Stauffer: Sarah Ann Stauffer Collection, Series 2 Red Cross and World War II, 1941-1995

Call Number:  MG-397, Series 2 Red Cross and World War II

3 boxes     36 folders     1.25 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 10

Description:  Series 2 contains letters, documents and ephemera related to Sarah Ann Stauffer’s service with the American Red Cross during World War II. Her employment with Armstrong Cork Company is represented by the items in Folder 1. She was dedicated to her work with the Red Cross as a First Aid Instructor and Nurses’ Aide, and received a Staff Assistant position in foreign service in 1944 with the Motor Corps. The bulk of the collection is correspondence with family and friends.

Creator:  Stauffer, Sarah Ann, 1913-1996.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Bequest of Sarah Ann Stauffer, 1996. Relocated to the Lancaster County Historical Society in 1999.

Administrative/Biographical History: Sarah Ann Stauffer

Sarah Ann Stauffer, daughter of Charles and Gertrude Frantz Stauffer, was born at Lime Spring Farm in Rohrerstown, Pennsylvania and was the eighth generation of her family to live there. As a child, she attended the Shippen School in Lancaster, Ethel Walker School in Connecticut and Chateau Mont Choisi in Switzerland. She continued her studies at Lancaster Business College, Franklin & Marshall College and the Wharton School of Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sarah Ann followed in her mother’s footsteps and was active with the Women’s National Republican Club, the Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women and the Lancaster County Republicans throughout her life. She  served on many committees and as a delegate to conventions from 1948-1980, and was appointed to the Electoral College for Pennsylvania in 1968.

Mrs. Stauffer also instilled a sense of civic responsibility in her daughter. Sarah Ann was a member of several local organizations, including the Soroptimist Club, Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County, Lancaster County Community Council and the Pennsylvania Health Council. She served on the board of the Red Cross, YWCA, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra and the Medical College of Pennsylvania.

Sarah Ann’s service with the American Red Cross goes far beyond committee and board work. Her service in the Red Cross was a way to help in the war effort at home as a First Aid Instructor and Nurses’ Aid. She later became a “Donut Dolly” with the Clubmobile and attained the rank of Captain with the Motor Corps. As Staff Assistant in foreign service, she deployed to Europe in April 1944. The 45th Infantry Division was the first to request that an ARC Clubmobile be attached to their division and take the Clubmobile Unit into combat. Her unit joined the 45th Div. in Anzio, Italy and then broke through to Rome. The division moved on to Red Beach, near Nice, France, on D-Day with the Clubmobile close behind. She was a member of the Clubmobile staff, stationed in France in 1945. They moved on toward the Rhine and were involved in the Battle of Reipertswiller, France. As they moved toward Munich, Germany, she witnessed Dachau being liberated by the 157th Regiment in April 1945. Sarah Ann was stationed in Germany until February 1946 as Director of Personnel and Operations, ARC Clubmobile Department, United States Occupied Territory and European Theatre of Operations.

Biography of Miss Sarah Ann Stauffer, October 1995

Custodial History:  The items in this series are primarily from boxes of WWII and Red Cross documents and ephemera: #3426, #3423.

Related Materials:  Photograph Collection; Objects Collection.

Sarah Ann Stauffer donated her American Red Cross WWII artifacts to the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma before her death in 1996.


Box 1

Folder 1  Armstrong Employment

These papers relate to Sarah Ann Stauffer’s work as an office manager and administrative assistant in the Aircraft Department at Armstrong Cork Company, 1942-1944.

Pamphlet, “The Right to Work,” National War Labor Board. 20 April 1943.

Carton labeled “Aircraft Department”, with names.

Two four page lists “Common Nomenclature” or terms used in aircraft production.

Armstrong inter-office memo to Sarah Ann from W. Sanderson Detwiler with congratulations for a job well done. With envelope. 9 December 1942.

Penn State College envelope with Sarah Ann’s matriculation card and certificate for completing the Aircraft Production Processes course. 20 January 1943.


Folder 2 1941 to 1942

American Red Cross envelope addressed to Sarah Ann.

American Red Cross volunteer nurses’ aide uniform. September 1941.

American Red Cross pamphlet regarding the need for volunteer nurses’ aides, October 1941.

Letter to applicants for Volunteer Nurses’ Aides Corps, 18 December 1941.

Two page letter from American Red Cross Headquarters to all personnel on safeguarding military information. 25 April 1942.

Letter from the Lancaster American Red Cross welcoming Sarah Ann as a Junior League representative to their Board. 6 May 1942.

Letter from the Eastern Area Director to Lancaster American Red Cross Executive Secretary regarding Sarah Ann’s desire for foreign service.

American Red Cross Headquarters General Guide for selecting Staff Assistants for American Red Cross clubs. August 1942.

Letter from the Lancaster American Red Cross to Sarah Ann regarding Nurses’ Aide work. 3 August 1942.

Letter from American Red Cross Headquarters to staff with two pages regarding travel and leave regulations for personnel outside the U.S. 7 December 1942.


Folder 3

Insert 1 February to July 1943

Letter from the American Red Cross to Sarah Ann regarding Staff Assistant and Clubmobile positions. 23 February 1943.

Letter from the American Red Cross regarding filing an application before visiting Washington, D.C. 12 March 1943.

Letter from the American Red Cross regarding the need for former employee references and Armstrong’s address. 10 May 1943.

Letter from the American Red Cross scheduling an interview for July 6 or 13 and enclosing Form 1024 Field Voucher blank and Form 1842 instructions for preparing the expense voucher.

Letter from the American Red Cross regarding travel to Washington, D.C. and enclosing a letter to the transportation Company for tax exempt travel by Sarah Ann. Both 1 July 1943.

Letter from Sarah Ann to the American Red Cross regarding her arrival in Washington, D.C. on July 13. 9 July 1943.

Insert 2 July to December 1943

Letter from American Red Cross Headquarters to area administrators regarding insignia for professional women personnel. (2 pages) 12 July 1943.

Letter from American Red Cross Headquarters to Sarah Ann offering no encouragement for an immediate placement. 21 July 1943.

Letter from the American Red Cross Eastern Area to Sarah Ann offering a Staff Assistant position. 2 December 1943.

Letter from American Red Cross North Africa to incoming personnel regarding accounting services. 15 December 1943.

Red Cross workers 5-page orientation packet “By way of introduction to North Africa” to orient newcomers to their new life style. No date.

Insert 3 American Red Cross Handbook for Trainees on campus of American University, Washington, D.C. No date.


Folder 4  1944

Insert 1 January to February 1944

American Red Cross Form 1809A (2 pages) with Sarah Ann’s information. 8 January 1944.

IRS Form W-4 for Sarah Ann with employees withholding exemption certificate. 8 January 1944.

Two-page pamphlet about Oran, Algeria.

Letter from American Red Cross Eastern Area to Sarah Ann advising orientation class begins February 28. 13 January 1944.

Letter from American Red Cross Eastern Area to Sarah Ann stating that she needs a physical exam. 20 January 1944.

Letter from Armstrong Cork Company to Sarah Ann releasing her from essential activity for the purpose of serving with the Red Cross. 21 January 1944.

Letter from the American Red Cross Eastern Area to Sarah Ann stating that she needs a pulse-blood pressure recheck. 28 January 1944.

Letter from American Red Cross Eastern Area to Sarah Ann confirming the Staff Assistant position in foreign service and enclosing a tax exempt form for travel. 7 February 1944.

U.S. Employment Service introduction card for Sarah Ann. No date.

Insert 2  February to May 1944

Two letters from the American Red Cross Eastern Area to Sarah Ann regarding the Staff Assistant position with a reporting date of February 28 and the place and time to arrive for orientation at American University in Washington, D.C. 12 February 1944, 18 February 1944.

Copy of letter from Sarah Ann to the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C. with requested references. (2 pages) 17 May 1943.

Copy of letter from Armstrong Cork Company to American Red Cross regarding Sarah Ann. 3 June 1943.

Program for final assembly of Class 108. 11 March 1944.

Letter from American Red Cross headquarters to Sarah Ann with basic information regarding her service. (2 pages) 12 April 1944.

American Red Cross special orders directing Sarah Ann and others to report to New York Port of Embarkation for assignment to Algiers, North Africa. 14 April 1944.

Duplicate list of military equipment issued to Sarah Ann at New York POE, with comical handwritten annotations on reverse. 18 April 1944.

