Stauffer: Sarah Ann Stauffer Collection, Series 4 Franz Family Papers, 1798-1990

Call Number: MG-397, Series 4

2 boxes     42 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 10

Description: Series 4 contains the personal papers of the Frantz family, from the mid-nineteenth century into the early twentieth century. Legal papers deal with the settlement of estates and real estate. Much of the collection is correspondence between cousins, especially Sallie and Lizzie. There are several letters which contain details of military activity and Confederate destruction during the Civil War along the Maryland line near Gettysburg. The surnames of relatives, friends and acquaintances include Overholser, Lehman, Kendig, Martin and Hostetter.

Creators: Frantz family; Stauffer, Gertrude Frantz, 1883-1979; Stauffer, Sarah Ann, 1915-1996.

Conditions for Access: Folder 30 Restricted—Please make appointment with the Director of Archival Services to view this item.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English, German

Source of Acquisition: Bequest of Sarah Ann Stauffer, 1996. Relocated to in 1999.

Administrative/Biographical History: Gertrude Frantz Stauffer (1883-1979) was the daughter of Samuel O. Frantz and Emma Weaver. She married Charles Fondersmith Stauffer in October 1910 and they had two children, Sarah Ann and Charles. Gertrude was active in Republican politics in Pennsylvania and on the national scene.

Custodial History: The items in this series are listed with catalog numbers assigned by the auctioneer for the estate.


Box 1

Folders 1-9 Court Records. Herein are wills, deeds, inventories, accounts and other documents.

Folder 1 Court Records. These items were stored in Box #3425.

Insert 1 Will of Martin Bear, Hempfield Twp., Lancaster County, 25 October 1798, with affiixed letters of administration to John Leman, 28 April 1801.

Insert 2 Releases to John Leman

Release of Samuel and Elizabeth (nee Wolf) Miller to John Leman. 18 April 1806.

Release of Alice Kendig to John Leman and others. 22 August 1814.

Insert 3 [Deeds] (in German). 30 [August] 1859.


Folder 2 Court Records. These items were stored in Box #3422.

Insert 1 Lehman and Frantz records

Inventory of John Lehman. 22 April 1823.

Account of John Lehman, Dr Samuel Frantz and C. B. Herr, administrators. No date.

Insert 2 Samuel Frantz Records

Deed from George Mancha and wife to Samuel Frantz for five acres in East Hempfield Twp. 6 March 1845.

Land draft of the above tract by John Stauffer. 16 November 1844.


Folder 3 Court Records. These items were stored in Box #3425.

Insert 1 Stover and Lehman Records

Agreement between Daniel Stober and George Tridle, Washington Twp., Franklin County, 22 January 1820. Witnessed by William Stover, April 1, first payment recorded on reverse. (Document in German.)

Letters of Administration for John Leman [Jr.] East Hempfield Twp. to Christian Hershey and John Witmer. 14 April1823.

Will of John Leman [Sr.] East Hempfield Twp. 2 December 1823.

Insert 2 John Leman [Jr.] Records

Record of “Public Vendue of goods & chattles of John Leman, deceased this 13th day of November 1823”, listing each item, price and buyer’s name and annotated with numerous signatures.

Insert 3 Leman Records

Account for John Leman Jr. by administrators Christian Hershey and John Witmer. 27 December 1824.

Receipt to George Mayer by George McHenry for household items. Written at the top of this document: “Miss Elizabeth Lehman Lancaster February 24th 1825”.

Receipt for George Bryan by Charles M. Variant for Mrs. Leman. 24 March 1825.

Insert 4 John Leman Sr. Account

Supplementary account for John Leman Sr. by Benjamin Hershey, surviving executor. 14 February 1827.


Folder 4 Court Records. These items were stored in Box #3425.

Draft for 9 acres 38 perches of land in East Hempfield Twp. sold by Daniel Hess to Rudolph Hertzler. Surveyed 24 November 1848 by Meyers.

Stock certificate of John Leman for one share of Anderson’s Ferry, Waterford & New Haven Turnpike Road Company. 20 January 1812.

Receipts signed by George Snyder. 1 July 1812, 24 February 1813.

The conditions for public sale of 49 acres 3 perches in East Hempfield Twp., the property of Henry Livingood, deceased, subject to debts owed heirs of Jacob Sechrist, deceased. Signed by David Wiedler and John Lehman, executors. 14 August 1841, confirmed on 16 October 1841.


Folder 5 Court Records. These items were stored in Box #3425.

Insert 1 Releases to Rudolph Hertzler

Three releases to Rudolph Hertzler by heirs of Jacob Siechrist, deceased. All recorded in Vol.7, pp. 421-424. 13 August 1852.

Release 1099. Twenty heirs, 6 April 1852. One heir, 2 August 1852.

Release 1100. Eight heirs, 20 May 1852.

Release 1101. Four heirs, 1 April 1852.

Insert 2 Deeds of Frank, Miller and Killinger

Deed from John and Anna Frank of Linn County, Iowa, by power of attorney, Henry Frank, to John L. Miller of Hempfield Twp. for two story brick house and lots 11 and 12 in Hempfield Twp. 26 May 1855. Recorded in Book L, vol. 8, pp. 115, etc. 26 May 1855.

Deed from John L. and Barbara Miller of Hempfield Twp. to David Killinger of Lancaster for the above property. 1 April 1856.


Folder 6 Court Records. These items were stored in Box #3425.

Insert 1 Samuel Frantz Accounts

Account of John M. Stehman for building barn for Samuel Frantz. 1870-1871.

Memorandum for settlement with widow of Samuel Frantz, deceased. No date.

Insert 2 Account for Samuel Frantz, deceased

First and partial account of Samuel Frantz, deceased, by executors Eliza Anne Frantz and John Shenk. Registered 17 May 1873.

Insert 3 Account for Samuel O. Frantz

Account of John M. Stehman, guardian of Samuel O. Frantz, minor child of Henry L. Frantz, deceased, of East Hempfield Twp. Registered 17 April 1873.

Insert 4 Account for Eliza Ann Frantz

Account of Henry F. Hostetter and A. F. Hostetter for Eliza Ann Frantz, deceased. Recorded 12 November 1877.


Folder 7 These items were stored in Box #3422.

Insert 1 Sarah Ann Frantz Bequests

Memorandum listing items for Gertrude, Myrtle, Little Charles and others. No date.

