Woerner: Helen Buckwalter Woerner Family Papers, 1798-1939

Call Number: MG-720

2 boxes     46 folders and rolled map     2 cubic ft.

Repository: LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 15

Description: This collection contains the family papers of Helen Buckwalter Woerner from 1798-1939 including, deeds, farm inventories, public sale posters, estate papers and contracts. Some items of interest are the deeds, public sale documents and a Campbell’s Soup Company contract for tomato growing. The item outside of the box is a rolled map that shows the site master plan for the Lancaster Airport that was built on this family’s farm land.

Creator: Woerner family.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Gift of George Woerner, in memory of Helen Buckwalter Woerner, 13 May 2014.

Administrative History: Processed and finding aid prepared by EH, Fall 2014.


Folder 1 Henry Buckwalter.1849-1880. 3 items. A green book detailing what Henry gave each of his children throughout his lifetime including money and possessions such as live stock and house furniture; an inventory page of the estate of Henry after his death; and the distribution of account balance to heirs.

Folder 2 Abraham Kreider. 1861. The account of David Weidman and George Sahm, executors of Abraham Kreider’s last will and testament. Details what was paid to the heirs in terms of money and property and when.

Folder 3 George Sahm. 1866-1875. 3 items. The last will and testament of George Sahm, inventory of the deceased George Sahm and, the account of David and Henry Sahm, executors of George Sahm’s last will and testament. This final piece details what was paid to the heirs in terms of money and property and when.

Folder 4 Elizabeth Heidman. 1889. The account of David Joseph Buckwalter and Jacob Newcomer, executors of Abraham Kreider’s last will and testament. Details what was paid to the heirs in terms of money and property and when.

Folder 5 Christian Frank. 1889-1890. 2 items. The first item is the exemplification of the sale of Christian Frank’s real estate after his demise to pay debts. The second item is the conditions of sale from the public auction of Christian’s land at which Joseph Buckwalter purchased the property for $14,300.82.

Folder 6 Maria Bassler. 1889-1892. 3 items. Two of these items are trust books kept by Joseph Buckwalter for Maria Bassler. The third item is a declaration from the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County stating that Maria Bassler had been declared a lunatic and Joseph Buckwalter had been appointed committee instead of Elias Bomgardener.

Folder 7 Eliza G Sahm. 1896-1910. 4 items. A deed to a cemetery plot in the Manheim Fairview Cemetery, the last will and testament of Eliza, the account of Hiram Buckwalter and Daniel Breitigan as executors of Eliza’s will, and the last item, an acknowledgement from all heirs of their inheritance.

Folder 8. Eliza G Sahm. 1910-1911. 5 items. Two of these items are the collateral inheritance tax receipts from Hiram Buckwalter for the payment owed from inheritances from Eliza. Two more copies of the account of Hiram and Daniel, the executors are in this file as well. Also an account book from Hiram Buckwalter with signatures and receipts from each of the people that received something from Eliza’s estate and when they received it.

Folder 9 Henry G Sahm. 1910. 2 items. A copy of the adjudication of the last will and testament of Henry Sahm stating that all his remaining estate, personal and mixed should be sold quickly upon his death. This document names Levi Sahm and Hiram Buckwalter as the executors of the will. Half of the estate was to go to Barbara Buckwalter and the other half to go to Levi Sahm. In the second document, it formalized that the debt had been paid to these parties by the executors.

Folder 10 Levi G Sahm. 1910-1926. 7 items. The first account, first and final account, and the second and final account of Hiram Buckwalter, guardian of Menno and Aaron L. Sahm, minors of the late Levi Sahm.   The first account is of the guardianship of Aaron and the final account is the guardianship of Menno Sahm. Both of these detail that Lizzie Sahm will care for these two young boys and will be compensated. Two items are copies of the adjudication of the last will and testament of Levi Sahm. One states that Menno came of age (21 years old) in August of 1920 and was paid $5259.23 by Hiram. The second, that Aaron Sahm became of age in March of 1925 and received $4445.65 from his guardian and executor of Levi’s estate, Hiram. An official signed letter from Menno declares that he is of age and has received his inheritance from Hiram. The final item is from Lizzie Sahm acknowledging that she has received payment for the care of the children.