Property Issue Slip for additional military equipment. 18 April 1944.

American Red Cross North African-Italian Theater directive to all American Red Cross personnel regarding travel, transfers, censorship, etc. (2 pages) 1 May 1944.

Insert 3  March to December 1944

Letter from Major General Robert C. Davis, American Red Cross New York, to Elizabeth Steinman in Lancaster with recommendation for Sarah Ann. With envelope. 1 March 1944.

Special orders from Headquarters 10th Rep Depot directing Sarah Ann and others to Port Commander for disposition. (2 copies) 2 May 1944.

Special official pass for Sarah Ann to enter Naples, 28 May 1944-5 June 1944.

179th Infantry T. S. Slip issued to Sarah Ann. 4 July 1944.

Travel orders Headquarters Peninsula Base Section directing Sarah Ann to Bastia, Corsica on or about 12 August 1944. (2 copies)

Travel orders directing Sarah Ann to Marseille, France and return. 24 November 1944.

Billet slip for Sarah Ann at Headquarters Area Command, Delta Base Section. 4 December 1944.

Directive “Bottom Secret” to Seventh Army Officers Club members regarding upcoming holiday celebration. 4 December 1944.

Listing of clubmobile units and personnel operating with the 7th Army. 27 December 1944.

Insert 4  American Red Cross Field Voucher submitted by Sarah Ann for expenses with her ink notation and a penciled note seeking added data. February-March 1944.

Insert 5  Army Service Forces Certificate of Identity of Non-combatant issued to Sarah Ann for use in case of capture. 18 April 1944. (Was in a sealed envelope. Opened by Archivist, HST, 11 September 2007.)


Folder 5  1945

Insert 1  March to May 1945

Swiss Army pamphlet for U.S. Armed forces on leave in Switzerland. No date.

American Red Cross Continental Headquarters travel orders directing Sarah Ann to Saverne on or about 23 March 1945. 17 March 1945.

Railway warrant for Sarah Ann to travel from Paris to Saverne on 23 March 1945. 17 March 1945.

American Red Cross letter approving one week’s leave in Paris for Sarah Ann. 1 March 1945.

Rail ticket for Sarah Ann. 15 March 1945.

Headquarters XV Corps U.S. Army Letter of Commendation to Commanding General, 45th Infantry Division on their successful campaign in Germany. 25 April 1945.

Two Headquarters Seventh Army orders of the day forwarding: Congratulations from Dwight D. Eisenhower on their capture of Munich, 1 May 1945; Congratulations from the Secretary of War, 9 May 1945; and Headquarters Seventh Army Busserons quoting the Supreme Commander’s victory order of the day, 9 May 1945.

A personal message from King George VI to General Eisenhower.

Message from President Harry S. Truman, Secretary of War, Secretary of the Navy, Admiral King, Admiral Nimitz, Queen of the Netherlands and Prime Minister of Canada. 11 May 1945.

Insert 2  July to August 1945

Two page article by American Red Cross correspondent, Ruth Y. White, about American Red Cross workers in Germany, including Sarah Ann. July 1945.

Invitation to dance and garden party by Officers of 2nd Battalion, 180th Infantry, 45th Division. With envelope. 15 June 1945.

Orders of the 45th Inf. Div. to Sarah Ann for travel from Munich to Paris and return. 11 July 1945.

Orders of the Third U.S. Army to Sarah Ann for seven days leave of absence to London. 25 July 1945.

American Red Cross permit for air travel. 25 July 1945.

Headquarters 140th AAF Base Unit to Sarah Ann to report to Paris for flight to London. 30 July 1945.

Headquarters II U.S. Army Corps orders to Sarah Ann for temporary duty in Wiesbaden, Germany and return. 16 August 1945.

Trip ticket for Sarah Ann to drive to and from a conference. 17 August 1945.

Insert 3  October to December 1945

Resume of SAS ARC work in Europe 1944-1945 by Clubmobile Director, Edward T. Ingle. (2 copies) No date.

American Red Cross letter from Sarah Ann welcoming Margaret Kroehle to Germany. 2 October 1945. With a handwritten thank you. No date.

American Red Cross travel orders for Sarah Ann to and from Munich. 1 November 1945.

Thanksgiving menu with penciled notations. 22 November 1945.

Memo requesting evaluation records for Sarah Ann. 29 November 1945.

American Red Cross minutes of supervisors’ meeting. (2 pages) 3 December 1945.

Memo to all Clubmobile personnel citing Sarah Ann for her work. 8 December 1945.

Memo by Clubmobile Section Captain Lillian Keit describing changed American Red Cross operations with an undated Lillian to Sally note. 15 December 1945.

American Red Cross permit for Sarah Ann to travel to Switzerland. With accompanying travel orders. 27 December 1945.

Swiss leave center regulations. 30 December 1945.

Swiss leave center Special Order 163 for Sarah Ann’s leave in Switzerland. 30 December 1945.

Insert 4  Nine-page annotated listing of American Red Cross clubmobiles and dugouts in Occupied Germany with names of assigned personnel. 12 December 1945. Transferred from Sarah Ann Stauffer Album S-04-02-01.


Folder 6  1946

Insert 1  6-8 January 1946

American Red Cross memo to Sarah Ann regarding a salary increase to $250 per month. 6 January 1946.

Travel instructions for Maj. Willerus R. 7 January 1946.

Certificate for possession of captured enemy weapon: Belgian 25 cal. pistol 440028. (Pistol is in the Objects Collection)

American Red Cross travel orders for Sarah Ann from Wiesbaden, Germany to Paris, France. 12 January 1946.

Western Base section orders for Sarah Ann and other American Red Cross civilians for transport from Paris to U.S. (2 copies) 18 January 1946.

Insert 2  20 January to 24 April 1946

Certificates of retention and custom declarations for three travel containers, each dated 20 January 1946. (2 copies)

American Red Cross declearance form for Sarah Ann. 8 February 1946.

Intelligencer Journal item with photograph regarding Sarah Ann’s presentation to the Lancaster Republican Women. 25 April 1946.

Postcard regarding the Lancaster American Red Cross annual meeting with Sarah Ann as speaker. 29 April 1946.

Complimentary recitation of Sarah Ann’s American Red Cross work in Europe by the Director of the Clubmobile Department. No date.


Folder 7  No date

Insert 1  Nurses’ Aide

List of aides’ duties to Sarah Ann from Lancaster General Hospital. With envelope.

List of Nurses Aides with annotations.

Note regarding Mabel Tale and Mrs. Hassler.

Annotated School of Nursing memo regarding patient information.

Two first aid Instructor’s reviews by Sarah Ann.

Insert 2  Overseas

American Red Cross order to Sarah Ann for shots and blood typing.

American Red Cross resume for Sarah Ann.

American Red Cross meal ticket for Sarah Ann

Blank U.S. Declaration Form.

Diagram for processing at 16th Port with annotations.

Four page Guide for American Red Cross personnel in Naples.

Club schedule.

American Red Cross itinerary in Paris.


Folder 8  Identification Cards. Herein are identification cards of Sarah Ann for rations, immunizations, baggage, customs, etc. from 1942-1946.

Insert 1  1942 to 1944

Four American Red Cross cards for First Aid Instructor and Motor Corps member. 1942, 1943, 1944.

Pennsylvania card certifying Sarah Ann as a member of the Red Cross Corps of U.S. Citizen Defense Corps. 1943.

Two place cards. No date.

Insert 2  1944 to 1946

American Red Cross snack counter coupon ticket.

Four Army Exchange ration cards. 1944-1945.

European Theatre clothing ration card. 1946.

Four Officer’s Club and mess cards. No date.

Two store tags. No date.

Insert 3  1944 to 1946

Ticket for steak at NY Port of Embarkation.

U.S. Army hand baggage tag.

U.S. Army Customs Declaration tag. 20 January 1946.
Security Control Office clearance.

Temporary passport from Port Security Officer, Naples. May 31.

Three steamship SS Montclair Victory issues: Receipt for Duty and Identification coupons, Fire and Life Boat Station card and landing card.

Currency exchange control book. 1944-1945.


Folder 9  Certificates. These acknowledge Sarah Ann’s service during her Red Cross career.

Insert 1  Four American Red Cross certificates: Nurse’s Aide, April 1942; Motor Corps, April 1942; Meritorious Service for two years, 17 January 1946; and Overseas Service with cover letter, 2 May 1946.