Will, with bequest to New Mennonite Church in Lancaster and heirs. 20 November 1875 and 3 May 1879 codicil. (2 pages)

Will, with bequest to New Mennonite Church in Lancaster and heirs. 15 July 1911.

Insert 2 Willis W. Frantz and Willis O. Frantz Documents

Deed from Willis O. and Ida Frantz of Waynesboro, Franklin County, PA to Samuel O. Frantz for property in East Hempfield Twp. 22 March 1882. Recorded in Deed Book W, vol. 11, p. 362. 18 January 1937.

Judgment bond of Willis W. Frantz to John M. Stehman for $1300. 2 April 1881. With transfer to Henry Erb, 31 March 1882, and payments recorded through 1 April 1885.


Folder 8 These items were stored in Box #3422.

Insert 1 Charles and Gertrude Stauffer Records

Marriage license #6312 for Gertrude Martha Frantz and Charles Fondersmith Stauffer. 12 October 1910.

Lease between the trustees of Charles F. Stauffer, deceased, and American Store for premises # 220-228 W. King St., Lancaster. 31 March 1939.

Certificate #34 appointing Christian M. Neff to succeed Gertrude Stauffer as co-trustee for Charles F. Stauffer, deceased. 8 March 1851.

Deed from S. O. Frantz’s administrators to Gertrude F. Stauffer, for 5 acres in East Hempfield Twp. 26 April 1951. Recorded in Deed Book O, vol. 41, p. 434. 1 May 1951.

Trust agreement, liquidation of Stauffer-Neff Storage Company. 3 June 1968.


Folder 9 These items were stored in Box #3425.

Insert 1 Court Records

Will of Samuel O. Frantz, Lancaster. 8 June 1928.

Inventory for John K. Myers, East Hempfield Twp., Lancaster.

Statement regarding Samuel O. Frantz’s estate. 10 May 1951.

Insert 2 Cards showing five stages of a man’s married life. Copyright 1882.


Folder 10 These items were stored in Box #3424.

Insert 1 Promissory Notes, most of the notes are annotated with payments

Samuel Frantz to pay Elizabeth Leman. 1 April 1843.

J. S. & C. S. Bender to pay Lancaster National Bank. 12 August 1882.

C. S. Bender & Christian Rohrer to pay Abram B. Herr. 22 February 1883.

Jacob S. & Henry K. Bender to pay John Trout. 26 February 1883.

Jacob S. & C. S. Bender to pay Jacob G. Trout. 9 March 1883.

C. S. Bender to pay John M. Mummaw. 2 April 1883.

Jacob S. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 3 March 1885.

Jacob S. & C. S. Bender to pay Jacob S. Seachrist. 12 March 1885.

Jacob S. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 7 July 1885.

Jacob S. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 2 October 1885.

Jacob S. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 10 November 1885.

[ ____ ] to pay Henry K. Bender. (signature has been cut out) 11 February 1886.

Henry K. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 11 January 1887.

Henry K. & C. S. Bender to pay Henry T. Wagner. 3 March 1887.

H. K. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 3 December 1887.

Jacob S. Bender to pay C. S. Bender. 31 December 1887.


Folder 10, Insert 2

Account book pages of H. K. Bender for C. S. Bender for farm work April-November 1866.

Paper with calculations and untitled recipe.

Two pages of poetry.

Letter from Lancaster County Historical Society to Mrs. Dorothy Gerlach with thanks for the history of the Women’s Republican Club. 20 January 1990.


Folder 11 These items were stored in Box #3424.

Insert 1 Letters to Sarah A. “Sallie” Frantz, 1855-1859

From Annie [Foen] in Waynesboro with family chatter. 22 July 1855.

From Mollie A. Lehman in Longmeadows, Maryland regarding a visit to many named cousins. 22 September 1855.

From A. M. Lehman in Longmeadows, Maryland regarding advice on how to live and thanks for box of gifts. 17 February 1856.

From Lizzie Overholser in Wabank with family chatter and regarding a missing horse. 14 May 1856.

From A. M. Lehman in Longmeadows, Maryland regarding family illness and the grain harvest. 13 July 1856.

From Ann M. Hoffman in Longmeadows, Maryland regarding a trip home, an upcoming wedding and and the death of Jacob Funk’s daughter. 28 December 1856.

From M. C. Houser in Mechanicsburg stating a safe return home and expressing hope to enjoy her company again. 10 January 1857.

From Lizzie Wisler in Bloomingburgh, Ohio regarding a trip to Ohio, with a description of the area. 16 May 1857.

From Lizzie W. [Wisler] in Fayette County, Ohio stating a safe return home, that her mother is ill, and enclosing a friendship poem. 11 April 1858.

From A. E. Frantz in Waynesboro with family chatter. (writing is faded) 19 December 1858.

From Annie E. Frantz in Waynesboro stating that her sister has typhoid and that it is not as much fun there as in Lancaster, and including holiday happenings. 20 February 1859.

From Annie E. Frantz in Waynesboro regarding a balloon ascensio and family chatter. August 1859.

From Annie E. Frantz in Waynesboro with family chatter and requesting a photographic image. 4 [ ___ ] 1859.

Folder 11, Insert 2 Letters to Sarah A. “Sallie” Frantz, 1860-1861

From Lizzie Lintner in Lancaster Twp. with an invitation to the Hesses. 27 January 1860.

From Cousin Babbie in Longmeadows, Maryland regarding family health and happenings, meeting and baptisms, and announcing the draft of her brother and brothers-in-law and a substitute for Abe. 14 June 1860.

From M. M. Swarr in Oregon returning Sallie’s property. 3 September 1860.

From Marie F. Kurtz regarding moving on April 12. 20 March 1860.

From H. E. Frantz in Waynesboro with news of eight deaths in three weeks, including Aunt Hoover, and regarding visitors and visiting.

From M. M. Swarr in Oregon who expects to see Sallie at her sister’s. 28 May 1861.

From M. M. Swarr in Oregon with an apology for the previous day and announcing a visit on Friday. 30 May 1861.

From Sue Fry who will visit on Tuesday or Wednesday. 16 October 1861.

From Barb Peters stating that Annie and Christie will visit on Saturday. 30 October 1861.

From Mrs. M. A. Frantz in Highspire who will visit on November 8 with cousin Maggie Frantz. 1 November 1861.