Folder 11 Hiram Buckwalter. 1926-1930. 9 items. One is a single page for the account of Ivan, Harry and Elam Buckwalter, executors of Hiram Buckwalter’s last will and testament. The letters of administration release the estate to Ivan, Harry and Elam to distribute accordingly. Two pages are copies of the burial expense for Hiram from Ralph. M Spacht. There is a small paper that states that the letters of administration of the estate of Hiram Buckwalter were granted to Ivan, Harry, and Elam Buckwalter. A real estate sale agreement between Hiram and wife Barbara Buckwalter to Stella and Harry Buckwalter. The real estate sale includes a check to N.S. Myers, the broker. Conditions of sale from a public auction of one of Hiram’s properties that included a 1.5 story bungalow, its contents and a Ford Coupe. This part of the estate was purchased by Amos Peifer. A second Conditions of sale from public auction of another of Hiram’s properties that included a farm with the house, out buildings, and all land. This was sold to Daniel Buckwalter. A third Conditions of sale of a warehouse owned by Hiram was sold to David M. Witmer.

Folder 12 Hiram Buckwalter. 1930. 6 items. The first and partial account, two copies of the first and final account, two copies of the second and final account are the first 5 documents and detail the payments made to the heirs of Hiram. A letter from the Lancaster Trust Company is the final document and it states that Hiram’s executors paid $16,191.92 for a claim against Hiram’s estate.

Folder 13 Aaron. L Sahm. 1931. 1 item. A letter of exceptions to the account of the executors of Hiram’s will that the accountants did not account for the entire amount of the fund held by Hiram as Aaron’s legal guardian and need to pay the full $4445.65 owed. It is interesting to also note that Aaron is listed as a “weak-minded person.”

Folder 14 Deed. 1798. 1 item. 274 acres of land to Christian Stauffer and wife in Warwick Township. Payment of 1,530 pounds for property. Signed and sealed. Wax seals have deteriorated significantly but, ribbons still survive.

Folder 15 Deed.1813. 1 item.   10 acres of land to Henry Bernhard from George and Anne Dutt for 200 pounds and 5 shillings. Ribbons and wax seals are both in exceptional condition.

Folder 16 Deed. 1823. 1 item. 108 acres and 15 perches of land in Warwick Township from Ann Eberle to Peter Cross for $1,621.35.

Folder 17 Deed. 1837.   1 item. This deed is very faded and the parchment stained making the writings difficult to read. The land is sold to Christian Kreiter by Phillip Fulmer for $450. It appears that the land may be in Warwick Township.

Folder 18 Deed. 1859. 1 item. 114 perches of land in Penn Township from Andrew Hackman to George Dutt for $114.

Folder 19 Deed. 1863. 1 item. 10 acres of land in Warwick Township from Daniel Shriner and Benjamin Ritter, assignees of Thomas and Maria Masterson, to Christian Franck for $3,300.

Folder 20 Deed. 1874. 1 item. 90 perches and a 2 story brick house in West Lampeter Township from Henry Burkholder to Martha, Veronica, Rebecca and Ann Burkholder for $168.75.

Folder 21 Deed. 1883. 1 item. 4 acres of land in Manheim Township from Abraham Huber and wife to Samuel Myers for $1,300.

Folder 22 Deed. 1919. 1 item.   4 acres and a 2 story frame house in Neffsville from Loretta Jane Nolly and husband to Hiram Buckwalter for $5,000.

Folder 23 Deed. 1925. 1 item. 2 and one half frame house and lot in between Neffsville and East Petersburg from Levi Landis to Hiram Buckwalter for $3,133.94.