Insert 2  Certificate of life membership in the 45th Infantry Division. 1 July 1944.

Insert 3  Certificate of Honor from Lancaster City & County. No date.


Folder 10  Red Cross Documents

Pamphlet, “The Story of the Red Cross.” March 1943.

Pamphlet, “The Story of the Lancaster Chapter, American Red Cross.” April 1946.

Booklet, “Disaster Relief Register.” With cover letter. American Red Cross Lancaster Chapter, July 1942.


Folder 11  Red Cross Clubmobile Documents

American Red Cross Clubmobile Shield. 1942-1945.

Clubmobile scrapbook. No date.


Folder 12  Red Cross Training Documents

Basic uniform issue #73044 with penciled notes. (2 pages) September 1943.

Outline of Red Cross History #74363. (2 pages) January 1944.

Basic orientation course schedule. (2 pages) 7 February 1944.


Folder 13  Postcards and Souvenirs. This includes cards, pamphlets, advertisements, etc. as described below.

Insert 1  From Germany

Seven postcards: Hitler, Konigree, Berchtesgadener Hof (2), Café Furstenhof, Berchtesgadewand, Kitzbuhl.

Weisbaden: Hotel Schwarzerboch sticker and Goldener Brunan price list.

1989 calendar from Hotel Aschaffenburger Hof.

Hotel Berchtergadener Hof flyer.

Pamphlet of Sehaus Kleinherselohe, Munich.

Insert 2  From other countries

Ten postcards: Cunard “Ascaria”; Alsmeer, Netherlands; Lake Shoji, Japan; Corse (Corsica); SS Rotterdam; Jaipur; Monaco; and Amalfi.

Three pamphlets for Chateau Mont-Choisi, Lausanne-Rosiaz; “A Short Guide to Great Britain”; and “Island of Manhattan Eating Places.”


Folder 14  45th Infantry Division Documents. Sarah Ann traveled with this Division during her American Red Cross Clubmobile service. These documents record the division’s history and work.

Insert 1  No date, 1945

45th Infantry Division TT Ticket

Two pamphlets: “The 45th & the 45th Division Artillery”

45th Infantry Division Artillery invitation to a buffet supper and dance. 11 June 1945.

Insert 2 45th Division News

Vol. 4, no. 42. Rome, Italy. 22 June 1944.

Extra Vol. 5, no. 31. Munich, Germany. War ends. 9 May 1945.

Vol. 5, no. 33. Germany. 29 May 1945.

Vol. 5, no. 38. 10 July 1945.

Insert 3  Miscellaneous Documents

Headquarters 45th Division, “A salute to Veteran Soldiers joining a Veteran Unit.” No date.

Headquarters 45th Infantry Division to the High Point Men of the 45th Division.  No date.

Headquarters 45th Infantry Division registration of captured or civilian vehicle. 17 April 1945.

45th Infantry Division pamphlet describing the siege of Aschaffenberg. (7 pages) 1 May 1945.

Broadside from Bavarian Police Commissioner to Munich citizens regarding their future behavior. In German. Penciled date, 5 July 1945.

Folder 15  Military Awards and Insignia

Broadside describing their Album of Valor. Patterson Parchment Paper Co., Bristol, Pennsylvania. Christmas 1945.

Pamphlet entitled “Heroes All” which pictures and describes military awards.

U.S. Army Shoulder Insignia. (4 pages, in color)


Folder 16  Maps

Most of these maps are of areas in Europe in which Sarah Ann served in her Clubmobile work.

Global map by Alcoa Aluminum with world-wide identification of planes, insignias, distances and U.S. Military insignia. 1943.

French political map of Europe reflecting boundaries. 1944.

Italian map of Italy. No date.

Three partial maps of Germany: two centered around Nurnberg (the one with residual paste on back from Sarah Ann Stauffer’s Album S-04-02-01); the other with Augsberg and Munchen.

Road map of France by Army Map Service. 1944.

Three metro maps of Paris. One 1945, two undated.

Paris street maps, from French Plan of 1938 by U.S. War Office. 1944.

Separate map legend to unknown map.


Folder 17  Life and Accident Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company policy for Sarah Ann. 21 April 1944. Rider updating coverage. 1 February 1945.

Travelers Insurance Company policy for Sarah Ann from American Red Cross. February 1 with forwarding note 16 April 1945.


Folders 18-19  Letters from Sarah Ann, April 1944 to 1945. Letters, most with envelopes, and one postcard regarding Sarah Ann’s experiences as a Red Cross worker in WWII. (Those to the family send greetings and love to Uncle Joe.)

Folder 18  Letters from Sarah Ann, April to November 1944

Insert 1  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding her work in Washington, D.C. as a Red Cross Girl. 20 November 1944.

Insert 2  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann who was enroute by boat to an unknown destination. 26 April 1944.

Insert 3  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding her arrival and life, from somewhere in England. 2 May 1944.

Insert 4  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding life in tents, from somewhere in North Africa. 16 May 1944.

Insert 5  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann who was still on the move to a new assignment. 16 May 1944.

Insert 6  Letter to Mother from Sarah Ann reporting that she is well and safe. With envelope. 1 June 1944.

Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding driving a Clubmobile and trading it for an ambulance in an area of unburied bodies; proposal of marriage; and the need for warm clothes. 5 June 1944.

Insert 7  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann who is in a quandary about marrying Kinny and writing about the sparse living conditions. 26 June 1944.

Insert 8  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding serving doughnuts in Rome and stating that there will be no marriage until the war is over. She is writing from the 45th Division Headquarters at a “Rest Home” in Anzio and smelling decaying flesh. 1 July 1944.

Insert 9  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann in Corsica expressing a need for warm clothes. 21 August 1944.

Insert 10  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann. An angry letter about the need for warm clothes and the lack of appreciation from home. 13 September 1944.

Insert 11  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann. She is now the only American girl in a house in France detached from clubmobile. She is operating a snack bar and reports that the clubmobile was stolen and found in Rome. 10 October 1944.

Insert 12  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding living next-door to the front, stating that she has had no word from Kinny, and apologizing for her September 13 letter. (incomplete) 29 October 1944.

Insert 13  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann stating that she loved the bologna, the last Christmas package arrived, there’s no need to worry, and enclosing two paper 7th Army patches.


Folder 19  Letters from Sarah Ann, April to November 1945

Insert 1  Army Times item, 13 January 1945. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Charles and C. F. Stauffer, Jr. 1 April 1945.

Insert 2  Letter to family from Sarah Ann regarding her current residence in a house in Munich and expressing thanks for gifts. With envelope and photograph. (2 pages) 4 June 1945.

Insert 3  Letter to family from Sarah Ann regarding Munich, her love life and seeing Ed Martin. She announces that after Dachau she is in no mood to see Germans. She sends thanks for the Hershey bars and requests dresses, her  watch and some cigarettes. 10 June 1945.

Insert 4  Letter to family from Sarah Ann with news that she is at Berchtesgarten and that she plans to use her $200 for trees at home. She also includes a description of the actual war she witnessed, Dachau and Hitler’s home. With envelope. ( 3 pages) 23 June 1945.

Insert 5  Letter to family from Sarah Ann regarding fighting personal battles and learning a lot despite defeats, they are most recently in Paris and then to England on leave; and a detailed description of her responsibilities and philosophy. With envelope. (6 pages) 23 July 1945.

Insert 6  Letter to family from Sarah Ann in Heidelberg. She is contemplating a new job offer and she needs a wallet and cigarettes. With envelope. (3 pages) 10 August 1945.

Insert 7  Letter to the Neffs (Mr. and Mrs. Christ M., Nancy and Margaret) from Sarah Ann thanking them for the box of goodies; announcing that she is now in charge of eighteen people and eight vehicles; and requesting news from home. She is on leave in England, was six months in Salzburg and is now in Wiesbaden. With envelope. (2 pages) 10 September 1945.

Insert 8  Letter to family from Sarah Ann regarding work politics and being bruised by her masseuse, and sending many thanks for the two boxes. With envelope. (3 pages) 22 September 1945.

Insert 9  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann regarding being overcome by work and doughnuts, her plans for future investments, seeing Kinny and his wife, being in Paris on business, Charles’ stay at Warm Springs and news of Herr Goetz. With envelope. ( 4 pages) 3 October 1945.