Folder 11, Insert 3 Letters to Sarah A. “Sallie” Frantz, 1862

From Marian [cousin] in New Cumberland regarding the middling dry holidays and asking Sallie to please write long letters about old James Buchanan and al of Marian’s cousins. 1 January 1862.

From L. B. Lehman in Longmeadows sharing that the train broke down on the way to Hagerstown and that [he] got a cramp in [his] hand while chopping wood. 23 January 1862.

From H. S. Frantz in Waynesboro regarding how privileged they are, letterwriting and family visitors. 23 January 1862.

From A. S. Frantz in Waynesboro regarding illness, turkey roast, and a visit invitation. 29 January 1862.

From D. F. Lehman in Locust Lawn recalling a visit east and return west. 16 March 1862.

From Annie in Waynesboro regarding family visitors, a request for rose cuttings, and asking if Sallie received Annie’s mignonette seed. 20 April1862.

From M. M. Swarr in Oregon regarding an expected visit the next day. 12 July 1862.

From Molly Garber in West Hempfield regarding a photographic image exchange and visiting. 1 August 1862.

From B. A. Lehman regarding a camp meeting and visiting. 7 August 1862.

From [I.] B. Lehman in Longmeadows with a detailed description of being drafted, including bounties and pay. 17 August 1862.

From D. F. Lehman in Locust Lawn, “Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit.” 18 August 1862.

From Emeline Hershey expressing sadness about the war, announcing that their hired man enlisted and many in the neighborhood also, and regarding the camp meeting at Brickerville and exchanging pictures. 24 August 1862.

From Lizzie [friend]  stating that she received Sallie’s photographic image, that she has eight from friends and expects many more, and asks Sallie to visit. 22 September 1862.

From [I. H. D. F] [friend] in Bucyrus, Ohio with a long denial of fault for our strife, and regarding canning peaches since there are no ovens for drying, plentiful fruit, local opposition to the draft by sympathizers to the South and the U.S. Marshall’s arrest of some. 20 October 1862.

From Harry [friend] in Lancaster regarding a photographic image exchange and announcing that he was appointed Assessor of of West Lampeter Twp. and East Lampeter Twp. and on Friday he will notify forty draftees in his township. 21 October 1862.

From D. F. L. [friend] in Franklin Grove, Illinois stating that there is no draft there and discussing horrors of the war. 26 October 1862.

From Marian [cousin] in New Cumberland stating that she visited cousin Marie, didn’t understsand a sermon in German and that the war was coming to a close. 4 November 1862.

From Emeline Hershey stating that she will see Sallie on the following Sunday. 23 November 1862.

Folder 11, Insert 4 Letters to Sarah A. “Sallie” Frantz, 1863

From D. F. Lehman in Locust Lawn stating that there was no pleasure in the holidays and regarding New Year’s Eve. 1 January 1863.

From Franklin Grove, Illinois concerning the loading of several hundred hogs in cars for Chicago.

From Lizzie Kendig [cousin] in Conestoga regarding company from Indiana, a sleigh ride and a treat recipe and sending a photographic image. 10 January 1863.

From Marie F. Hershey regarding the folly of sin and the need to be saved. 1 February 1863.

From Lizzie asking Sallie to go to Horting’s Hotel. 17 February 1863.

From Alice S. Funk in Madens, Maryland whose family had small pox, but no visitors, and regarding sleighriding. 19 February 1863.

From Dave [D. F. Lehman] in Franklin Grove, Illinois regarding Christmas enjoyment and Cousin Henry’s land, and sending news that Brother Joshua was wounded in battle. 22 March 1863.

From Alice Funk regarding sore eyes, daily funerals, her brothers have the mumps, and the roads are too bad for a visit to Franklin County. 5 April1863.

From Maggie [cousin] with a photographic image exchange, and announcing that the “dirty rebels” were invading Pennsylvania, Mr. Raysor’s house and barn were full of refugees, brothers visited Gettysburg battlefield where the “rebels were laying rather thick” and Fanny Mumma married Joseph Ogelsby. 12 July 1863.

From Marian Martin [cousin] at Irving Female College in Mechanicsburg asking to hear from Sallie. 12 September 1863.

From Marian Martin [cousin] regarding letter intrigue, that she is alone in her room at school, and Frank’s mother and father on their way home from the battlefield. 4 October 1863.

From Marian Martin stating that she had a grand time at Bella Heck’s and that she is president of Irvington Literary Society, and includes a named list of friends. 2 November 1863.

From Lizzie at Binkley’s Bridge P.O. regarding Fall court day and plans to visit. 1 December 1863.

From Mahala [friend] in Hagerstown, Maryland stating that Sallie’s visit was too short, and regarding the singing she went to on Sabbath; husking, sewing & dancing at Jacob Schindel’s; and the draft, that the men must go and be killed. She wished for peace. 6 December 1863.

From Lizzie [cousin] in Conestoga announcing that she will visit on Christmas. 14 December 1863.

From Maggie [cousin] in Swatara announcing that she arrived home safely and regarding a visit with the Willsons and Huffords. 21 December 1863.

From Anna E. [ Brugh] in Hampton remarking on the time at Gettysburg on the 19th and that the young folks were there for New Year’s. 25 December 1863.

Folder 11, Insert 5 Except for one, these are letters to Sallie Frantz concerning treatment for an eye ailment.

From C. D. [Gloninger] in Lebanon asking Sallie to pay a visit as soon as possible. April 1864.

From C. D. [Gloninger] in Lebanon advising Sallie to wear smoke-colored glasses at all times and to take pills as directed. 14 April 1864.

From C. D. [Gloninger] in Lebanon stating that there is no need for iodine, but to take the dark pills as before and the white for pain. 8 May 1864.

Letter to Sallie’s father from D. S. [Gloninger], brother of C. D. [Gloninger], in Lebanon, who prescribed eye drops and a visit with C. D. [Gloninger] when he returns the following week. 28 August 1864.

From C. D. [Gloninger] in Lebanon sending regrets that her sight has not improved and advises that she continue the medicines and inform him when her supply is exhausted. 5 January 1865.

Folder 11, Insert 6 Letters to Sarah A. “Sallie” Frantz, 1864

From Amelia E. Landis in Terry Hill stating that she goes to church every night, passing along family chatter, and asking Sallie to send the toothbrush that is on log at the back porch pump, clothes and trunk key. 3 January 1864.

