Wheatland, Klein Collection, 1857-1975

Call number:  MG-97

2 boxes     27 folders     .75 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 3

Description:  Contains materials Philip Klein used to write his book, The Story of Wheatland. Included are postcards, copper plate for producing Wheatland postcards, original letters, newspaper articles, correspondence, correspondence from W. W. Greist, genealogical material on the Buchanan family, Dr. Klein’s research correspondence 1963-1975, and newspaper clippings gathered by George Willson and Mary Rettew.

Creator:  Klein, Philip Shriver, b. 1909.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  This collection was donated to the Lancaster County Historical Society by Philip S. Klein in December of 1982. It is his personal accumulation of materials used in writing his book called The Story of Wheatland.


Box 1

Folder 1 Prints of Wheatland from Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. 1857.
Folder 2 17 postcards of Wheatland and James Buchanan. No date.
Folder 3 Copper plate of Wheatland used for postcards and 7 postcards of Wheatland when owned by George B. Willson, 1884.
Folder 4 Two original letters from Harriet Jane Johnston. Signature. 1871,1899.
Folder 5 Original letter from Adele Buchanan to George B. Willson, 1922.
Folder 6 Two original letters to W. U. Hensel regarding Hetty Parker’s death. (4 letters), 1899.
Folder 7 Letters from Adele Buchanan Robb mostly to Miss Mary Willson Rettew. (5 letters, one name card, and 3 envelopes), 1933,1934.
Folder 8 Letter from William H. Taft to George B. Willson, 1919. Signature William H. Taft. 1919.
Folder 9 Letters to George B. Willson Two from W. W. Griest, one from John S. Fisher and one from W. W. Newberry (4 letters and 1 envelop), 1917-1924.
Folder 10 Correspondence related to Wheatland and Buchanan and a biographical sketch of William Erigena Robinson, Journalist from County Tyrone, Ireland. 1814-1892, 1917, 1927, 1929.

Folder 11 Newspaper clippings, “Wheatland Willed to Mary Rettew,” 1929.
Folder 12 Mary Rettew’s booklet of envelopes that contained newspaper clippings which have been removed, photocopied, and kept in the folder with the booklet. 1904-1917.
Folder 13 Newspaper clippings of Wheatland. 1884-1931.
Folder 14 James Buchanan and his Mercersburg connection. Poor photocopy of document appointing W. G. Price of USA, as noted by Prof. Klein, plus a print copy of a photograph of Buchanan. 1911.
Folder 15 James Buchanan Memorials. Brochures, letters, and dedication programs. (7 items). 1918-1930.
Folder 16 Magazine. The Lancaster Motorist, with picture of Wheatland on cover. April 1926.
Folder 17 W. W. Griest sent Congressional Record to George B. Willson with transmittal letter. 1918.
Folder 18 Print picture of George Washington’s Masonic apron presented by Brother Lafayette. Two small 1913 card calendars of Martha and George Washington with brief biography of each on back. (3)
Folder 19 Genealogy of Buchanan family .
Folder 20 Dr. Reginald Buchanan Henry’s Buchanan/Lane genealogical chart. 1963.
Folder 21 The research correspondence of Dr. Philip S. Klein. 1963-1975.


Box 2

Folder 22 Newspaper clippings of Buchanan and Wheatland. 1892-1929.
Folder 23 Newspaper clippings of Buchanan and Wheatland. 1905 to 1929
Folder 24 Newspaper clippings collected by George Willson and Mary Rettew. 1884-1034.
Folder 25 Newspaper clippings of various houses. 1928.
Folder 26 Poem by L. K. Nissley, “Past, Present and Future,” about Lancaster and Wheatland.
Folder 27 Brochure of Wheatland. 1938. Cancelled stamp of Wheatland, First Day of Issue, August 5, 1956.