Gap Hotel. From Elsie Marsh, Gap, 13 September 1907. H. S. Portner, Druggist, Publisher.

Donegal Church. From Cousin Lilian, 1908. W. J. Wilke, Publisher.

City Water Works. From Grand-Ma, Lancaster, 17 September 1908. The Rotograph Co., New York City. Nr. G 2686a.

Wheatland. From Grand-Ma, Lancaster, 4  August 1908. The Hugh C. Leighton Co., manufacturers, Portland, Maine. Made in Germany, Nr.  2365.

Steven’s High School. From Grand-Ma, Lancaster August 1908. The American News Co., New York, Leipzig, Dresden. Nr. A 6740.

Insert 2  To S. R. Slaymaker or Mrs. S. R. Slaymaker

Almshouse. From R. J. S., Westfield, New Jersey. 2 September 1906. The Metropolitan News Co., Boston.

View along Pequea. From “your loving Sister”, Lancaster. 5 August 1907. Conestoga Publishing Co. Print. Nr. 37.

Prison Grounds. Lancaster. 1 August 1907. The American News Co., New York, Leipzig, Dresden. Nr. A 6693.

Residence of Daniel D. Herr, proprietor of Fairview Nursery. From Daniel D. Herr, Lancaster, 27 October 1907.

Residence of Daniel D. Herr, proprietor of Fairview Nursery. From D. D. Herr, Lancaster, 30 October 1907.

Hamilton Watch Co. From Grace, Kinzers, Pa. 18 August 1910.

Old Factory Bridge, Williamson’s Park. From J. M. L. [Leaman Place]. 15 August [1912].

Millersville State Normal School. From Grace H., Kinzers, Pa. 2 August 1911. Souvenir Post Card Co., New York. Printed in Germany. Nr. 12261.

North Queen Street, looking south. From “your Sister.” Lancaster. 16 August 1915. Published by I. Steinfeldt, Lancaster, Pa. Made in U.S.A.

Insert 3  To Miss Helen E. Slaymaker

Post Office. From Grand-Ma, Lancaster. 3 August 1907. The American News Co., New York, Leipzig, Dresden. Nr. A 6736.

P.R.R. Bridge over Conestoga.  From “your affectionate Aunt”, Lancaster. 3 August 1907. Soutter, Buchanan & Young, Lancaster, Pa. (Germany).

Walnut Street looking west, Marietta, Pa. From Grand-Ma, Marietta. 5 September 191[0]. Pub. by Joseph M. Stafford, Marietta Pa.

Bathing, Lake Conewago, Mt. Gretna, Pa. From Alice, Mount Gretna. 29 August 1911. Harpel’s Art Store, Lebanon Pa.

Insert 4  To Mrs. Jane Slaymaker

Broad Street, Lansdale, Pa. From Mrs. William Speirs, Lansdale.

First Presbyterian Church. From the church, Lancaster. 24 September 1907.

Hamilton Watch Factory. From Jennie Nissley, Lancaster. 22 September 1908. The Rotograph Co., New York City. Printed in Germany. Nr. G 2692.

Insert 5  To Mrs. Fred. Cohr

Temple Shaarai Shomayim, Lancaster. From Emma, Lancaster. 2 May 1910. The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd., New York. Printed in Great Britain.

Umbrella Factory. From Mary, Lancaster. 2 May 1910. The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd., New York. Printed in Great Britain.

C. & L. Railroad station, Mt. Gretna, Pa. From Alice, Mount Gretna. 25 July 1911. Published by Harpel’s Art Store, Lebanon, Pa.

Bathing, Lake Conewago, Mt. Gretna, Pa. From Alice, Mount Gretna. 1 August 1911. Harpel’s Art Store, Lebanon Pa.

The Narrow Gauge R.R. to the rifle range, Mount Gretna, Pa. From Alice, Mt. Gretna. 14 August 1911. Published for Dissinger and Lesher. Nr. 1607.

Insert 6  Postcard-like items

Donegal Presbyterian Church – Presbytery of Westminster, Lancaster County, Pa., – Organized 1720. Front of a program. No date.

Lititz Springs Sanitarium, advertising card. Photo of the street side of the building on the front; a side view and description on the  back. No date.


Folder 2         Correspondence 1775-1868

Insert 1  To Mrs. Mitchell from William Giffen, advising that a volume of Erskine’s works has been sent with Samuel Wright. Mounted on board. 3rd day evening, cur’t.