From unsigned, [Marian Martin], at Irving Female College, Mechanicsburg, regarding vacation at home and Emma’s photographic image. 13 January 1864.

From I. B. Lehman in Longmeadows regarding sing, sleighing, stone hauling, and plans to visit. 19 January 1864.

From E. G. Frantz in Waynesboro advising Sallie to treat her friend Mr. Steman well and to take him to to see her friends. 9 February 1864.

Letter from Sallie’s sister, Lizzie, stating that family visits are not all enjoyable and that she will send collar. 18 February 1864.

From Caroline [Dalmer] at [White] Oak Post with chatter about many people. 4 March 1864.

From Cousin Marian at Irving Female College, Mechanicsburg, expressing sympathy about Sallie’s eye and the death of cousin Frank’s baby brother. She is sad for so many folks along borders of Maryland and Pennsylvania and comments on the war. 6 March 1864.

From Cate Detrich in Greencastle regarding sending a photographic image, sleighing, and many visitors, and wishing Sallie well again. 5 April 1864.

From E. G. Frantz in Waynesboro expressing sympathy that she is under a doctor’s care and away from home, and regarding cousin Abram Barr’s sale and news about many cousins. 10 April 1864.

From Lizzie Kendig in Manor Twp. who is lonely since moving to Manor and mentions the market in the morning. 22 April 1864.

From Maggie Swatara expressing sympathy for Sallie’s your weak eye, and regarding recent marriages, gay time at Sue Raynor’s, and a photographic image exchange. 2 May 1864.

From Annie M. Young in Upton expressing hope that her eye ailment was cured. Annie attended a love feast, had a merry time with ten couples at Mr. Reed’s and asks if Sallie’s beau has been drafted. 1 June 1864.

From Lizzie (cousin) in Millburg stating that she is glad Sallie’s eyes are improving, she has one cow to milk, and her brother Joe went to Missouri. Part of the letter is spent reminiscing. 26 June 1864.

From Rebecca Y. Miller who expresses sympathy about Sallie’s eyes, and mentions that she got her disease from being frightened so much when the rebels were there last summer, that there was another threat but they were repelled, and that she likes Sallie’s photographic image. 27 July 1864.

From Mahala who is glad Sallie’s eyes are better, states that the rebels are as savage as blood hounds and that her brother was drafted but exempted, and includes a very detailed description of raids and nearby fighting. 13 August 1864.

From Maggie who is glad Sallie’s eyes are better, includes details of the war, and sends word that her sister in-law died and John Frantz drowned. 22 August 1864.

Folder 11, Insert 7  Letters to Sarah “Sallie” Frantz 1865-1878

Sue Rayser in Harrisburg regarding lost kid gloves and expressing sympathy for Sallie’s problem with her sight. 9 January 1865.

From A. M. Young regarding Sallie’s eye problem, other illness, and Sallie Frantz’s marriage to Thomas Daily. 1 February 1865.

From Mattie A. [Hess or Herr] in Mount Joy regarding meeting plans and God’s plans. 21 January 1865.

From Marie F. Hershey in Hockersville regarding a three-page sermon and hope for Sallie’s sight. 15 October 1865.

From Elizabeth Miller near Carlisle questioning the treatment of Sallie’s eye by Dr. [Gloninger]. 8 March 1866.

From Kate S. Lintner in Lancaster Twp. regarding visiting plans. 15 July 1866.

From [Sue] E. Frantz at Lime Springs Farm with news of family and friends and visiting plans. 3 October 1866.

From Molly A. Garber regarding visiting plans. 7 September 1867.

From Cousin Annie regarding family illness and news of many relatives, and thanking Sallie for the rose cutting and seeds. 25 January 1868.

From Annie who is glad Sallie’s eyes are better, and with news of relatives and friends. 22 March 1868.

From Cousin Annie in Waynesboro with news of relatives and an invitation to visit. April 1868.

From A. E. Frantz with news of relatives and talk of becoming an old maid. November 1868.

From Barbara E. Kauffman enclosing a photographic image. 16 February 1869.

From J. N. Musser regarding plans to visit a doctor in Philadelphia. 9 March 1874.

From Willis (nephew) in Michigan with news of friends, family and his studies. 10 December 1877.

From Jacob S. Lehman in Chambersburg responding to Sallie’s request for dates of communion meetings with invitation to visit. 14 May 1878.

Folder 11, Insert 8  Partially dated or undated letters to Sallie Frantz.

From Barbara A. [Rowland] in Hagerstown regarding a tired horse on her way home, stops with relatives and friends, and fifty cents an acre for cutting grain. June 29.

From Annie with sympathy that Sallie is unable to write, and sharing that her mother has typhoid fever and vivid details of nearby war. Thursday morning.

From Molly Newcomer in Landisville regarding Sunday School and class. No date.

From Dave with an exchange of photographic images. (2 letters) No date.

From Sallie in Elizabethtown with holiday chatter. January.

From A. Morris Fly in Bird-in-Hand with an invitation to go to the Agricultural Exhibition in Harrisburg. September 9.

From Mary E. Stoner in Chambersburg stating that her eyes improved but Sallie’s glasses are not useful. December 19.

From Hariett [Strong] regarding a threat of rebels and requesting Sallie’s photographic image. No date.

From Mary Mayers regarding visiting plans. April 16.

From Molly Newcomer with chit-chat. September 26.

From Gertrude in Rohrerstown. A postcard of the German Hospital in Philadelphia with a note that she expects to return home soon. 1902.

From Mattie A. [Hess or Herr] in Mount Joy stating that she is joining a cousin in Ohio to go west. February 22.

Folder 11, Insert 9  Letters to Sarah “Sallie” Frantz

From Mary McMayers with an apology for a mistaken date. Thursday morning.

From Maria regarding singing school, reminiscing, and visiting plans. July 29.

From Marian at Irving regarding the mystery of a piece of music. No date.

From Rebecca Y. Miller at Marion P.O., Franklin County, PA regarding a bad sleet storm, four singing schools within 2.5 miles and a Merry Christmas. January 17.

From Kate Detrich in Greencastle reporting on family illness, nineteen couples at the husking, that she was not at the consecration in Gettysburg and exchanging a photographic image. December 15.

From Sallie Baer regarding visiting plans. Thursday evening.

From Annie Frantz reporting that she is writing on her way to Harry Musselman’s and plans to visit Sallie on Monday. No date.