Insert 10  Letter to Mother and Charles from Sarah Ann stating that she may be home earlier than expected and regarding Charles’ business career, Ronny’s prison experience and Hitler menu about Ralph Williams. With envelope. (3 pages) 8 October 1945.

Insert 11  Letter to family from Sarah Ann regarding work in Paris and a battle with her boss and requesting that they send some Players (cigarettes). With envelope. ( 2 pages) 13 October 1945.

Insert 12  Letter to family from Sarah Ann stating that her friends are leaving, their boss is a nit-wit and she’s exhausted. With envelope. 26 October 1945.

Insert 13  Letter to Mother, Charles and Uncle Joe from Sarah Ann stating that she is coming home in January, their boss is impossible and she can’t battle anymore. With envelope. (2 pages) 30 November 1945.

Insert 14  Letter to Mother from Sarah Ann who is in Minnesota getting a college education on America-its land and heritage-on a trip westward. (3 pages) No date.

Postcard to Mother from Sarah Ann from Craig, Colorado about seeing old friends and Estes Park. August 1946.


Folders 20-24  Correspondence to Sarah Ann Stauffer, 1944-1946. Cards, letters and telegrams sent to Sarah Ann during her work with the Red Cross.

Folder 20  Correspondence to Sarah Ann Stauffer, February 1944 to April 1945

Insert 1  21-29 February 1944

Greeting card from Elizabeth E. Whittaker with good wishes. With envelope. 21 February 1944.

Greeting card from Fannie Golden with good wishes. With envelope. 22 February 1944.

Greeting card from Abie & Ada Powden with good wishes. With envelope. 25 February 1944.

Letter from Armstrong Cork Co. forwarding $3 for a suggestion. 29 February 1944.

Letter from President H. W. Prentis Jr., Armstrong Cork Co. with good wishes. With envelope. 29 February 1944.

Insert 2  March 1944

Letter from American Red Cross National Headquarters regarding an interview appointment. 2 March 1944.

Letter from Junior League of Lancaster waiving her dues and duties while she is in service with the American Red Cross. With envelope. (2 pages) 2 March 1944.

Almost illegible letter from Miss Steinman. With envelope. 3 March 1944.

Telegram from Rosie regarding a possible visit. 9 March 1944.

Letter from Gov. Edward Martin congratulating her on her service. With envelope. 15 March 1944.

Insert 3  April to June 1944

Letter from Gov. Edward Martin stating that he’s glad she’s enjoying her work as he knew she would. With envelope. 5 April 1944.

Letter from Lancaster Country Club waiving dues while she is in service. With envelope. 14 June 1944.

Letter from Lynne Sering with a vague conversation. With envelope. (3 pages) 22 June 1944.

Insert 4  July 1944

Letter from Pvt. John G. Wells with a hearty thank you for the work of the American Red Cross clubmobile girls. With envelope. (2 pages) 3 July 1944.

Letter from Joseph R. Grundy regarding the history of G & S Corp. stock, family chatter and politics. With envelope. 13 July 1944.

Letter from John M. Groff expressing appreciation for her work and news from home. With envelope. 19 July 1944.

Letter from Arthur B. Dodge hoping to get together and announcing that the Clubmobilers there are great. He is writing from the hospital, but it’s not serious. With envelope. 21 July 1944.

Insert 5  August to November 1944

Letter from Pfc. Ralph A. Calla regarding a gift for his girlfriend. With envelope from Corsica. 22 August 1944.

Letter from Pvt. Roland Cox stating that he is glad she’s now behind the lines and asking her to share his beer ration. With envelope. (2 pages) 4 September 1944.

Letter from Pvt. M. A. [Smatt] announcing that she is his dream girl. With envelope. (3 pages) 5 November 1944.

Insert 6  November 1944

Letter from Pvt. Roland E. Cox who is happy for the doughnut girls and advising her not to drink grapa. With envelope. (3 pages) 17 November 1944, 21 November 1944.

Letter from Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. M. Gibbs who are sending a rose bush to her home as a Christmas gift, congratulating her for her service and enclosing an original poem. 21 November 1944.

Hand-made Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. M. Gibbs. With envelope. 22 November 1944.

Letter from Mrs. H. Jay Brown with news of family and friends. With envelope. (2 pages) 25 November 1944.

Christmas card and note from Lt. Col. H. F. Damonti. With envelope. 14 December 1944.

Insert 7  February to March 1945

Letter from Mrs. S. R. Zimmerman regarding family news and life on the home front, and that she is keeping the poker seat hot. With envelope. (3 pages) 6 February 1945.

Letter from Comdr. A. C. Plum regarding director of training job, the besotted old commander, the christening of a friend’s baby and friends from home. With envelope. (2 pages)       20 February 1945.

Letter from Charity S. Martin regarding Edward (Gov. Martin) on his way to Europe, official dinner parties that are underway and a trip to New York with Sarah Ann’s mother. With envelope. 1 March 1945.

Letter from Cmdr. A. C. Plum regarding unhappiness with job and the south. With envelope. March 1945.

Insert 8  7 March and 31 July 1945

Two penciled notes enclosing photographs of Sarah Ann. Illegible. 7  March 1945, 31 July 1945.

Insert 9  March to April 1945

Letter from J. P. Cochran expressing gratitude for her work and regarding the war, values, spy work and the home front. 7 March 1945.

Letter from Capt. Norman H. Hayes regarding his promotion and visiting friends and family. With envelope. 21 March 1945.

Letter from Dot Wilson regarding their Easter celebration, news of friends and war philosophy. With envelope. 3 April 1944.

Insert 10  3-6 April 1945

Letter from Fred in Lancaster regarding an analysis of the war; the early spring; asparagus at 25¢ a bunch; beef roast for Easter, the first in eighteen months; his admiration of her work and news of friends. With envelope. (3 pages) 3 April 1945.

V-mail from Evelyn Eckman with news of friends and work. 1 March 1945.

Letter from Evelyn Eckman regarding her divorce, weekend trips and partying. With envelope. 6 April 1945.

Letter from Pvt. Vernon K. Frudy, who was reclassified to non-combatant status with apologies and post-war plans. With envelope. (3 pages) 7 April 1945.

Letter from Vic Despard regarding office changes, wartime living and an anemic social life. With envelope. 6 April 1945.


Box 2

Folder 21  Correspondence to Sarah Ann Stauffer, April 1945 to April 1946

Insert 1  April to May 1945

Letter from E. Betty Jones regarding leaving home for the first time. With envelope. (2 pages) 13 April 1945.

Letter from Dan Rhoads, who is rejoicing about the German surrender, sending congratulations and news of Armstrong business. With envelope. 9 May 1945.

Letter from Beryl Walter regarding the war ending, that she feels guilty comparing her living with Sarah Ann’s, her beau just left for home and news of friends in Italy. With envelope. 3 May 1945.  

Letter from Mrs. John Rengier regarding her new baby, a trip to Martha’s Vineyard and sickness of family and friends. With envelope. (3 pages) 18 May 1945.

Insert 2  May to June 1945

V-mail from Cpl. Edward C. [Bub] stating that he will send photographs. 25 May 1945.

Letter from Mrs. John M. Ranck regarding staying with Sarah Ann’s mother, Charles making everyone laugh, a picnic, dinners and news of many friends. With envelope. (2 pages) 31 May 1945.

Letter from Monica wishing her a happy birthday. With envelope. 13 June 1945.

Letter from Capt. Norman A. Hayes with congratulations and a happy birthday, and stating that there was no celebration in Washington for V-E Day and he is no longer at the Pentagon, but at Boling Field. With envelope. 13 June 1945.

Insert 3  June to September 1945

Letter from Mrs. P. G. Rynd in Kent, England regarding her experience of internment in the Philippines, delivering her baby on the kitchen table and the awful trip home to England. She asks Sarah Ann to be the Godmother for her  next child. With envelope. 26 June 1945.

Letter from Larry Wilson regarding news of friends, trips to the seashore and his social life. With envelope. (3 pages) 12 July 1945.

Letter from Bill Shay, American Red Cross, Europe, with congratulations for a job well done. 27 July 1945.

Letter from Josephine Peacock in Salzburg, Austria regarding the Red Cross people and work. 7 September 1945.

Insert 4  September to October 1945

Letter from Edie B. Burnham in Munich, Germany regarding Clubmobile problems, personnel changes, mail problems and reunion hopes. With envelope. (3 pages) 22 September 1945.