Insert 2  Letterfrom John Berwick, Charlestown, advising that Captain Wright, who was to carry delegates to  Philadelphia has died. Mounted on board. 3 May 1775.

Insert 3  To “Dear Cousin” from Samuel Boyd, Montgomery County near the Narrows of the Yadkin River,” asking that he or she write. Mounted on board. 8 April 1783.

Insert 4  To Henry F. Slaymaker from General Post Office, Washington City, regarding taking over the post master position in Gap from Amos Slaymaker. With envelope. 6 November 1806.

Insert 5  To Col. William Wiley from Simon Cameron, Harrisburg, regarding a purchase of land. 23 September 1807. Appraised by Kinsey Baker for $65, 22 February 1999.

Insert 6  To Mr. Slaymaker from Joseph Hunter, Mooresburg, Columbia County, asking what goods can be gotten in trade for wheat, whiskey, potatoes, and dried apples. The cash values of these items are noted in another hand. Mounted on board. 18 November 1819.

Insert 7  To Amos Slaymaker from James McCay of Gilmore & Patton, Port Deposit, advising that John Evans will be delivering 13 barrels of shad to be sold in Columbia. Mounted on board. 27 April 1820.

Insert 8  To Henry F. Slaymaker from Caleb Pusey, Newport, regarding payment owed for a shipment of salt. Mounted on board. 15 July 1820.

Insert 9  To Amos H. Slaymaker from James Adams (for Jesse Adams), Greenwood, regarding a shipment of 14 kegs of butter to be sold and requesting one barrel each of coffee and sugar in return. Mounted on board. 24 October 1820.

Insert 10  To Henry F.  Slaymaker  from Samuel A. Houston, Gap, regarding cordwood at the store. 28 July 1834.

Insert 11  To Henry F. Slaymakerfrom James Buchanan, Senate Chamber, Washington City, advising that Slaymaker can expect to be appointed postmaster at Salisbury. 24 May 1836.

Insert 12  To Henry F. Slaymaker from Post Office Department, Washington City, appointing him the postmaster at Salisbury. 26 May 1836.

Insert 13  To James Buchanan, Washington, from Post Office Department, Washington, concerning a lost letter from Green Bay that contained money. 23 May 1838.

Insert 14  To Henry F. Slaymaker from John Strohm, House of Representatives, Washington regarding a report on patents, and discounting rumors of a peace treaty.  4 February 1848.

Insert 15  To Joseph Bonigmacher, Harrisburg, from Pierce Butler, Philadelphia, accompanying a $5 contribution to a monument at Ephrata at the burial site of Battle of Brandywine soldiers. 28 February 1850.

Insert 16  To Samuel C. Slaymaker from John M. Dunlap, inviting him to attend the County Committee meeting to support a Fillmore-Fremont ticket. 12 July 1856.

Insert 17  To “Dear Uncle” from S. C. Konigmacher, Ephrata Springs Resort, where he is recovering from an attack of asthma after having been mustered out in Lancaster. 19 August 1863.

Insert 18  To W. M. Wiley from Simon Cameron, Washington, recommending Charles H. Rhodes for the position vacated by Henderson. 24 January 1868.


Folder 3         Correspondence 1905-1938

Insert 1  To Miss McCarthy, teacher, from Sam. Slaymaker, perhaps a school assignment as the charming misspellings have been circled. With envelope. 28 April 1905.

Insert 2  To Miss Amy Leed, Nickel Mines, from Henry C. Slaymaker, Lancaster, regarding a book of Slaymaker genealogy that is being sold by subscription. With envelope and reply card. February 1909.

Insert 3  To “Boy” from “SRS-S”; admonitions and advice to a son away at school, mostly concerning managing his money.

Insert 4  Correspondence between Sam (“Boy”) and “SRS” concerning a visit home from school. Dated 26 August 1915, no date and 2 September 1915. Sam’s response is dated 6 September 1915; SRS’s reply 8 September 1915.

Insert 5  Correspondence between Samuel R. Slaymaker and New Life Gymnasium, West Haven, Connecticut. 13 and 14 September 1915.

Insert 6  From SRS to “Boy” and to Dr. Walter J. Leaman, Leaman Place, deciding whether Sam should run cross country/track. Dated 14 and 20 September 1915.

Insert 7  From SRS to “Boy” 16 September 1915.