From Lizzie Lintner regarding visiting plans. Monday.

From Susie regarding a change in visiting plans. Sabbath eve.

From Susanna P. Lehman regarding the news of many relatives and lost scissors. December 12.

From Sallie (cousin) in Elizabethtown with family chatter. November 12.


Folder 12 Letters to Cousins. These items were stored in Box #3424.

Insert 1 Letters to Cousin (believed to be to Sallie Frantz)

From I. F. Lehman in Longmeadows regarding farm work, Lizzie Eavens and Harry Newcomer’s marriage, and a possible visit for a buggy. 31 March 1862.

From B. A. Lehman in Locust Spring regarding visits, death and sickness among many named relatives, and stating that scarlet fever is very bad and small pox is an epidemic and that they got vaccinated. February 1863.

From L. B. Lehman in Longmeadows regarding many visitors, mill improvements, a wish that “this abominable war” was settled, and cousin Henry Funk’s sale. 22 February 1863.

From B. A. Lehman in Longmeadows announcing a safe return home and that twins were born to sister Eliza but one died. 22 March 1863.

From B. A. Lehman in Longmeadows with a vivid description of the ravages of the Civil War on individual families. 18 July 1863.

From Babbie in Longmeadows regarding singing, meetings and buggy rides with different beaus. 5 December 1863.

From B. A. Lehman in Longmeadows regarding meetings, last buggy ride with Lewis, and photographic image exchanges. 7 May 1864.

From L. B. Lehman in Longmeadows stating an interest in not only tall ladies, but “tolerably big out and not so big up”, and regarding the Civil War and cancellation of the Hagerstown [Fair] because of fear the Secessionists might come. September 22.

From L. B. Lehman in Longmeadows who is glad that Sallie’s eyes are better, and reports that they are lucky there is no draft in their county, but in Franklin County, PA a cousin paid for a substitute. The rebels were in Longmeadows and behaved well there and in Maryland, but in PA swore vengeance. It was an awful sight at battlefield with bodies everywhere, houses and barns burned, fences down, cornfields cleared, etc. November.

From I. B. Lehman in Longmeadows who was sorry the whole Union ticket was elected, and regarding corn husking and cleaning the mill pond. November 10.

Folder 12, Insert 2 Letters to cousins, 1849-1858

From [I.] S. Frantz to Maria S. Martin regarding California gold, cholera, the corn crop, and camp meeting. 16 August 1849.

From Francis Stirk in Fairville to Lizzie regarding family meanderings, the hereafter, Christmas plans, turkey roster, and sore eyes. 1853.

From Louisa Oberholser to Catharine and Elizabeth with family chatter and reporting that a man and horse were struck dead by lightning. 18 August 1853.

From Mattie Funk to cousin regarding family chatter and camp meeting, and announcing that her marriage is off. 12 September 1853.

From Kate to Lizzie regarding family chatter; Henry Martin’s mill and distillery fire; Rose Michael, a second cousin; and quilting. 13 November 1853.

From Kate to cousin regarding family travels and antics, a sewing vest, and laundry. 27 November 1853.

From Francis Stirk to cousin regarding people who “Got Religion”, sale and moving, illness, and marriage. 6 February 1854.

Isaac Stirk to cousin in Lancaster with an invitation to visit in Philadelphia. 6 February 1854.

From Daniel L. Overholser to Elizabeth Overholser stating that thirty people professed at meeting, a few are named; little sleighing; grandmother is always in bed; and going into factory. 16 February 1854.

From Harry [Geti] and Tina Hill regarding visiting and visitors. 9 July 1856.

From Cousin Annie to cousin regarding the holidays, news of cousins, sleighing parties, and converted vile men and women in Waynesboro. 29 February 1858.

Folder 12, Insert 3 Letters to cousins, 1858-1874

From A. E. Frantz in Waynesboro regarding a five-week visit by a lady friend from Baltimore, Aunt Mary Frantz’s visit, Uncle Ben and Aunt Betsy, and news of cousins. November 1858.

From Annie Frantz in Waynesboro regarding war fever, visits and picnics. July 1861.

From A. E. Frantz in Owing Mills regarding an unpleasant trip and miscarriages. 7 November 1861.

From Annie [Frantz] in Waynesboro regarding a wedding there, news of cousins, and her grandfather’s death. 24 February 1862.

From Marian at Irving Female College, Mechanicsburg regarding Sallie’s glasses, final exams, and family chatter. 1 June 1864.

From Emma Martin at Linden Hall, Lititz regarding visiting plans. 9 September 1864.

From H. E. Frantz regarding family chatter and bad roads. 1 October 1878.

From Anna B. Whitmer in [Humberstone] regarding religious activities in New York and Canada.

From Anna B. Witmer in Clark County, Ohio regarding religious activities and asking Sallie to please plant calabash seeds. 1 October 1878.

From H. E. Frantz in Waynesboro, Maryland reporting that the Civil War was causing folks to move from Maryland and Virginia, and that relatives in Baltimore were in confusion. April.

From Rebecca F. regarding visiting plans. No date.

From Marian Martin at Irving College stating that she will not write until Sallie does. No date.


Folder 13 Letters to Unnamed Friends. These items were stored in Box #3424.

From P. Bausman in Lancaster regarding plans for Mr. Hess’ party. 27 September 1755.

From Joseph [F__ ] in Blue Ball with marriage blessings. 21 September 1856.

From Susan Lichty to E. Frantz announcing that she is tired from washing clothes for twenty people and baking twelve loaves of bread. 1 December 1856.

From Daniel W. Erb regarding visiting plans. 27 May 1858.

From Mahala in Hagerstown regarding planted flower seeds and visiting. 22 May 1863.

From Fannie B. Hess in Millersville with a photographic image exchange. 6 October 1863.

From Caroline Dalmer regarding sickness and visiting. 1 April 1864.

From Mary [Leman] in Philadelphia regarding Uncle Limon’s treatment and sanitary fair. 10 May 1864.

From Fannie Kreider regarding religious beliefs and family chatter. 11 April 1877.

From Elizabeth Barr in New Danville regarding visiting, sickness and religion. 12 September 1878.

From M. Lizzie Huber at Wheatland Mills about visiting to have their examining meeting. 13 October 1878.

From Elizabeth Barr in Marticville to sister in faith, Sarah Frantz stating that Lizzie’s husband could not be made sensible. 17 May 1879.