Letter from Cmdr. Andy C. Plum in Charleston, South Carolina regarding Hiller’s silver-plate and dull news. With envelope. 22 September 1945.

Letter from Cmdr. Andy C. Plum in Charleston, South Carolina regarding post-war thoughts, his dislike of Charleston, drinking parties and a view of problems at home. With envelope. (2 pages) 12 October 1945.

Insert 5  7-15 November 1945

Letter from Josephine Peacock, who is exhausted from serving 1,000 and needs playing cards, regarding enjoying Heidelberg and the cost for insurance. With envelope. (2 pages) 7 November 1945.

Letter from Alice Niestockel regarding paperwork and a good luck exchange. 14 November 1945.

Letter from Joseph R. Grundy in Walnut Grove, Pennsylvania regarding hot local politics, his ill sister, the death of his long-time maid died, trust provisions, transmittal of money to Switzerland and Delaware River history and politics. With initialed note and envelope. (3 pages) 15 November 1945.

Insert 6  November to December 1945

Letter from Monique announcing her upcoming wedding and hoping Sarah Ann can be there. 24 November 1945.

Letter from P. J. Everts in Backnang, Germany stating a change from the Clubmobile to the day room. 25 November 1945.

Letter from Joseph R. Grundy in Walnut Grove, Pennsylvania regarding the transfer of funds to Switzerland, Sarah Ann’s mother in New York, Pennsylvania Society dinner, friends and time at the farm. Enclosed was a copy of a letter regarding cabling funds to Switzerland. With envelope and enclosure. 6 December 1945.

Telegram from Joseph R. Grundy regarding a matter that was attended to. 7 December 1945.

Insert 7  8-12 December 1945

Letter from Mac with a bon voyage and appreciation of all she’s done for him. (2 pages) 7 December 1945.

Letter from Beatrice Bogert in Garden City, New York regarding a lovely lunch with Sarah Ann’s mother in New York, an explanation of the Ralph situation, her brother’s marriage, advice on returning home, a detailed description of dinner in New York with Sarah Ann’s mother and friends, and enclosing a hand-written list of guests. With envelope and enclosure. (2 pages) 8 December 1945.

Letter from “Neisie” (probably Alice Niestockel) in Salzburg, Austria regarding vehicles not running properly, stating that they did not “knife you in the back” and requesting an explanation. (2 pages) 11 December 1945.

Dinner invitation from Stella, Mess Sgt. in Wiesbaden, Germany. 12 December 1945.

Insert 8  December 1945

Christmas card with personal wishes from Maj. Gen. Robert T. Frederick in Ft. Monroe, Virginia. 19 December 1945.

Christmas greetings from Elizabeth E. Smith and regarding leave and PX cards. With envelope. 24 December 1945.

Letter from Lynne Sering in Chicago, Illinois advising Sarah Ann to take her time coming home, announcing that she’s getting married and sending an update on friends. 31 December 1945.

Letter from Clarice Hickox in Munich, Germany regarding an American Red Cross Clubmobile card. December 1945.

Insert 9  January to February 1946

Letter from Mary B. Palmer in Gemünd, Germany regarding checks and a stolen billfold. With envelope. 16 January 1946.

Letter from Cmdr. A. C. Plum in Kyushu, Japan with appreciate for the Christmas present and stating that duty there is pretty dull, the Red Cross is not well-received and he lost his drinking companion. With envelope. (2 pages) 4 February 1946.

Postcard from Denmark from Helen Fries. 12 February 1946.

Insert 10  February to April 1946

Letter from G. William Birrell in Lancaster stating that Sarah Ann deserves their homage. With envelope. 13 February 1946.

Letter from Jean Ranck thanking Sarah Ann for all she did. With envelope. 25 February 1946.


Folder 22  Correspondence to Sarah Ann, July 1945 to April 1946

Insert 1  Family Correspondence

Letter from Fred Botts in Warm Springs, Georgia to Charles F. Stauffer Jr. enclosing a photograph of Sarah Ann from the Atlanta Journal. On reverse is page 4 of comments by Charles regarding the photograph. 12 July 1945.

Envelope addressed to Mrs. Charles F. Stauffer and Mr. C. F. Stauffer Jr. (no contents) 21 August 1945.

Letter from Charles Jr. regarding the drive to Atlanta, a wrestling match,  comparison of GI amputees with polio victims, the atomic bomb, money-mad people, friends coming home from war, social activities, his love life and job prospects. With envelope. (9 pages) 4 November 1945.

Letter from Charles Jr. regarding a meeting with friends and arguments, laments about Roosevelt’s reelection, the unions, prices, missing his sister and wishing her a Merry Christmas. With envelope and pasted on newspaper item. (7 pages) 27 November 1945.

Letter from Mother at Hotel Waylin, New York sending a copy of son Charles’ letter to Uncle Joe regarding his engagement, and stating that she is in New York Christmas shopping, she is worried about Sarah Ann traveling unaccompanied, the butler’s “dead” wife rose again, the cook is great and sending news of friends. (4 pages) 29 November 1945.

Letter from Shylock Stauffer (Charles Jr.) announcing that he bought Dotty a one carat diamond and seeking Sarah Ann’s approval; it’s good that she’s not home because clothes are expensive, cars scarce and there have been strikes; and sending news of social events and income from property rentals. With envelope. (3 pieces) 10 December 1945.

Telegram from Mother with loving greetings. With envelope. 2 January 1946.

Telegram from Mother asking Sarah Ann if she is all right. No date.

Card from Charles Jr. sending The New Yorker. No date.

Insert 2  Correspondence from Frank C. Lane

Eight letters from Captain, then Major Frank C. Lane, each with envelope:

Dances and liquor rationing. 14 April 1944.

Possibility of going to Pacific and hopes for get-together. 13 March 1945.

Possibility of leave sounds good with plans to meet in the vicinity of Reims. 21 March 1945.

Possibility of seeing Sarah Ann in Lancaster on my way to the Pacific. 17 May 1945.

Continued hope for a meeting and may get to Munich. 23 May 1945.

Stationed with new outfit and will be home by Christmas. 3 August 1945.

Now in Southern France, not sure of future. 16 September 1945.

Missed you by one day in Paris; will now leave here next week for home and will hurry to see you again. (2 pages) 19 January 1946.

Insert 3  Correspondence from Harry Lane

Seven letters from Harry Lane on Red Cross and First National Bank, Tulsa, Oklahoma stationery with salutary terms of endearment:

Disappointed at not being able to say good-bye a second time; the first was so pleasant. With envelope. (3 pages) 4 July 1945.

Invitation for date from “your hopeful suitor.” With envelope. (2 pages) 9 July 1945.

He was home in September; likes his bank job and salary and wants to hear Sarah Ann’s adventures. With envelope. (3 pages) 17 December 1945.

Delighted to hear from Sarah Ann and wants her to visit in Oklahoma

because she’s “the loafing one in this twosome.” With envelope. (3 pages) 5 April 1946.

Needs a letter, has a new car and his parents are going to Atlantic City and would enjoy meeting her. With envelope. (2 pages) 18 April 1946.

Note, “see you about 8.” No date.

Sixth battle star for anxiety, leaving Sarah Ann a small trinket and asking about dinner the next night. No date.


Folder 23  Correspondence to Sarah Ann, 1944-1945

Insert 1  Correspondence from Bea Swenson

Three letters from Bea Swenson, a Red Cross friend:

Good trip and sightseeing in Casbah. With envelope. (2 pages) 19 May 1944.

She is in Corsica; had a couple of scares, but not too bad; she’s working in a GI Club; has an apartment with no bath or hot water and a hand-operated toilet; the boys have to eat ice cream with wooden dispensary sticks; they make coffee with blow torches and she has a great social life. With envelope. (3 pages) 7 June 1944.

She’s not ill, but exhausted as they all work 12-hour days serving about 8,000 men plus running the theater; she spent two days on Elba near the battlefield; they’re moving to an apartment with a bathroom; she now works at the officer’s club and wants Sarah Ann to have Kinny to arrange a visit. With envelope. (3 pages) 7 July 1944.

Insert 2  Correspondence form Bea Swenson

She is going to Rome and needs to be loved. With envelope. (5 pages) 28 August 1944.

Enclosing thanks from Tom for the toys and money. With envelope. (2 pages) 2 September 1944.