Insert 8  To Samuel R. Slaymaker from Senator Warren G. Harding, Marion, Ohio, on U.S. Senate letterhead, certifying him as an Elector for the Ninth District. 26 July 1920.

Insert 9  Three letters to Miss Stehman from S. R. Slaymaker on stationery from Hotel Gray & d’Albion, Cannes, France: 16 October 1922 advises of his arrival and mailing address; 30 October 1922 discusses bills to be paid; 9 November 1922 advises of his  expected return date and describes local sites and history.

Insert 10  Letter  to Miss Stehman from S.R. Slaymaker on stationery from Hotel Astor, New York City, 9 February 1923, regards office matters and the date of his sailing to France.

Insert 11  A volley of letters between S.R. Slaymaker, on U.S. Asbestos Company letterhead, and Charles F. Stauffer concerning the new road from Manheim to the Lebanon County line, as well as the need for sidewalks and wider bridges to protect schoolchildren, dated 12, 14 and 15 September 1925. Includes the envelope Mrs. S. R. Slaymaker used 19 January 2001 to send them to the historical society.


Folder 4         Correspondence 1937-1975

Insert 1  To Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Slaymaker, Lancaster, from Sam, Lawrenceville, about football games, his religion teacher and friend, Bob Reynolds. With envelope. 4 October 1937.

Insert 2  To Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Slaymaker, Lancaster, from Sam, Lawrenceville, about sending laundry home, school sports events, and a request to send a permission slip so he can visit them at home. With envelope. 23 January 1938.

Insert 3  To Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Slaymaker (“Dear Mother”), Lancaster, from Sam, Lawrenceville, requesting the permission slip to visit home, sporting and other events. With envelope. 30 January 1938.

Insert 4  Correspondence between S. C. Slaymaker and Dwight Eisenhower, Gettysburg, concerning DDE’s visit to Franklin and Marshall [commencement speaker 1963]. Eisenhower’s reply with envelope is mounted on board. 30 June 1963.

Insert 5  To Alice Roosevelt Longworth from Samuel C. Slaymaker, age 9, requesting a photograph of her father, Theodore. His letter is undated; her reply is dated 3 May 1973.

Insert 6  To S. R. Slaymaker from Senator Barry Goldwater, thanking him for support in the presidential campaign. Dated 18 November 1964.

Insert 7  To S. C. Slaymaker from Ermie Stehman, admitting she destroyed a letter that his father had wanted to see, and asking for forgiveness. 20 August 1975.

Insert 8  To Samuel R. Slaymaker III from William J. Weber, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, informing him that White Chimneys had been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mounted on board. 7 April 1975.


Folder 5         White Chimneys

Insert 1  Sample of wallpaper, green and ocher, tile-like pattern, approximately 15.5 x 29.5 cm. No date.

Insert 2  Newspaper article “Old Slaymaker Homestead,” Christiana Ledger, 29 October 1904.

Insert 3  Specifications for alterations to White Chimneys prepared by C. Emlen Urban, 7 January 1905.

Insert 4  Poem, “Thoughts Suggested by the Celebration of [the] Centennial of ‘White Chimneys’,” composed and written by Mrs. Samuel Evans, Columbia, Pa. 1907.

Insert 5  “White Chimneys: 1807-1957,” by S.R. Slaymaker II, reprinted excerpts from the Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society volume 61 number 1. Three copies. 1957.

Insert 6  Tourist brochure, “White Chimneys: Houseful of Our History,” 1967.


Folder 6         Land Records

Insert 1  Warrant for survey of 250 acres in Sadsbury Township, Chester County for Richard Simons. 27 February 1750.

Insert 2  Deed to 25 acres 59 perches in Strasburg Township. Sold by Henry Slaymaker and wife to Elisha Ferree. 2 February 1801.

Insert 3  Lower part of a deed to 28 acres in Salisbury Township. Sold by Amos Slaymaker to Henry F. Slaymaker. 22 November 1836.

Insert 4  Deed to 28  acres in Salisbury Township sold by Henry F. Slaymaker and wife to Hathorn Freeland. 2 March 1837.


Folder 7         Legal documents

Insert 1  Permission for Thomas Clemson to open a road from Sadsbury Twp., Chester County to Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster County. 6 January 1759.

Insert 2  Estate inventory of George Boyd. 21 June 1762.

Insert 3  Confirmation of payment of ten pounds from Mary Shaw to Alice Lancaster for the use of Agnes and Mary Winn.