Folder 14 Letters from Sarah A. and Sallie Frantz. These items were stored in Box #3424.

To cousin from Sarah A. Frantz regarding religious beliefs, family deaths, birth, illness and activities. 1 January 1876.

To cousins and sister from Sarah A. Frantz about an accident involving a runaway horse team and local news. 8 March 1876.

To brother from Sallie. Illegible. No date.

From Sallie with no salutation stating that she cannot read what she writes and that she needs a gown, soap, etc. when the recipient visits. No date.


Folder 15 Letters to Lizzie Overholser Frantz. These items were stored in Box #3424.

Insert 1 1853-1854

From Sarah A. Frantz in Fairville  with family chatter. 18 September 1853.

From Amos Overholser in Fairville regarding sowing wheat, studying for exams, a quarterly meeting on the omnibus, studying the skeleton, and a tent meeting at New Holland. 24 September 1853.

From Kate in Fairville regarding nursing Milly, eating chestnuts, horseback riding, a burial and visiting. 18 October 1853.

From Amos Overholser in Potato Valley announcing that he is teaching school and has twenty scholars, he expects sixty or seventy and that it’s not very good society there. He also mentions Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 16 November 1853.

From Amos Overholser at Valley Schoolhouse regarding his health, Thanksgiving, and Methodist and New Mennonite meetings. 9 December 1853.

From Kate stating that the letter was handed to her on road to Adamstown and regarding a turkey roast, that she and Ann went to meeting, Christmas, and a new bonnet. 28 December 1853.

From Amos Overholser in Potato Valley regarding Christmas at home, turkey feasts, teaching school and discipline. he mentions that his grandmother “talks quite unsensible sometimes”. 2 January 1854.

From David Oberholzer in Fairville to Lizzie Oberholzer reporting that he is trying to get an apprenticeship in coachmaking, and regarding family news and religious beliefs. 13 January 1854.

From Amos Overholser in Potato Valley regarding writing style, benefits of teaching, and his brother Jacob who is also teaching. 8 February 1854.

From Kate who took Liz to the doctor, regarding conversions at meeting, and sharing that Hannah Falty died of typhoid. 9 February 1854.

From Amos Overholser regarding a visit to Philadelphia and sharing that he, Liz, and Margaret visited the Frantzes. 5 March 1854.

From Cousin Ann regarding detailed family news and Valentine’s Day. 15 March 1854.

Folder 15, Insert 2 1854-1859

From Amos Overholser regarding family news and the death of Levi Watts’ child. 27 April 1854.

From Sallie McNeal with greetings from the girls and asking Lizzie to send her daguerreotype. 3 June 1854.

From Anna L. Baker requesting Lizzie’s photographic image and with news of Wesleyan Female Institute and visiting Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania. 25 November 1854.

From Anna L. Baker with news of friends. 9 December 1954.

From Anna L. Baker with news of friends and acquaintances. 1 February 1855.

From D. L. Overholser about visiting Uncle Daniel and Aunt Josephine in Logansport, Dr. Landis’ practice in Logansport and churches in the area. 15 May 1855.

From Leonia Baker regarding a rambling letter from a friend. 14 June 1855.

From Amos Overholser with plans for a camp meeting. 11 August 1855.

From D. L. Overholser in Logansport regarding Aunt Josephine and Uncle Daniel, Dr. [Landis] and the illnesses he treats, the brass band and theater. 17 August 1855.

Leou [Leonia] in Louisdale regarding friends, books and housekeeping. 27 August 1855.

From Katie in Terre Hill regarding plans to visit Sue Overholser. 27 September 1859.

From Anna L. Baker regarding her father’s affectionate letter, school, and a photographic image exchange. 6th 185[9].

Folder 15, Insert 3 1856, partial and undated

From Cousin Callie in [O’Shanter] Home regarding church, weather, cleaning, and the saw mill. May 30.

From Katie regarding a shirt she is sending, making baby clothes, Uncle Hetzel’s sale, and new shoes. Tuesday afternoon.

From Emma who has many letters to answer. No date.

From [Leonia] Baker in Louisdale regarding friendship, dreams, and expecting a love letter. March 22.

From Cousin Catharine with plans to meet in Lancaster, and regarding Fannie Davis, wedding clothes, new dresses, and going to camp. 6 August 1856.

From Annie M. Kinges regarding haymaking and harvest and friends. Saturday the 19th, 1856.

From Kate who is upset at Lizzie’s marriage secrecy. 5 November 1856.

From S. A. Frantz regarding a plan to visit. 29 April 1856.

From Martin Shirk in Millport regarding hired horses for a laborious trip and acquaintances. 2 April 1856.

From Daniel L. Overholser in Logansport regarding Cousin Jacob’s death, the allure to go west, and the ravages of alcohol, and stating that his folks left Lancaster on Tuesday at noon and arrived in Fort Wayne. 30 May 1856.

From Daniel L. Overholser in Logansport regarding school in Cincinnati, a three-mile long procession to celebrate George Washington’s birthday, thousands of military from Maryland, St. Louis, etc., Lizzie’s move to Millerstown, and church and Sunday School activities. 24 March 1856.

From J. M. Groff in Hinkletown, a love letter and studying medicine with Dr. Leaman Winters. 2 July 1856.

From Anna L. Baker in Wilmington regarding Lizzie treating her coldly, and with a detailed description of of teachers and classmates. June.


Folder 16 Letters to “Sister”. These letters are to several different sisters and it is not known if they were sisters or friends. These items were stored in Box #3424.

From Anna Overholser who will come by stage, and regarding washing, ironing, butchering, and caring for a sick aunt. 22 November 1859.

From Lizzie Frantz advising the recipient to wear your gum shoes and regarding cabbage plants. 1 June 1862.

From E. A. Stehman in Penn Twp. regarding a funeral, typhoid fever, Demmy’s sale, boiling apple butter and cider. (badly faded ink) 26 September 1863.

From Lizzie Frantz regarding her mother, who is sometimes better and sometimes worse and asks for any information about the rebels. 27 October 1863.

From E. A. Stehman in Penn Twp. regarding chicken pox, Lizzie not feeling well, poor sleighing and bad roads, seventy-four women at their sale, and Sue Fry and Ben Wissler were married.         3 March 1864.

From [ ___ ] reporting that Peter moved near Jacob Hostetter and regarding doctoring, and a list of people and addresses. 28 March 1864.