Folder 24 Land Map Draft. Date unknown. 1 item. 10 acres neat in Warwick Township granted by George Drutt to his son-in-law Henry Bernhardy.

Folder 25 Land Map. 1857. 1 item. 105 acres and 40 perches of land in Manheim Township. Henry Buckwalter.

Folder 26 Telephone Line Map and Agreement. 1912. 1 item. The map shows the lines of Kissel Hill Rural Telephone Company in Warwick Township and the agreement is a contract to American Union Telephone Company and Kissel Hill.

Folder 27 Stock Papers. 1913-1930. 6 items. The first two certificates are stocks for the Phoenix Water Power Company in 1913 for 100 shares and 25 shares each. There is a letter from the Phoenix Water Power Company reiterating that the output of their new plant goes entirely to the Reading Transit and Light Company and they are seeking funding to pay the balance on the machinery. A stock for 10 shares or $100,000 capital stock from Lancaster Abattoir Company and two shares or $25,000 capital for the Farmers Market Company of Lancaster, PA. A letter from M. M. Harnish stating that 2 shares of stock of the Lancaster Famers Market Company are transferred to Hiram Buckwalter. All of these stocks and letters are addressed to Hiram Buckwalter.

Folder 28 Lease Agreement. 1878. 1 item. Joseph Buckwalter is allowing his mother and father the use of his land and part of his house for the rest of their lives.

Folder 29 Property Conditions of Sale. 1921. 1 item. The conditions of a public sale of a property to [Zeno Fory] for $3,200.

Folder 30 Livestock Sale Agreement. 1933. 3 items. Elam Buckwalter’s purchase of 7 steers weighing 5745 lbs for a total cost of $224.05 from W. M. Dunlap. The second item is a copy of the pruchase agreement and the other is the envelope.

Folder 31 Loan Agreements. 1934. 1 item. This folder contains a packet of information from the Federal Land Bank of Baltimore. There is a smaller piece of paper that reminds farmers that the Farm Debt Adjustment Committee does not charge farmers and that they should not accept other services to adjust debts and gain debts. The packet breaks down the loans and what the debt these loans will be put towards paying. Also included is the Creditors Agreement at the back of the packet.

Folder 32 Motor Vehicle Title. 1929. 1 item. The title for a Ford Coupe to Hiram Buckwalter.

Folder 33 Sale Posters. 1909-1910. 2 items. One is a larger poster of a public auction that took place on Saturday October 9th, 1909. The poster itself is in a deteriorated condition with considerable tears and pieces missing along the fold lines. Also on the back, blank side is some postage as if this were mailed. The poster advertises three different sales. One is a farm with house, barn and other related buildings, a second is a house with a small orchard, and the third is a tract of land. All of these properties were Levi Sahms before his death. The smaller poster is in much better condition with the exception of a missing corner. The poster advertises the public sale of a small farm with an orchard and farm related buildings and stable along with the farm house. The date of the sale was October 22, 1910 and the land was Eliza Sahms.

Folder 34 Fire Insurance Papers. 1893-1939. 3 items. The insurance papers from 1893 are for Henry G Sahm and they detail the sizes of his house, pig sty, summer house and bank barn that are to be insured for a total of $2540. In 1905, the tobacco shed was added to the insurance for a value of $60. The other insurance paper is from 1895 and is the detail of Peter Hollersten. He has on his policy, a house and the contents, a stable and the contents, a chicken house, pig sty and, corn crib and the contents for all of those insured at $1265. The final item is in two pieces, a letter and the envelope. The letter is a notice that the tax for the Mount Joy Township Mutual Fire Insurance Company is due on November 1, 1939 at a cost of $6.90.

Folder 35 Insurance Renewal Receipt. 1929. 1 item. Simply a slip from Isaac and Walter Herr stating that Hiram Buckwalter’s insurance was renewed in the value of $2000 for a cost of $6.40.