Insert 4  Orphans’ Court record for heirs of George Boyd of Salisbury Twp., witnessed by Amos Slaymaker. 24 June 1793.

Insert 5  Probate record. Robert Williams, John Williams, George Leech. Sadsbury Township. 18 January 1794.

Insert 6  Probate record. Sarah Wallace, Robert Elias Wallace, Randel Wilson. Leacock Township. 6 January 1798.

Insert 7  Legal proceeding brought by George Duffield against William Slaymaker for the repayment of 3200 pounds. 18 May 1803. (photocopy)

Insert 8  Summons for John Gribbens to appear to answer William Evans regarding a debt. Amos Slaymaker, Justice of the Peace. 5 March 1810.

Insert 9  Warrant to bring John Booth and David Lithgo of Strasburg Township before the Justice of the Peace for threatening the life of John Stewart. 13 December 1826.

Insert 10  Mortgage papers, Elizabeth M. Fletcher. 30 September 1941.

Insert 11  Affidavit of appraisal of the estate Henry Prather Fletcher. 10 July 1959.

Insert 12  Living testament form, unsigned. No date.


Folder 8         Accounts, invoices

Insert 1  Money being held on account. Francis Leech holding money for “James Moor’s wife or his boy.” Signed John Clemson. 31 October 1774.

Insert 2  Promissory note. Fifty pounds owed to Gabriel Davis by Archibald Boyd. (mounted on board) 1 April 1776.

Insert 3  Invoice. Wheat bought from Hollingsworth & Hewitt by Samuel Evans. (mounted on board) 5 December 1778.

Insert 4  Promissory note. Money owed to William Young by James Kennedy. 25 September 1794.

Insert 5  Invoice. Money owed to George Leech for store goods. Witnessed by Amos Slaymaker and Frederick Baker. (mounted on board) 8 October 1798.

Insert 6  Account correspondence regarding bar iron. Daniel Buckley, Hopewell Forge to H. F. Slaymaker. (mounted on board) 30 August 1820.

Insert 7  Invoice. Buckets, baskets and such bought from Gideon Cox, Philadelphia by H. F. Slaymaker. (mounted on board) 21 April 1831.

Insert 8  Invoice. H. F. Slaymaker purchased store goods from Reuben Passmore, Philadelphia. (mounted on board) 24 March 1836.

Insert 9  Invoice. S. R. Slaymaker purchased from George T. Sellers, hardware and farm implements, Gap, Pennsylvania. No date.

Insert 10  Invoice. S. R. Slaymaker purchased building materials from Joseph C. Walker & Sons, Gap, Pennsylvania. 26 January 1907.

Insert 11  Miscellaneous accounts, notes. No dates.

Folder 9         Expense accounts, 1908-1915

Insert 1   S. C. Slaymaker. Expense account and composition book. 1908-1915.

Insert 2   Expense account. 18-26 August 1915

Folder 10      Receipts, 1759-1907

Insert 1  Receipt. Received from Mary Shaw by the hand of Benjamin Kendall by Alice Lancaster for Agnes and Mary Winn. 7 July 1759.

Insert 2  Six receipts. 1768-1821, plus one undated.

Insert 3  Three tax receipts. 1773-1783.

Insert 4  Receipt. Four payments, possibly for legal costs. (mounted on board) May-September 1789.

Insert 5  Receipt for supply and county tax, Salisbury Township. (mounted on board) 24 August 1791.

Insert 6  Receipt for wool carding and white flannel manufacturing. Amos Slaymaker paid Samuel Martin. (mounted on board) 31 December 1813.

Insert 7  Receipt. H. F. Slaymaker purchased from Joseph & Thomas Wood & Co., wholesale silk and fancy goods. (mounted on board) 20 November 1833.

Insert 8  Tax receipt. Special tax upon the business or occupation of Civil Engineer, paid by S. C. Slaymaker. (mounted on board) 24 June 1870.  

Insert 9  Receipt. Payment from S. R. Slaymaker received by C. L. von Ossko, Lancaster. 5 May 1906.

Insert 10  Receipt. Pew rent, Presbyterian Church of Lancaster. 1 July 1907.

Folder 11      Certificates and Licenses, 1804-1976

Insert 1  Liquor license. Amos Slaymaker. (mounted on board) 12 November 1804.