From Alice who need the recipient to come home and a litany of family problems and illness. 17 December 1866.

From E. A. Stehman in Hempfield stating that John is getting weaker and mentions parents’ visit. 4 August 1868.

From E. A. Stehman in Rohrerstown with details of a trip home and mentioning many people. and their activities 29 March [186_ ]


Folder 17 Letter to Lisey Overholser. These items were stored in Box #3424.

One letter from Ann Overholser to her daughter Lisey regarding church meetings and burial of sister Betsy and uncle George. 19 March 1854.


Folder 18 Letter to Betsie from Cousin Kate. These items were stored in Box #3424.

One letter regarding brother Martin’s marriage to Marian Hoydt, invitation to the fair; Liz and the baby, Levi at school, Ike Winter and Sue Martin’s marriage, Mrs. Wallace’s burial, and more family and friends chatter. 15 January 1876.


Folder 19 Letters from Willis to Brother and Aunt. These items were stored in Box #3424.

Letter to brother in Chambersburg regarding studies getting harder, grandmother’s health, and sending love to Aunt Sarah and Lizzie. 24 June 1876.

Six letters to “Dear Auntie.” The first three are from Ann Arbor, Michigan and the last two are from Reisterstown, Maryland regarding:

Memories of Rohrerstown; illness of Henry Lehman; climate change; wood for heating being overpriced; and greetings to family. 10 December 1876.

Expressing thanks for Christmas gift; good sleighing but it costs too much to get a team; Henry Lehman’s health; Charlie Lehman’s marriage and John Lehman. 1 January 1877.

Expressing thanks for Christmas gift, cousin Harry Stehman and Uncle John. 1878

Regarding Abraham, Henry Hostetter and Aunt Mary; a dull Christmas except for a good turkey dinner; they broke down on the way; and sending love from “Ida and I”. 7 November 1879.

Announcing that the writer will spend the holidays around Waynesboro, they are about through except the ice house, carpets are down and fixed for winter. 8 December 1879.

Regarding a pleasant time in Franklin County and Hagerstown, expressing thanks for a Christmas gift, Sam had runaway and what damage was done. 5 January 1880.


Folder 20 Letters to Aunt Sarah A. Frantz from A. F. Hostetter. These items were stored in Box #3424.

Two letters with envelopes from Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Expressing thanks for Christmas gift; enjoyed visit of friend in Detroit, that unlike home, old settlers here tell of wagons and oxen, building log huts and clearing land; and that he and Willis room together. 15 January 1877.

Expressing thanks for Christmas gift; spending a pleasant vacation working and visiting friends; there are 1200 students from Maine to California, Japan, Africa, etc., who live in homes; he and Willis pay $3 per week for three rooms and take meals at $3 per week with a private family; mention of many family members. (2 pages) 26 January 1878.


Folder 21 Letter to Grandfather from H. F. Hostetter. These items were stored in Box #3424.

Reporting that he got along first-rate in school and that the patches Grandmother wanted were available at Kauffman’s Lancaster Hotel. Millersville. 12th 1864.


Folder 22 Letters to Grandmother Elizabeth Lehman from A. M. and A. Lehman. These items were stored in Box #3424.

Three letters from Longmeadow:

From A. M. Lehman in Longmeadows with religious “addresses” and a little news of cousin Henry and Aunt Maria Groff. 5 September 1852.

From A. M. Lehman in Longmeadows with religious testimony, news that Brother Jacob Frantz’s wife and daughter died of typhoid, the harvest was poor due to dryness, and asking cousins Anna Witmer and Mary Lehman to write. 6 September 1854.

From A. Lehman (grandson) in Longmeadows with religious testimony, greetings to Sarah, and aunt and uncle from him, Mother, and Rachel. 25 July   1867.


Folder 23 H. L. Frantz Correspondence. These items were stored in Box #3424.

From H. L. Frantz to I. M. Stehman regarding delivery of wheat and visit at father’s. 1 September 1858.

From H. L. Frantz to Piersol & Geist requesting publication of a six-verse poetic tribute to Mr. I. S. Geist, a teacher departing from East Hempfield Twp. for Illinois. 1 September 1858.

From Abner Frantz to H. L. Frantz regarding plans to meet. 7 December 1858.

From Anna Overholser to Henry Frantz regarding meeting plans and food expectations. 11 January 1859.

From Anna Overholser to Henry Frantz, Millersville,regarding Composition Day and food to bring on his visit. 18 January   1859.

From Ephram S. Hoover to Mr. Frantz stating that he will call on the lady Mr. Frantz recommended. 5 April 1859.

From J. A. H. [Hiestand] to H. L. Frantz regarding a meeting of the County Committee. 2 August 1860.


Folder 24 S. O. Frantz Correspondence. These items were stored in Box #3424.

From Jacob B. Lehman in Hagerstown who recounts his trip home and mentions Fort McHenry. 3 September 1861.

From Samuel Frantz to daughter who believes she is under a good doctor’s care, and regarding friends, visit and illnesses. 7th 1864.

From Samuel Frantz to daughter regarding Susan Miller’s sale and that he will bring her things Thursday or Friday. 22th 1864.

From M. B. Peifer in Salunga regarding meeting plans. 10 May 1865.

From A. Lehman in Hagerstown stating that Samuel now well and misses father in many ways. 17 August 1866.

From S. O. Frantz to S. A. Frantz with envelope postmarked Watkins, New York, at Lake View House, on way to Niagara.  7 August 1878.

From S. O. Frantz to Aunt S. A. Frantz reporting that they have an elevator and fine band there, were at the falls, travelling next to Rochester and taking a steamer to Montreal. With Niagara Falls envelope. 8 August 1878.

From S. O. Frantz to aunt from Montreal. Left Oswego by boat, much seasickness, terrible racket aboard when 150 barrels of apples toppled on deck, and future travel plans. 11 August 1878.

From S. O. Frantz to aunt from Alexandria Bay, New York, regarding travel plans and seeing Mr. Johnson and Mr. Coldren. 16 August 1878.


Folder 25 Incomplete Letters, Some With Names, Places and Dates. These items were stored in Box #3424.

To respected and beloved cousin from Hempfield regarding love, matchmaking and boyfriend. 29 February 1852.

To cousin from Longmeadows reporting that Cousin Henry Witmer visited, Sammy Stoner and Jacob Lehman preached, there is much confusion about the rebels, and news about the Civil War. 17 October 1862.