V-mail from Corsica; may be sent home with serious eye problem; sends news of friends and change of address. With envelope. Photograph of Paddy was transferred to the Photograph Collection. 25 September 1944.

Insert 3  Correspondence from Bea Swenson

Eye problem diagnosed as “Retinitis”; new job as food supervisor; social life dull; will hug Kinny for you. With envelope. (2 pages) 14 October 1944.

She left Corsica for good; she’ll never regain the sight she lost; has orders to go home and she loved her visit to Florence with friends and shopping. With envelope. (5 pages) 24 November 1944.

She’s unhappy being home; in New York, Washington and Texas on the way to California; living with her mother-in-law and everything’s crowded; writes of family problem, old-age dreams and she received a letter from Sarah Ann’s mother who has seen Kinny. With envelope. (3 pages) 4 January 1945.

Insert 4  Correspondence from Bea Swenson

Included here are three letters from Bea to Sarah Ann and two to Kinny (Lt. Col. Elmer S. Kinarth).

Sent from Los Angeles on a Red Cross speaking tour; Sarah Ann’s last letter was really censored; Reuben would divorce her if he had any sense and her life is pretty drab. With envelope. (2 pages) 14 February 1945.

Sent from San Francisco; she is still adjusting and joined the Motor Corps; sends thanks for the gifts. With envelope. (3 pages)  22 May 1945.

Sent from San Francisco; still not happy and wondering where Sarah Ann is; writes of plans for a trip together. With envelope. 17 June 1945.

Sent from Corsica to Kinny about Sarah Ann and their relationship. (3 pages) Tuesday evening.

Letter to Kinny with an apology for his low opinion of her and thanking him for the gin. (3 pages) Tuesday.       

Insert 5  Correspondence from Lt. Col. Elmer S Kinarth

Asking for news of Sarah Ann and what mischief she’s up to, enclosing a puzzle ring, and stating that travels continue, his social life is a colossal flop and there was a luncheon party on Capri. With envelope. (2 pages) 31 March 1945.

He’s had no word from Sarah Ann for a long time and discusses plans to meet. With envelope. 5 April 1945

Comments that the silent treatment marches on and plans to meet her in Cannes. With envelope. (2 pages) 7 April 1945.

Upset that he is not getting a response from Sarah Ann; writes of meeting in Cannes and the possibility of marriage. With envelope. 12 April 1945.

Writes from Cannes about the irony that he and Betty can be there and not Sarah Ann and Junior; comments that Sarah Ann’s secret trip to Paris coincided with one he made and mentions an almost plane crash in Germany. Tuesday the 24th.


Folder 24

Insert 1  Correspondence from various people

Letter from “Limeys” Jane and Stella with best wishes for her trip home. With envelope. 14 Jan 1946.

Letter from Edie B. Burnham, Ebensee, with thanks for making their leave so pleasant and news of an accident with the Clubmobile and upgrading their club. With envelope. (2 pages) November 7.

[Gertraut Baüml] in Nymphenburg, Germany with thanks for the wooden figurines and asking Sarah Ann to accept the china figurines and to let them know when she leaves their house. 25 June 1945.

Insert 2  Correspondence from various people

Letter from Jean Castelli in Algeria stating that she didn’t forget Sarah Ann. With envelope. No date.

Letter from George Ryan Roth in Lancaster with a poetic farewell to Sarah Ann from the “Friday night Crowd.” With envelope. No date.

Letter from Betty, Operations, Germany with a thank you and good luck wishes. With envelope. 5 January 1946.

Letter from Beryl quoting poetry. No date.

Letter from Marion Donauwörth thanking Sarah Ann for the stopover and stating that she is enjoying her work. November 29.

Insert 3  Correspondence from “W”

Eight notes and letters, hand delivered, and all but one in American Red Cross envelopes from “W,” who was an apparent ardent suitor. No dates.

Insert 4  Notes from unnamed people

Eight notes, mostly on scraps of paper regarding plans to meet at Christmas, etc.  No date.

Insert 5  Note from hometown friends

Nine-page hand-written notes from nine friends with Kinny at the Hamilton Club. No date.


Folder 25  Greeting Cards to Sarah Ann

Insert 1  Christmas greetings

Nine greetings only four with full names: Col. & Mrs. Frederick S. Foltz, Mrs. William Swartz, Edward T. Ingle and Basil O’Connor. No date.

Insert 2  Miscellaneous greetings

This contains a mixture of greetings as follows:

Dinner invitation from Gov. & Mrs. Martin. May 9.

Blank postcard of Kurhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany. No date.

One birthday card from Neffsies. No date.

Three Easter cards, one from Elizabeth E. Whittaker and two unsigned. No date.

A valentine addressed to Sarah Ann at Weylin Hotel, New York City. With envelope from “W.” No date.


Folder 26  Gift tags and Visiting cards

In this folder are:

Two packets, each with eight calling cards and the majority with notes. No date.

Pensione Norma. Note from Cal, Co. B, 180th.

Hale and Louise’s farewell party.

“Welcome home.” Bagger’s party, April 1946.

Best wishes. Ruth and Red. Mr. and Mrs. Silas Edwin Thompson.

Best wishes. George and Mary Mott.

Best wishes. Richard Keller Dodge. Lt. United States Naval Reserve.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Ben. Mrs. Reuben Theodore Swenson.

Best wishes. Terrie and [Nev]. Mrs. J. Nevins Schroeder, Jr.

Master Donald Patrick Zimmerman.

Billie Frances Musser Eshelman.

Best wishes. Marion Dodge. Mrs. Arthur Byron Dodge.

Miss Lois Barnes.

Mr. Daniel Rhoads.

Lots of luck. Auntie Mitch. Mrs. John Howard Hartman.

“Wash things up and come home soon…” Sam and Martha. Mrs. Samuel C. Slaymaker 2nd.

Aunt Sally. Mrs. Harvey Breneman Lutz.


One packet with six gift tags from flower shops with envelopes. No date.

Norm. Barrs Flower Shoppe, Lancaster.

Norm. Blackstone, Inc., Washington.

Frank. Barrs Flower Shoppe, Lancaster.

Herb and Pat, [    ] and Gilters, Lou and Marty. Barrs Flower Shoppe, Lancaster.

Larry. Diffenbaugh Flowers, Lancaster.

Poggy. Wissler’s Flowers, Lancaster.


One packet with a mixture of four calling cards and three gift tags, all with envelopes. No date.

Miss S. A. Stauffer. Appreciation. First Aid class.

To Sarah Ann Stauffer. Good wishes. [Brigg__].

Miss Sarah Ann Stauffer. Goodbye, good luck. Rohrerstown Republican Club.

Sara Ann Stauffer. Good wishes. May. Mrs. Chester M. Woolworth.

Miss Stauffer. Joseph Ridgway Grundy.

For Sara Ann. Love and best wishes. Mrs. George S. Franklin.

Sara Anne. Best wishes. Mrs. Mary L. Eckman.


Folder 27  News from Home

Insert 1  Photocopies of Newspaper Articles

Included here are items about Sarah Ann and the American Red Cross with bylines. Sources and dates, where known, as follows:

“Division reporter lands FD George.” No date.

“S. Wetherby’s work with Infantry Joes.” No date.

“Local RC Motor Corps deliver valuable radio device,” Lancaster New Era. 18 June 1942.

“Miss Stauffer will serve overseas.” No date.

“Miss Stauffer will serve in North Africa,” Lancaster New Era. 2 June 1944.

“Sarah A. Stauffer to serve overseas with Red Cross,” Intelligencer Journal. 22 February 1944.

“News letter for men and women in military service,” Lancaster New Era. 27 May 1944.

“News letter for men and women in military service,” Lancaster New Era. 3 June 1944.

“Local girls serve Red Cross overseas.” No date.

“Serving with Armed Forces on two continents,” with picture of Sarah Ann. 13 July 1944.

“Red Cross women head for battle zones,” Philadelphia Inquirer. (two copies, each with annotations) 24 September 1944.

“There travelers mean business,” NY Sunday News. 11 February 1945.


Duplicates of picture with separate bylines:

“Local worker with Red Cross in Germany,” Lancaster New Era. 30 Jul 1945.

“A G.I. dream come true (Munich, Germany)” July 10.

“Red Cross girls brave Nazi fire to bring doughnuts to Yanks.” No date.

“‘It’s a Small World’ – Local G.I. meets local girl in Germany.” No date.