Insert 2  Militia appointment. Amos Slaymaker, Brigade Inspector of the Second Brigade of the Fourth Division. 21 April 1806.

Insert 3  Postmaster appointment. Henry F. Slaymaker, Salisbury post office. (mounted on board) 21 July 1836.

Insert 4  Certificate, Washington National Monument Society. [1849-1850].

Insert 5  Occupational license. Samuel C. Slaymaker. (mounted on board) 20 August 1866.

Insert 6  High school diploma and program of closing exercises. S. R. Slaymaker. 30 June 1882.

Insert 7  Certificate of honor, Yale University. Samuel C. Slaymaker withdrew from the school to join the war effort. May 1917.

Insert 8  Military appointment. S. C. Slaymaker. (mounted on board) 14 May 1919.

Insert 9  Minister’s certificate of marriage; part of booklet. Samuel C. Slaymaker, Martha Ann Fletcher. 19 February 1921.

Insert 10  Cradle Roll Promotion Certificate: advancement to Beginners’ Department, First Presbyterian Church. Ann Louise Slaymaker. 19 May 1929.

Insert 11  Invitation to attend President’s Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership. S. R. Slaymaker. 1-5 December 1931.

Insert 12  Honorary doctorate, Bloomfield College and Seminary. Samuel C. Slaymaker. 18 January 1952.

Insert 13  Certificate, Presbyterian General Assembly. Samuel C. Slaymaker. 24 May 1965.

Insert 14  Certificate. Mary Ferree Society visit to White Chimneys. (mounted on board) 25 April 1976.

Insert 15  Armed Forces Certificate. Samuel C. Slaymaker. [1974-1977].

Box 2


Folder 12      Military Records, 1917-1975

Insert 1  National Guard discharge. Samuel C. Slaymaker. 5 August 1917.

Insert 2  Army Officers’ Reserve Corps papers. Samuel C. Slaymaker. 9 July 1929 to 23 April 1935.

Insert 3  War Ration Book Four. Issued to Sally Hazzard. Printed in 1943.

Insert 4  Air Medal citation. Samuel R. Slaymaker II. 5 September 1944.

Insert 5  Military service record. Samuel C. Slaymaker II. 10 September 1975.

Folder 13      City Engineer items

Insert 1  Memos regarding accounts. Pencilled list of charges for plans, road viewing, etc. 1886, 1892-1893.

Insert 2  Request for S. C. Slaymaker to give cash to a third party. 1892.

Insert 3  Trolley-building costs per mile. No date.

Folder 14        Printed political items

Insert 1   Manual of the City Councils. Hard-bound book, 95 pages. 1900-1901.

Insert 2  American Party platform on the question of slavery. No date.

Insert 3  National Council of the American Party. The Platform and Principles of the Organization. No date [circa 1855].

Insert 4  American County Committee meeting announcement. No date.

Folder 15      Railroad items

Insert 1  Railroad passes. S. C. Slaymaker. 2 March 1857, 18 July 1871, and two undated.

Insert 2  Rules for the government of trains at the crossing of the Pennsylvania and Reading & Columbia Railroads, near Landisville. 15 September 1862.

Insert 3  Lebanon Valley Railroad, Supplement to Time Table No. 33. 13 May 1864.


Folder 16       Brochures, Pamphlets

Insert 1  Transcription of an excerpt from the diary of Thomas Cope. 1800.

Insert 2  Circular “Ephrata Mountain Springs will be open for visitors on the first day of June 1861.” Mounted on board. 1861.

Insert 3  Program, “Tableaux,” with music between the scenes. Mounted on board. 28 March 1862.

Insert 4  “Recreation Park” YMCA. 1896.

Insert 5  Charter of Donegal Church and two loose inserts: clarification of by-laws and newspaper article, “Influence of Calvinism.” 28 December 1897.

Insert 6  “Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Garden Spot of the United States: the picturesque and historical east end.” Written for the Conestoga Traction Company by Frank R. Diffenderfer. Two copies. 1 August 1908.

Insert 7  Program, “Pageant of Gratitude,” 200th Anniversary of Lancaster County. 14 May 1929.

Insert 8 “You and Slaymaker.” Employee handbook. No date [circa 1945].

Insert 9  “A Strolling Tour of Strasburg’s Historic District.” Strasburg Heritage Society. 1982.

Insert 10  Menu, “Presbyterian Souvenir.” No date.


Folder 17      Public Ledger [Philadelphia daily paper]. 25 March 1836.