To Cousin Sallie regarding the rebel invasion and much company, includingUncle Frank Groff, Frantz cousins, and Aunt Betsy and cousins, as well as getting to Carlisle and expecting to be in Lancaster. 14 June 1863 and 17 July 1863.

To Miss Sarah Frantz regarding an enjoyable visit, Larry Christman, and the meeting and singing that evening. 19 December 1863.

To Miss Mary Lehman. One incomplete sentence. 14 May 1864.

To Mr. W. W. Frantz from DeGraff, Ohio about arriving home safely and squirrel hunting and mentioning that the grapes are ripe. (bottom of letter torn) 24 September 1878.

50 East Chestnut St. (corner of page only)

To Sallie from sender in Mt. Tabor who would like to meet Sallie. (partial) August 10.

Christie A. Funk. Expressing sympathy for your suffering. No date.

Two page resume naming many relatives and  people visited in Columbia, Gettysburg, Shippensburg, the nunnery, Bridgeville and Harrisburg. October 20.

From Mahala S. Wallick with news of the war, and regarding photographic images and flower seed. (partial) No date.

From H. A. Dommy in Stark County, Ohio in response to ill feelings. No date.

To Sarah A. Frantz from B. A. Lehman stating that there was no draft in Lehman’s county, brother Crist is in the mill, Abraham is teaching and Samuel is at Garver’s; 5,000 soldiers camped at Hoffman’s and sister baked all day and night for them until the flour was gone. (partial)

To Cousin Lizzie from Martin [ ___ ] in Millport about building a sawmill and meeting with good looking ladies, and reporting that Andrew Frantz married and Levi Watts and his wife visited. (partly illegible) [6 June 1856]


Folder 26 Frantz Family Papers, 1858-1929. These items were stored in Box #3422.

Insert 1 Two press passes for S. O. and Mrs. Frantz for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. [1893]

Three Pennsylvania Railroad passes for S. O. Frantz. 1899, 1900, 1902.

Pasted-over photographic image with a verse from Uncle Willis and an attached heart trinket. 25 December 1900.

B. F. Heistand receipt to S. O. Frantz for interest on a dower on a farm in East Hempfield Twp. Lancaster. 3 April 1888.

Invoice from Robert P. Antes’ cafe to O. S. Frantz per daughter for damage caused by the flight of a chicken inside the restaurant. Lancaster. 21 December 1909.

Three letters between S. O. Frantz and the Lancaster Trust Co. regarding a default on a mortgage agreement. 7 August 1929, 12 August 1929, 28 August 1929.

Palm Sunday bulletin from Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster.

Insert 2 The Eastern Dealer In Implements & Vehicles. Vol. 2, No. 15. Text and photographic image honoring S. O. Frantz. Philadelphia. 1 October 1908.

Insert 3 Letter to Mrs. S. O. Frantz. Unsigned but appears to be from her young son. Mentions gifts brought back from Lancaster, having rabbit for dinner, and grandfather selling tobacco. Fertility, PA. 1891. Envelope has the return address of I. H. Weaver, dealer in leaf tobacco, Lancaster.

Insert 4 Letter to brother from Sam. (2 pages) 24 October 1907.

Funeral notice for Abraham Frantz Hostetter, Esq. Oregon, PA. 15 June 1911.

Letter to Myrtle from mother in Fortress Monroe, Virginia. With envelope. 10 July 1915.


Folder 27 Envelopes that could not be matched to the letters in the above folders. These items were stored in Box #3424.



Box 2

Folder 28 Autograph album of Eliza Ann Frantz. Leather bound “Scriptural Album With Floral Illustrations.” Inscribed. 1850-1855. This item was labeled #1269.

Folder 29 Album of Clara S. Fondersmith, leather bound, entitled “Leaves of Affection”. One loose page and a separate two-page insertion. 1857-1861. This item was labeled #1670.


Folder 30 Restricted—Please make appointment with the Director of Archival Services to view this item. Manuscript Music Book from Ephrata Cloister. This is a hand-sewn manuscript in fragile condition, containing the musical scores to Ephrata hymns No date. This item was labeled #2923.


Folder 31 Valentine inscribed for “Papa & Mama”. No date. This item was stored in Box #3424.


Folder 32 “Common School Almanac”, an almanac for students and teachers, by J. Orville Taylor. 1842. This item was labeled #1417.


Folder 33 Items found in Rupp’s History of Lancaster County. These items were labeled #1371 or 1372.

The history was owned by George Hambright and in it were the following:

Broadside by W. Simpson & Sons, Philadelphia

Two pencil sketches, one torn

Ribbon bookmark with embroidery on paper

Reward of merit to G. W. Hambright from B. F. Johnson

Christmas card

Decorative card for S. Cohen & Bros. Shoe Store, Columbia, PA

Sketch of a pattern for “THE SLEIGHING SKIRT”

Decorative card of Mrs. L. R. Selvert, Spring Millinery and Fancy Goods, Lancaster, PA

News item with McGrady-Rutter marriage and Eberly, Stehman, Sturgis, Barthomew and Landis deaths


Folder 34 Four booklets as follows: These items were stored in Box #3424.

Newsprint catalog, Kendall & Co., advertizing books. No date.

“Prayer for Your Pastor,” American Tract Society. No date.

J. Woodside’s “Songster”. Lancaster. 1871.

“How to Cook,” by J. Wilson Brown. Baltimore, Maryland. No date.


Folder 35 Autograph album of S. O. Frantz. 1877. This item was labeled #1310.


Folder 36 Autograph album of Sarah Ann Frantz. 1852-1860. This item was labeled #247.


Folder 37 Elizabeth Ann Frantz diary for 1 January – 21 December 1858. This item was stored in Box #3422.


Folder 38 John M. Stehman’s diaries. 1857 and 1865.


Folder 39 Diaries by unknown author. 1872 and 1873.


Folder 40 Diaries by unknown author. 1874 and 1875.


Folder 41 Diaries by unknown author. The 1877 diary contains a recipe for ointment on a slip of paper. 1876 and 1877.


Folder 42

Insert 1 Autograph album of Emma L. Weaver. 1857-1861. This item was labeled #1377.

Insert 2 Letters of condolence for the deaths of Henry S. and Elizabeth Frantz and a bookmark in the form of a rose.