Springer Family Letters, 1834-1866

Call Number: MG-540

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Repository: LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 11

Description: This collection contains correspondence of the Springer family including Civil War letters written to James P. Springer and John Lundy.

Creators: Springer family; Springer, James P.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Civil War Letters to James P. Springer and John Lundy were donated by Franklin V. Denison of Columbia, Pennsylvania and forwarded to the Lancaster County Historical Society by Professor Frederic S. Klein.

Custodial History: This collection was originally part of MG-18 The Civil War Collection, Section B Civil War Families Collection. Transferred to MG-540 on 30 July 2009. Finding aid completed by KK, Summer 2014.



Folder 1 Springer Family Letters, 1834, 1846-1860. (28)

Insert 1 Order for Sheriff’s Sale and Correspondence 1834-1847

A notice of Public Sale by James Wilson and John H in Marietta Township and East Donegal Township Dated. October 23, 1834

A letter from John Springer to his Father asking why he did not show up on the last train as he promised and when he might be able to come see John. Dated February 23 1846

A letter From John Springer asking his father to come and see him in Philadelphia. Dated March 2, 1846

A letter from John Springer to his father about various topics one about who he should come home with from Philadelphia. Dated August 1, 1846

A letter from Matilda Landis to Margeret (Springer) sending Sympathy on the death of her little brother. Dated March 8, 1847

Insert 2 Correspondences 1853-1855

A letter to Mr. N Springer from a Rob L. about the Sale of stock and Stock holders. Dated May 17, 1853

A letter from George Hays to Jim (Springer) about how things were going. Dated May 31, 1854

A letter from Sarah Black to John Lundy what has been going on in their lives. Dated May 24, 1855

A letter from Sarah Black to John Lundy about whether she should look for someone else if he has started seeing other women. Dated July 12, 1855

A letter from Sarah Black to John Lundy about the happenings of their neighbors. Dated. August 17, 1855

Insert 3 Correspondences 1856-1858

Letter from James Springer To his father Nicholas Springer that he will not be able to visit because he has been left in charge of the office since the Doctor is out of town. Dated August 3, 1856

A letter from Amanda Springer to her cousin Sophia trying to see how she and her family are doing. Dated October 20, 1856

A letter from James to his Father about his father’s health being better also tell him that the doctor he works for might have sold out. Dated April 27, 1857

A letter from James to his Father that the doctor has sold out but wants James to stay and work with him a little longer and James wants his father to approve this. Dated April 30, 1857

A letter from James to Sister about that James himself is sick. Dated December 11, 1857

A letter from B.F. Weakly to Nicholas Springer Dated March 11, 1858

Insert 4 Envelopes No Date

May 12 return address to Joseph H. Stoner

Sent to Mr. John Lundy

Sent to Nicholas Springer

Sent to Mrs. M.M. Lundy

March 25, 1924 Sent to Mrs. Emma K. Lundy

July 13 Sent to John Lundy

Sent to John Lundy

August 22, 1855 Sent to John Lundy

August 8 Sent to John Lundy

Sent to John Lundy

Sent to John Lundy

Sent to John Lundy

1863 sent to John Lundy

August 18 1864 Sent to John Lundy



Folder 2 Springer Family Letters, 1860-1862. (10)

Insert 1 Correspondence 1860-1861

A letter from a Mr. Chadwick to Nicholas Springer About his Son staying to work with also includes a note from James. Dated March 8, 1860

A note from Mr. Chadwick to Nicholas Springer about the sales of goods that he sent to him, Dated June 6, 1860

A letter from Joseph Lundy to his Son letting him knows that they are doing well. Dated October 1, 1861

Insert 2 Correspondences February 1862- September 1862

A letter from James Springer to his Brother to say that he is happy that are all doing well and that is safe and hopes to return home. Dated February 9, 1862

A letter from Maggie Hays to her friends asking how her Grandfather is and how she can help. Dated April 7, 1862

A letter from John Lundy to his wife about how he is doing and why he did not come and see her before he left. Dated September 2, 1862

Insert 3 Correspondences November 1862- December 1862

A letter from James Springer to his brothers and sisters on why he had not written in a long time because they had been marching for 13 days with only 3 days of rest and that he does not know when they will see battle. He was in the Company J 119th Regiment, Pratts Brigade, Smith Division Washington D.C. Dated November 11, 1862

A letter From James Springer to his family letting them knows that he is well and that he believes the war will soon be over. Still Stationed with J Co. 119th Regiment, 1st Division 2nd Brigade 6th Army Corps Washington D.C. Dated November 28, 1862

A Letter from James Springer shortly after the Union loss at Fredericksburg Virginia saying that he was alright and what had happened during the fighting. Dated December 22, 1862

Insert 4 Correspondences February 1863

A letter from Dan Ryan to his cousin John Lundy on why it took him so long to write back was because he was taken with Fever while on the March and he feet had become frozen both lasting about a Month. Dated February 20, 1863



Folder 3 Springer Family Letters, 1863-1864. (17)

Insert 1 Correspondences March- August 1863

A letter From James Springer to his Family thanking them for the pictures they sent him but also that he cannot wait for the war to be over but that he is well written from White Oak Chunk, Virginia. Dated March 13, 1863

A letter from James Springer to his family asking whether or not if they got the fifteen dollars sent them and to be careful because the Rebels are around there. Sent from camp Near Germantown, Virginia. Dated. June 24, 1863

A letter from James to hi family telling about seeing a man shot for deserting the Army and how sad it was. Sent from camp near Warrenton, Virginia. Dated August 22, 1863