“L. B. Breneman reelected as Red Cross Chairman,” Intelligencer Journal. 30 April 1946.

“Lancaster girls working with Red Cross overseas.”

“Out of the past.” 8 June 1969.


Inserts 2, 3, 4  Trinity Service Newsletters. In these inserts are separate issues of Service newsletters of Lancaster Trinity Lutheran Church with news of members as follows:

Insert 2  July 1944 with an address list of service members.

Insert 3  August 1944

Insert 4  June 1945

Insert 5  News from Lancaster organizations, each one mentioning Sarah Ann

“Plain Talk,” saluting service women. Junior League of Lancaster. September 1945.

“The Bulletin.” American Red Cross, Lancaster Chapter. July-August 1945.

“Lancaster CirclAtor.” Armstrong Cork Co. 9 March 1945.


Folder 28  The Stars and Stripes

This folder contains partial or complete issues of the newspaper, published by and for the U.S. Armed Forces, as follows:

Partial (pgs 7-10). 8 July 1944.

Partial (pgs 6-7). 3 June 1945.

Complete, “War Ends,” (8 pgs), Southern Germany Edition. 15 August 1945.

Complete, “The account is closed,” (8 pgs), Victory Edition. 15 August 1945.

Complete, Nurnberg Trials, etc., (8 pgs). 24 November 1945.

Complete, “Prayer of Thanksgiving,” (8 pgs). 24 November 1945.

Partial (pgs 3-6). 8 January 1946.

Complete, War Dept. revamping deployment, etc., (8 pgs). 11 January 1946.


Folder 29  Life Magazine

Two issues: “Victorious Yank,” 14 May 1945 and “American Life and Times, 1900-1950,” 2 January 1950. (located in oversized folder on shelf next to boxes


Box 3

Folder 30  Various Publications. This folder contains complete or partial portions of various publications as described in each insert.

Insert 1  Booklet of Bill Mauldin cartoons. 1944.

Insert 2  Various publications

Three articles from Time: “Sore Spots,” 16 April 1945; “Mark of the Fighting Man,” 28 May 1945; and “Casualties,” 11 June 1945.

Beachhead News, vol. 1, no. 100. 15 October 1944.

Over Here, American Red Cross news. 22 September 1945.

Insert 3  The Sinker newsletter

Two issues, vol. 1, no. 1, November 1945 and no. 2, December 1945, covered the activities of the American Red Cross Clubmobile in Europe.

Insert 4  Army Talks

Two copies of vol. 4, September 1945 with Sarah Ann’s picture on the front cover.

Insert 5  Picture from an unidentified newspaper which was framed on a wall of Sarah Ann’s home.

Insert 6  Other publications

Armstrong Reporter, Armstrong Cork Co., with above picture on page 13. Vol. 6, no. 6, August 1945.

Overseas Woman published by Hq ETOUSA. Vol. 1, no. 4, July 1945.


Folder 31  Related Memorabilia

In this folder are a variety of items ranging from advertisements, ID cards and

greetings to news and religious items all related to Sarah Ann’s overseas service.

Insert 1  News items

“Feminine Fashions,” The New Yorker. (2 pgs) 3 March 1945.

Cover page, The Saturday Evening Post. 6 October 1945.

Cartoon by Shermund.

Cover depicting American Red Cross Clubmobilers, Jewelers Circular-Keystone. March 1945.

Copy of above cover with resume of the life of Betty Jones Robinson, pictured thereon. No date.

Insert 2  Religious items

Prayer card with Pope’s image in memory of the 179th Regt., “who laid their young lives down on the road to Rome.” 4 June 1944.

Guide to the Sanctuary of Pompeii. No date.

Testimony of Lt. Cmdr. Harold M. Gilmore. 27 November 1943.

Insert 3  Currency and IDs

One packet with four notes of Allied Military Scrip for Germany, Austria and France; one French 50 Franc note.

One packet of IDs: four for Sarah Ann and one for Josephine Peacock for food, berths, Officer’s Club, etc.

Insert 4  Advertisements

Eight cards advertising businesses:

C. W. & Juanita McCauley

Henry J. Millspaugh

Alfred Bauml (2)

Bar Americain Flamenco with annotations

Madame Jean Thomas

Vacheron et Constantin

Pamphlet, Dettra Flag Co., Inc. 1940.

Page from Mademoiselle regarding British Walkers Shoes.

Page from Harper’s Bazaar regarding Laird Schober Shoes. 1946.

Insert 5  Sales Slips

Courvoisier Ltd. for 12 bottles of Cognac. 10 February 1943.

Parfums Caron for Bellodgia. In duplicate, one with annotations. 17 January 1946.

Watt & Shand for knife. 15 February 1944.

Blackstone Hotel for telephone call. 6 March 1944.

Yorgey’s dye order. No date.

Insert 6  Greetings and invitations

Address card with notes.

Thank you card from Ralph Fink with visiting card.

3×5 card with names, addresses and notes.

Christmas card from the George Courlos family.

Friendship card from Clarabel and Ralph.

Wedding invitation with envelope from Mr. and Mrs. Karl Henry Asmussen. 9 March 1946.

Invitation from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. July 1975.

Insert 7  Undated miscellaneous memorabilia

Irish Sweepstakes ticket.

USAFG Officer’s Club cocktail list with annotations.

Blank letterhead for U.S.S. Joseph T. Dickman.

Narration about “my love at the bar.”

Rhyme, “S’s and the W’s through the Z’s.”

Narration about 12 bottles of whiskey.

Rhyme, “Strange but True.”

Song lyrics, “Eight Babies to Mind.” (2 copies)


Folder 32  Programs and Playbills, 1945-1946

This folder contains programs and playbills for events and performances in Europe and the U.S.

Insert 1  European programs and playbills

Festival Almanac. Salzburg, Austria. 1945.

ARC Easter Sunday Program. Sodeu, Germany. 1 April 1945.

Program, “The First Gentleman.” New Theater, London, England. No date.

Program, “While the Sun Shines.” Globe Theater, London, England. 1945.

U.S. Army All-Soldier Musical Show, “This is the Army.” No date.

Seventh Army Officer’s Club Dinner Dance. Heidelberg, Germany. 20 October 1945.

Seventh Army USO Camp Show, “Sons of Fun.” No date.

Insert 2  New York Playbills

Majestic Theater, “Carousel,” beginning 11 February 1945 with insert for “Song of Norway.”

The Ziegfield Theater, “Show Boat,” beginning 4 February 1946.

Sam S. Shubert Theater, “Bloomer Girl,” beginning 11 February 1946, with insert for “The Day Before Spring.”

Insert 3  New York showbill and playbills

LeRuban Bleu Theater, “Day, Dawn & Dusk.” No date.

Lyceum Theater, “Born Yesterday,” beginning 11 February 1946.

St. James Theater, “Oklahoma,” beginning 11 February 1946.


Folder 33  Correspondence. Unless noted otherwise, this folder contains correspondence addressed to Sarah Ann plus a few items from newspapers or newsletters.

Insert 1  Correspondence from General Routh

Memo from General Routh attaching an annotated letter regarding the 45th Infantry Division. 10 September 1945.

Members from Oklahoma, flyer regarding a 45th Division Memorial and an excerpt “In Appreciation” from an announcement of the Oklahoma State Fair.

Insert 2  Correspondence, 1976

Letter from John Embry, Oklahoma regarding the dedication of the 45th Division Museum with handscribed note on reverse. 25 September 1976.

45th Division Museum flyer. No date.

Letter to “Dear Thunderbird” from Museum Curator, Joe L. Todd, with annotation “was there SAS.” No date.

Letter from William Wewer, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission regarding placing Rock Ford on the National Register of Historic Places. 10 December 1976.

Insert 3  Correspondence, 1984

Four letters relate to the awarding of an Honorary Life Membership in the 45th Division to Sarah Ann during their August reunion at Valley Forge. March to July 1984.

New York News item with lengthy description of Sarah Ann’s American Red Cross experiences overseas. (clipped to above letters) February 9.

Insert 4  Correspondence, 1983-1984

Brochure, 157th Infantry Association roster. 1983.

Flyer, 189th Field Artillery, 40thAnniversary European Tour. 19 March 1984.

157th Infantry Association, second quarter newsletter. 1984.

157th Infantry Association, reunion schedule. Valley Forge. 8-12 August 1984.

157th Infantry Association, Amish tour. 9 August 1984.