Folder 18        Newspaper articles, 1759-1973

Insert 1  Unidentified newspaper clipping with the handwritten note “Receipts of 1773.” Articles are dated 1 November 1773.

Insert 2  Unidentified newspaper clipping with the handwritten note “Receipts of 1759.” One article is dated 19 April 1775.

Insert 3  The Pittsfield Sun. Pittsfield, Massachusetts. 17 December 1857.

Insert 4  Clipping from Examiner & Herald, Lancaster, “Republican Presidency Candidates.” Mounted on heavy paper. 12 October 1859.

Insert 5  The Daily New Era, pages 1, 2, 7, 8. An article on page 8 is highlighted, “Old Lancaster, Pictures Drawn from Two Centuries.” 30 January 1900.

Insert 6  Mock special edition of the Examiner-New Era, honoring S. R. Slaymaker on the eve of his departure on a visit to Europe. 23 September 1922.

Insert 7  Photocopied clipping from The Daily Record. Obituary of John M. Fletcher. 16 September 1941.

Insert 8  Presbyterian Life. Featured article, “Sam Slaymaker: Lockmaker Plus.” 4 October 1952.

Insert 9  Four articles on Slaymaker Lock Company executives. Only one is dated, 1 April 1963.

Insert 10  The General Assembly Daily News: The United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. Article on page 3, “S. C. Slaymaker to be honored.” 24 May 1965.

Insert 11  The Sunday News, “Debutantes to be honored at gay series of dances, dinners and luncheons.” 11 December 1966. (photocopy)

Insert 12  New Era, “Stately Cameron Mansion Updated.” 24 May 1971. (photocopy)

Insert 13  New Era, “Members of Society of the Cincinnati to attend patriotic gala at Rock Ford.” 26 May 1971. (photocopy)

Insert 14  Intelligencer Journal, “’White Chimneys’ setting for gala autograph party.” 5 June 1973. (photocopy)

Insert 15  Intelligencer Journal, “Gala party at White Chimneys launches new Slaymaker book.” 8 June 1973. (photocopy)


Folder 19        Newspaper articles, 1974-2000

Insert 1  New Era, “Country Day students honored.” 13 June 1974. (photocopy)

Insert 2  New Era, “Bicentennial Tours to be conducted at Slaymaker’s ‘White Chimneys’.” 24 June 1974. (photocopy)

Insert 3  Original and photocopied clipping from the Intelligencer Journal, obituary of S. C. Slaymaker. 10 September 1975.

Insert 4  New Era, “S.R. Slaymaker to retire from Lock Co.” 20 December 1971. (photocopy)

Insert 5  Original and photocopied article from The Wall Street Journal, “New Lease on Life: to Earn its upkeep Pennsylvania mansion opens to public soon.” 17 March 1976.

Insert 6  Intercourse Review, “White Chimneys.” Summer 1977. (photocopy)

Insert 7  Seacoast Scene, “Collector Lorie Luck.” 13 February 1980 and 23 February 1980. (photocopies)

Insert 8  “Salisbury supports sale, reuse of White Chimneys” Intelligencer Journal. 26 April 2000.

Insert 9  Color picture clipped from magazine of S. C. Slaymaker II and his wife, Martha. No date.

Insert 10  Newspaper picture showing Samuel C. Slaymaker,  Mrs. Daniel Rhoads and a document signed by Timothy Matlack. No date. (photocopy)

Insert 11  “’69 Heart Fund Head Named. Not dated [circa 1969]. (photocopy)

Insert 12  Newspaper book review of America’s Great Outdoors, reviewed by S. R. Slaymaker II. No date. (photocopy)


Folder 20        Memorials, eulogies

Insert 1  Memorial to Mrs. Annie C. Motter, deceased. 16 January 1910.

Insert 2  Poem in memory of Samuel C. Slaymaker. No date [1975].

Insert 3  Letters received after the death of Samuel C. Slaymaker, and responses to them. September–November 1975.

Insert 4  Poem in memory of James Cochran, Jr. No date.


Folder 21        Invitations and cards

Insert 1  Invitation to Washington’s Birth-Night Ball, issued to Mr. S. Cochran. 19 February 1821.

Insert 2  Invitation to the wedding of Minnie Louise Cohr to Samuel R. Slaymaker. With reception cards, At Home card, and envelope addressed to Mrs. Jane E. Slaymaker and family. 27 June 1895.

