Trinity Lutheran Church of Lancaster Collection, 1905-1930

Call number:  MG-215

1 box     6 folders     .25 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 5

Description:  Collection consists of a book of notes by Mrs. C. N. McHose, Pageant Mistress of Old Trinity’s celebration. Includes meeting notes, committees and members, narrative historical personages, church history, correspondence, playlet, pictures, and information about Martin Luther, talks and papers, script, and sheet music.

Creator:  Trinity Lutheran Church (Lancaster, Pa.); McHose, Mrs. C. N.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Source unknown.


Folder 1 Notebook on “Old Trinity’s Pageant”, beginning in 1922. Includes plans, committees, an outline of historical scenes, narrative and selected hymn pages.

Prologue and Scene 1 – “Old Trinity” in pictures, narrative and song. Years 1683-1722; Hickory Town 240 years ago; Indian, Chief, children, squaws, Indian music and wigwams.

Scene 2 – Tavern, hickory sign; tree; English flag; sturdy, courageous settlers of German birth; Lutheran faith; Irish; Indians; French and others; James Hamilton; hymn – page 493.

Scene 3 – 1729 – Founding of Trinity Lutheran Church in 1730; interior of rustic cabin. Missionary Stoever appears; Colonial flag; baptism of children; hymn – page 175.

Scene 4 – 1734 – Narrative: Religion and education; basic education provided by the church for English, Irish and German Lutheran children. Interior school room; first teacher, Jacob Loeser, assembled children; catechism; hymns, page 561 and page 563.

Scene 5 – 1736 – Narrative: Missionary Stoever becomes first permanent Pastor of Trinity Church; pews and collection baskets added; an hour glass of one hour and thirty minutes added [exact duration of the sermon]; church and school house erected; church interior with pews, collection baskets; hour glass. Pastor Stoever. Music – page 243.

Scene 6 – 1738-1748 – Narrative: church history and organization. Out-of-doors scene, farmer in fields and Indians attacking. Horse hooves heard; enter two Deacons with lanterns.

Scene 7 – 1743-1748 – Pastor Muhlenberg joins the two Deacons.

Scene 8 – 1766 – Procession to new edifice, dedication service. Pastors, vestrymen, Sunday School children, church members [male & female]. Hymn – page 142.

List of Historical Personages for silhouettes and tableaux:

1771 – First pipe organ.

1774 – Adam Simon Kuhn – Comm. of Correspondence during the Revolution.

1778 – Thos. Wharton, Jr., Pres. of Supreme Executive Council of PA.

1787 – Henry E. Muhlenberg. Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church. Botanist, First President of Franklin and Marshall College.

1794 – Tower & spire completed. [Original ball-bearing device].

1800 – Thomas Mifflin, First Governor of PA

1822 – Dr. Christian L.F. Endress, Trinity Pastor and First President of first public School Board.


Folder 2 Correspondence concerning the Pageant, addressed to Mrs. C. N. McHose, 205 West Chestnut St., Lancaster, PA. Also a leather postcard sent from York, Pa. to Miss Katie Erisman, 379 West Orange Street, Lancaster, Pa. depicting Indian Homes [Message on picture in ink and small handwriting “Am dreaming of the old farm tonight”, signed Wilmer] Postmarked May 10, 1905.

Folder 3 A playlet about Old Trinity’s Sunday School and St. John’s, Grace, Advent, Christ, Ascension, depicting Old Trinity as the Mother Sunday School. Title: “A Leaf from the Family Album”. Also a paper on Sacred Music prepared by Mrs. C.N. McHose.

Folder 4 Paper on “The Value of Music in the Public Schools of Our Commonwealth:, presumably written by Mrs. Mc Host. Also paper on “Woman’s Work” [Emanuel Church]. Memory sheet – Superintendent Intermediate Department of Trinity Lutheran Sunday School, Christmas Program 1914, Intermediate Department. Paper on Oriental Music; October 19, 1930 newspaper article in The Sunday News concerning Bicentennial of Trinity Lutheran Church – history of congregation. Other Sunday School items. Photocopy of newspaper item by Eleanor J. Fulton, 1745 – Lutheran minister joined the Moravians.

Folder 5 Several pieces of old music; carols and others.

Folder 6 Pictures of Martin Luther and information and questions concerning his life and teachings.