A letter from James to family sending a picture that he just had taken. He also wrote a letter to his niece Mamey saying how much he misses her how big she must be now. Sent from camp near Warrenton, Virginia. Dated August 24, 1863

Insert 2 Correspondences October 1863

A letter from James to his Family saying that he is glad that Mamey’s Bile is better that himself has a sore throat. Also they had skirmish with the Rebels while they were on the march but everything is quiet now. Camp near Fairfax, Virginia. Dated. October 17, 1863

A letter from Maggie Hays to her friend Matilda that they should get more cloth from a cheaper store. Dated October 29, 1863

Insert 3 Correspondences November-December 1863

A letter from James to his Family asking why he has not heard from them in a while and whether they are okay or not, he also says that he sent his watch with Jacob Boyd to have them get it fixed for him. Sent from Camp near Culpepper Court House. Dated November 3, 1863

A letter from James to his family that he received their last letter and that he is sorry to hear that Mamey is sick and that he himself has gotten better since his last letter but he needs to use crutches to get around and he is not sure how long he will need them. He hopes to be home on furlough by Christmas. Sent from Finley Hospital Washington D.C. November 3, 1963

A letter from James saying he sorry that his Niece is sick and that by the time they get this she is better. He also writes to say that he has not fought lately even though the two armies are a hundred yards from each other. The Rebels also have asked if they would like to have supper with them. Sent from a camp near the Rapidam River Dated November 8, 1863

A letter from James to his Sister and Brother-in-law John and Matilda asking how his niece is doing and hope she gets well soon. He also wants to know if they heard from his intended Maggie lately and wants their help in getting married when he comes home on furlough. Sent from Washington D.C. Dated December 9, 1863

Insert 5 Correspondence March- May 1864

A letter from James to his letter letting them know that he will soon be discharged from service and that he will be meeting Peggy up in Harrisburg and then plans on visiting them soon. Sent from Finley Hospital Washington D.C. Dated March 12, 1864

A letter from James apologizing for not writing sooner but he has been able to run and walk now. Also Peggy sends her love as well and that he sorry he did not ask how Mamey last letter. Sent from Harrisburg. No Date

A letter from Louis Stoner to Her Cousin Matilda Complaining that a Magie Hase did not ask her to be at the wedding when she got married. She also says she will bring over Mamey’s Christmas Present over next time. Sent from New Oxford. Dated May 12, 1864

A letter from James writing that they are all well and that he will hopeful soon start working. His leg is getting stronger that he doesn’t walk with a cane anymore. Sent from Harrisburg dated May 25, 1864

Insert 5 Correspondence September- December 1864

A letter from E.S. Lundy to his Cousin telling him what has happened in battle. Also he writes to say that brother Benjamin was wounded at the Battle of Petersburg. He was in H Company 3rd Battalion 18th U.S. Infantry. Sent from Atlanta, Georgia Dated September 9, 1864

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his Brother letting him know what is going on home with the family. With a note that their cousin Hannah who lives in Lancaster is not doing so well. Sent from Soudersburg dated November 21, 1864

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother to inform that a Thomas is to be married on New Year’s Eve and would like for his family to come down. Also to bring their father’s handkerchief down with them if they come down. Sent from Soudersburg dated December 26, 1864



Folder 4 Springer Family Letters, 1865-1866. (14)

Insert 1 Correspondence January 1865

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother saying that Thomas married Salome Snyder and that she will be a good wife for Thomas and is staying with them while Thomas is away. Sent from Soudersburg dated January 12, 1865

A letter from James and Maggie Springer to their family asking if they are well because they have not heard from them since Christmas. Sent from Harrisburg Dated January 30, 1865

Insert 2 Correspondence February 1865

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother letting him know that their father has been sick. Also let him know what has been happening with their friends. Sent from Soudersburg dated February 19, 1865

A Letter from E.W. Lewis to his brother describing their friend Thomas’ wife and asking when he might visit them. Sent from Soudersburg dated February 21, 1865

Insert 3 Correspondence April- July 1865

A letter from James Springer and his wife Maggie to their family asking how everybody is that they are sorry to hear that their niece is sick again. He also asked to borrow 10 dollars to use to pay a debt. Sent from Harrisburg dated April 20, 1865

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother to make sure that David Fry gets the boots that are sent with the letter. The price is nine dollars. Sent from Soudersburg dated July 31, 1865

Insert 4 Correspondence August-December 1865

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother letting him know that their mother is and that four children have fallen ill in two weeks and they hope he is well. Sent from Sodersburg Dated August 6, 1865

A letter From E.W. Lundy letting his brother know that he has their fathers permission to sell the house but not to take any offer less than a 900 for it. Sent from Soudersburg Dated November 5, 1865

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother that their father warned the tenants of it being sold. Also he filed the deed with someone else instead of Mr. Brown. Sent from Soudersburg Dated December 31, 1865

Insert 5 Correspondence August-September 1866

A letter from E.W. Lundy to his brother informing him that their Grandmother is nit well and that he should go visit her while he still can. Sent from Soudersburg dated August 13, 1866

A letter from Eliza Ann Gunnison to John Lundy asking him how he has been and when he might visit and if he still lived in Columbia. Sent from Lancaster Dated August 20, 1866

A letter from James Springer to brother asking to borrow ten dollars to pay the rent for this month. Sent from Harrisburg dated September 17, 1866

Insert 6 Correspondence Dates Unknown

A letter to an old friend letting know how the writer is doing and who they are living with.

A letter to unknown person from unknown sender about the new pastor at their church the other events in their lives.