Insert 3 Invitation to the 100th anniversary of White Chimneys. With envelope addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Clinton  Kimer, Gap. 26 September 1907.

Insert 4  Dinner invitation and rsvp card sent to Miss Pauline Moser Rengier from Dr. and Mrs. John L. Atlee. With an envelope marked “found in Slaymaker book.” 1 February 1931.

Insert 5  Three Valentine’s Day cards. No date.

Insert 6  Invitation to dinner in honor of Miss Susan Frances Slaymaker. November 25, [1963 or later].


Folder 22        Guest list for the party given by Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Slaymaker for Elizabeth Slaymaker. 22 December 1966.

Insert 1  Names and addresses of adult guests.

Insert 2  Names and addresses the boys invited.

Insert 3  Names and addresses the girls invited.


Folder 23        School books

Insert 1  “The Prologue,” “ Knight’s Tale” and “Nun’s Priest’s Tale” from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. “Slaymaker” in pencil on the contents page; “Yeates” on the cover. Copyright 1899.

Insert 2  The Yale Songbook. Inscribed from S. C. Slaymaker. 23 February 1917.


Folder 24        School-related items

Insert 1  Childhood art, woven paper with calendar. 1902.

Insert 2  Magazine picture “The Cross Country Team” and newspaper header “The Lawrence.” 30 May 1914.

Insert 3  Report cards, Sam Slaymaker, grade 8 and 9. 9 November 1977 and 8 November 1978. (photocopies)

Insert 4  The Yeates School, souvenir book. Photographs of grounds, buildings and teams. No date.

Insert 5  Yeates School Hymn. No date.

Insert 6  Yale pennant postcard. No date.

Insert 7  School notes on James Buchanan. No date.


Folder 25        Miscellaneous drawings

Insert 1  Portrait of William Uhler Hensel. Pen and ink on paper mounted on board. 20.5 x 25 cm. Inscribed “Sincerely and Neighborly Yours [W.U.] Hensel Bleak House April 17, 1908.”

Insert 2  Landscape with stone buildings, wagon and two figures. Gouache on paper. 17.5 x 12.5 cm. Unsigned. No date.

Insert 3  Portrait engraving of Hon. Simon Cameron. Rectangular image (5 x 6 cm) on oval page (approximately 11 x 14 cm). No date.

Insert 4  Five animal prints. Ewe and lamb; Dog; Ewe and two lambs; Donkey and foal; Lion (two copies). All are 20 x 16 cm. Some signed “G. C.” or “G. C. f.” No date.

Insert 5  Engraving of eight men listening to a ninth man read. Caption: “Io con quello che a Napoli; Sul molo legge a tutti; Istorie, e poi Spiegandole; Diverte omni, e putti.” 38 x 27.5 cm. No date.

Insert 6  Print, “Beneath this Witness Tree a New Born Patriotism Found Notable Expression.” Fifth in a series of Historical Lancaster Prints, The Lancaster Trust Company. 23 x 19 cm. With a page explaining the print. No date.

Insert 7  Child art. Man in hat on one side, Boat on the other. Marked “Sammy.” No date.

Insert 8 Cartoon map of Lancaster County. 24 x 25.5 cm. Mounted on board. No date.


Folder 26        Elizabeth M. Fletcher papers

Insert 1 Insurance on Jordan Farm. 1907 and 1908.

Insert 2 Envelope to insurance papers, Elizabeth M. Fletcher. 1907—1908.

Insert 3 Elizabeth M. Fletcher account book. 1920s to 1940s.

Insert 4 Loose papers found in Elizabeth M. Fletcher account book. 1920s to 1940s.

Box 3

New Jersey West Line Railroad profile, extension from Delaware River to Bethlehem.

Schuylkill, Conestoga & Susquehanna Railroad, profile and specs

Scrapbook Samuel Slaymaker 1900-1901

5 small scrapbooks 1832-1901

Partly filled scrapbook: 2 autographs, 2 obits,  1 photocopied letter



Scrapbook 1            1901-1910     Mostly local businessmen, church and local leaders

Scrapbook 2            1910-1918     Local notables, church events

Scrapbook 3            1902-1930     Business-related items; board and committee work

Scrapbook 4            1930-1937     Social news involving family members

Scrapbook 5            1912-1965     SC Slaymaker senior year at Lawrenceville

Scrapbook 6            1887-1915     YMCA materials