Letter from Felix L. Sparks with thanks for the reception at Lime Spring Farm. 5 September 1984.

Christmas greeting from Harlos Hatter, annotated “84.”

Insert 5  Correspondence, 1985

Letter from John Embry to Gen. Daugherty about Sarah Ann. 1 February 1985.

Letter from Harlos V. Hatter requesting a biography from Sarah Ann. With envelope. 17 February 1985.

Letter from Fred Daugherty to Col. John Embry about Sarah Ann’s biography being added to the 45th Division Museum. 23 April 1985.

Letter from Felix L. Sparks regarding the death of Lt. John Hager. 7 May 1985.

Memo from Sarah Ann to Betty Robinson regarding Herman F. Babbit. 21 September 1985.

Pages 9-10 of a newsletter with names and addresses of Co. D and Battery B, 158 FA members.

45th Division news item, “Pennsylvania Get-Together Fall, 1985.”

Insert 6  Correspondence, 1986-1988

Letter from Edison A. Reber, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the 45th Infantry Division Museum, thanking SAS for her contribution to the Bill Mauldin cartoon project. With envelope.

Letter from William B. Newberry, President of the 45th Infantry Division Association, also expressing sincere appreciation for Sarah Ann’s generous contribution for the Bill Mauldin Cartoon Collection. 9 July 1986.

Revised by-laws, Anzio Beachhead Veterans of WWII. 1986.

Roster of the 189th FA Regt., 645th Tank Destroyer Brigade. 1 June 1987.


Folder 34  Reunion Visit to Europe, Including Dachau. This folder records a return trip to Europe in October 1989 of the 157th Infantry Regiment Veterans who fought there in WWII.

Insert 1  Battlefield and tour documents

157th Infantry Association document to Battlefield Tour Members outlining the route the 157th Infantry Regt. and 158th FA Brigade followed during combat through France and Germany. 1 September 1989.

Galaxy Tours travel brochure with the trip itinerary, participants, map, currency exchanges and travel tips. October 1989.

Guide to memorial site Dachau Concentration Camp.

Brochure published by the Town of Dachau.

Insert 2  French newspaper items

Two items from French newspapers showing the returning American veterans in Reipertswiller and the cemetery at Quequement. October 1989.

Insert 3  Dachau

Letter from Thunderbird Press forwarding a book, Dachau, The Hour of the Avenger, by Col. Howard A. Buechner. (157th liberated Dachau) 23 October 1989.

Insert 4  Notes and name tags. (These items were filed with the above inserts in Folder 34)

Post card and letter from Ralph Fink forwarding names and addresses of others. 10 July 1989, 13 Sept 1989.

Note paper with names of John Sundvall and Richard Winters.

Visiting cards for Eugene W. Charles and Jane Walker, both with annotations.

Postcard from Rex Wilson with name and address for Jeanette Embry.

Christmas card form Harlos.


Folder 35  Correspondence, 1990-1992

Insert 1  January to March 1990

Letter from Sarah Ann to six addresses postponing her plan to have friends share in the details of the Battlefield Tour at Lime Spring Farm due to a medical problem. 22 January 1990.

Letter from Tina and Al Panebianco in response to the above. With envelope.

Letter from Jim and Billie Shiflett reliving his battlefield experiences during his reunion trip to Europe. With envelope. (5 pages)

Insert 2  March to April 1990

Letter from Tina and Al Panebianco regarding a visit and medical problems. With envelope. 10 March 1990.

Handscribed letter on Sarah Ann’s stationery addressed to Finks, Kuhns,

Panebianco, Hagers and Stevenson regarding the reunion of the 157th. 24 March 1990.

Handscribed dinner menu for 28 April 1990.

Note from Muriel Hager accepting Sarah Ann’s invitation for April 28. With envelope. 1 April 1990.
Thank you note from Muriel Hager. With envelope. 29 April 1990.

Insert 3  April to September 1990

Thank you note from Edwina Stevenson. With envelope. 30 April 1990.

Greeting card from Jim and Billie Shifleet. 16 May 1990.

Letter from William Hager regarding photographs (not here) and travels. 21 July 1990.

Postcard from Clarabel and Ralph Fink regarding regimental reunion. 5 September 1990.

Insert 4  May to September 1991

Letter to 1st Bt. Thunderbirds from Frank and Edwina Stevenson regarding the reunion in Lancaster County with handscribed note to Sarah Ann. May 1991. Attached were: Reservation Request, Route to Sally Stauffer’s House (for wine & cheese party), Resume of Lime Spring Farm, Letter to Dear 1st Bt. Thunderbirds from Frank and Edwina Stevenson regarding reunion plans, 19 September 1991 with note to Sarah Ann and typed list of registrants, and handscribed list of 1st Bt., 157th Infantry Regt. reunion attendees, October 1991.

Insert 5  October 1991

Note from Henry and Clarice Millspaugh regarding the 1993 reunion. With envelope. 8 October 1991.

Letter from Edwina and Frank Stevenson with thanks for the wine and cheese party, bingo and other help. With envelope. 21 October 1991.

Note from Joan and John Piazza with thanks. With envelope. 23 October 1991.

Note from Creed and Susan Johns with thanks. With envelope. 27 October 1991.

Insert 6  October to November 1991

Letter from Jean and Ralph Krieger with thank. With envelope. 29 October 1991.

Thank you card from Chauncey and Lois Edwards. With envelope. 4 November 1991.

Thank you card from the Harold Davises. With envelope. 4 November 1991.

Thank you note from George M. Davis. With envelope. 13 November 1991.

Insert 7  February to September 1992

45th Infantry Division Association Logo.

Postcard regarding the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Jena and Ralph Krieger. 6 February 1992.

Postcard from Art Corley regarding the 189th FA/645th Tank Destroyer Association. 19 April 1992.

Postcard from Frank  A. Perkins regarding Anzio Beachhead Veterans. June 1992.

Postcard from Henry and Clarice Millspaugh regarding a stopover if Sarah Ann is coming to Boston. 27 July 1992.

Note from Martha Munster enclosing copy of item from a New York newspaper regarding Sarah Ann. With envelope. 11 September 1992.

Booklet, Roster 157th Infantry Division. 1992.

Insert 8  September 1992

Five page attendance roster, 157th Infantry Association Reunion in Danvers, Massachusetts, 1-6 September 1992.

Two-page “Thunderdolly Invasion,” Danvers, Massachusetts. September 1992.

Name tag for Vera L. Williams.


Folder 36  Correspondence, September 1994 to October 1995

Insert 1  September 1994 to May 1995

Minutes of the 45th Infantry Division Association’s general business meeting. 30 September 1994.

Letter from the 1st Bt. 157th Infantry Division regarding the May 1995 reunion in the Hershey area. No date.

Letter from the 45th Infantry Division asking if Sarah Ann was the “doughnut dolly” who served his unit on Christmas 1944 and if so, to please get in touch with him. 22 February 1995.

Letter from Ralph Fink with complimentary memories and two newspaper items regarding his wartime experiences: Daily News, Lebanon, 3 May 1985 and The

Patriot, Harrisburg, 29 April 1995. 22 May 1995.

Insert 2  Holocaust Museum Correspondence

U.S. Holocaust Museum letter and membership form enclosing a letter from Curtis R. Whiteway, a purported liberator of Dachau, regarding a VE Day  commemoration at the Holocaust Museum. With envelope. (2 pages) 10 April 1995.

Sarah Ann letter refuting the above Curtis R. Whiteway letter and recommending the Museum drop it and win. 6 April 1995.

Insert 3  July to October 1995

Five letters from the 45th Division Association:

Advising Sarah Ann to be their guest at the 50th Reunion. 1 July 1995

Arrival plans for Sarah Ann at the 50th Reunion. 28 August 1995.

Sorry you were unable to attend, we’ve sent a small token of appreciation. With envelope. 26 September 1995.

Thank yous for donations to museum with attached donor form listing the items. With envelopes. 28 September 1995, 24 October 1995.

Insert 4  October 1995

Large envelope with annotation by Sarah Ann and containing a 3×5 card note from Mrs. Ken (Betty) Robinson, annotated banquet program and 50th Annual Reunion schedule of events. 21 September 1995 to 6 October 1995.

Insert 5  The Cannon Report

Two issues of The Cannon Report, newsletter of the 189th FA and 165th Tank Destroyer Association. December 1944 and March 1945.