Folder 36 Crop Insurance Receipt. 1938. 1 item. This item is a letter and the envelope. The crop insured is 156 net bushels of a type of soft red wheat for a cost of $2.60 to Elam Buckwalter.

Folder 37 Farm Inventory. Date Unknown. 1 item. A small bound booklet containing mostly quantities and costs of hens and roosters. Some pages contain other domestic expenses and it looks like a child got a hold of the book at some point in time based on the drawings and writings covering many of the pages.

Folder 38 Campbell’s Soup Contract. 1939. 1 item. A very long, and detailed contract for the growing of Campbell’s Soup tomatoes. This details the process of harvesting and calculating of weights, payments and the quality that needs to be maintained in order to receive payment. It also states how many acres, between 6-7 exactly in this case, the farmer may grow the tomatoes on and that they may not grow any other tomato but the seeds provided by Campbell’s during this season.

Folder 39 Purchase Records. 1868. 1 item. A very small brown booklet containing mostly crossed out and illegible (due to ink bleeding) purchases by Henry Snyder. Details the date purchased, the item and the cost.

Folder 40 Purchase Records. 1880. 2 items. Another small brown booklet, this time an H.S. Eberly with a H. B. Snyder are detailing their purchases. On one side it is Eberly with Snyder and the opposite side is Snyder with Eberly. Whichever name comes first on a certain side, is the person that the following pages in that orientation will document. Again, the ink has bled and the pages crossed out but, the writing is much more legible than the 1868 record. The other item is a composition book with letter tabs on the right side. These tabs are like an address book in which buyers are organized by their last names according to these tabs. Under the names is a list of items purchased. This could be a log of a store documenting customer purchases.

Folder 41 Auction Account. Date unknown. There are 37 pages to this one item. Each one with the name of the buyer, the item(s) bought and the price that they paid. These go in order of the auction and are numbered as such.

Folder 42 Promise of Payment. 1912. 1 item. The promise of payment of $550 to Hiram Buckwalter 90 days after the written date from another Buckwalter. The first initial is difficult to discern.

Folder 43 Prothonotary Receipt. 1926. 1 item. A letter and envelope. The letter is a receipt for $23.5 for an appointment for Hiram Buckwalter as the guardian of Aaron Sahm with Frank Hartman.

Folder 44 Payment and Letter. 1928. 1 item. There are three pieces to the item. The letter, check and envelope. The check is to Hiram Buckwalter for $200 dollars. The letter from John Heiland of the Leaf Tobacco Company explains that this is the best he can do for the moment but hopes to pay the rest of a bill in the future.

Folder 45 Bank Documents. 1897-1912. 1 item. This item is a pouch containing approximately 57 pieces of bank documents including checks, check books, and receipts.

Folder 46 Letters and Bank Notes-Lancaster Trust and Co. 1931. 1 item. 2 letters and one punched paid check. Both letters were sent to an M. M. Harnish, the first from John Ruth, president, and the second by Fred Homsher, the Vice President of Lancaster Trust and Co. Ruth’s letter is from the 31st of July stating that he has received a letter from Harnish and is returning a letter addressed to Elam that will explain a situation that we do not know. The letter from Homsher is dated the 4th of August and encloses the check or cancelled judgement note of Hiram Buckwalter.

Rolled Map Outside of the box. Master Plan Map Lancaster Airport. Date unknown. The map details the airport as a whole including existing buildings to be removed and new ones to be built. 33 buildings are to be removed from the property, 6 of which do not get removed until after ENE runway ILS is installed. 14 existing buildings are to remain, and 4 new buildings are to be built. There is a note to remove all roads between the new entrance and county road. There are two new runways that are within the “X” shape of the new land acquisitions. A ENE-WSW runway and a WNW-ESE runway are to be installed as well as a new taxiway #2 and access road.