Yeates, Aungst Collection,1765-1810

Call number:  MG-206

1 box     3 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 4

Description:  Collection provides insight into the Yeates, Shippen, and Burd families, local social history, and details of legal business from 1765-1810. Consists mainly of business correspondence and legal documents. Provides good insight into 18th century legal issues. Includes correspondence, photocopy of account of purchases, receipts, impression of the Burd family coat of arms, bail bonds, and a one shilling note.   

Creators:  Yeates, Jasper; Yeates, Sarah; Yeates family; Shippen family; Burd family.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of John Aungst.

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Folder 1

1a. Letter from Jasper Yeates to John Yeates (father), Lancaster to Vienna, Maryland, dated April 8, 1765. Topics include the situation of John Yeates as customs officer for the Crown and the seizure of a vessel whose captain was attempting to land goods illegally, a trial for seizure of a vessel in Annapolis, and a description of Jasper Yeates’ situation as clerk for Edward Shippen and an ‘affair at Sideling Hill which brought the governor to Carlisle.

1b. Typed transcript of letter 1a.

2. Letter from Amos Strettells to Edward Shippen, Philadelphia to Lancaster, dated May 25, 1769. Concerning a James Smith coppersmith of Lancaster who purchased materials to carry out his business from the writer of the letter. Money is owed, by Smith to Strettells and Strettells wishes the assistance of Shippen to collect all or part of the debt.

3a. Letter from Jasper Yeates to Mrs. Sally Yeates, from Carlisle to Lancaster, dated May 22, 1769. Brief account of Yeates’ business in Lancaster and a paragraph of personal greeting to Sally Yeates and the family.

3b. Drawing, printed, of J. Yeates. Names of Max Rosenthal and L. N. Rosenthal Phila., are at the bottom of the picture.

4. Receipt, on the back of a portion of another document. Signed by Edward Burd. Acknowledges receipt of thirty shillings as fee in the action involving Jacob Hildebrand.

5. Letter from Jasper Yeates to Edward Burd, from Lancaster to Tinian, dated Dec. 19, 1777. Jasper Yeates made payment to John Hollingworth on Edward Burd’s behalf. Yeates purchased chocolate and tea and is trying to sell the waistcoat of Burd.

6. Photocopy, an accounting of purchases. Lists dates and amounts of oats, turnips, potatoes, hay, and pork purchased by Jasper Yeates from Sept. 1786 to Nov. 1791. Payment was made by Yeates and receipt authorized by Edward Hand.

7. Receipt. Signed by Elisha Regg, dated Jan 15, 1793. Monies paid by Mrs. Sarah Yeates on behalf of William A. Atlee.

8. Letter from Joseph Shippen to Jasper Yeates, from Plumley to Lancaster, dated April 9, 1800. Concerns the house in Lancaster, which Shippen owns and for which Yeates has secured a tenant. Shippen laments his experience with the previous tenant and the high cost of repairs and improvements.

9. Letter from Edward Burd to Jasper Yeates, dated May 1806. Business matters. 10a. Letter from Jasper Yeates to Edward S. Burd (nephew). Dated July 27, [    ]. About the enclosed engraving and impression of the family coat of arms. Business and family matters.

10b. Impression. Burd family coat of arms.


Folder 2

1. Receipt signed by John Barr, Sheriff. May term 1767, lists fees of Joseph Swift and William McCulloch. February term 1767 lists fees of Jacob Aby and William Sewright, Michael Greides and Charles Snyder, Jacob Hinkle and Michael Horner. Jasper Yeates advanced the fees and retained the receipt.

2. Bail bond citing George Townshend and Thomas Porter as bound to James Webb, sheriff. Case concerns a trespass. Signed by Townshend, Porter, John Hollingsworth, William [Millon], John Hubley, James Webb and J. Yeates. Document dated Dec. 1, 1767.

3. Bail bond citing Valentine Spangler and Daniel Stoufer as bound to Fredrick Stone, sheriff. Case concerns a trespass. Signed by Spangler, Stoufer, Jacob Steigel, Fredrick Stone, John Hollingsworth, J. Ewing. Document dated July 27, 1771.

4. One shilling note. Cites Act of General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed April 3, 1772. Signed by Joel Evans, Adm Hubley, Jn. Mifflin.

5. Note citing case of Kister versus Neuman, Michael Bright, signed by Edward Biddle, directed to J. Yeates. Notes on back of document written by Jasper Yeates.

6. Letter. James Work to Jasper Yeates, from Donigal to Lancaster, dated Dec. 23, 1774. Concerns the election of Bartram Galbreath and Alexander Lowrey, as a committee for the township. Requests Yeates to mention the names of these gentlemen in conjunction with those of the other townships.

7. Note. Caleb Coope to Jasper Yeates, from Lancaster to York, dated Jan. 29, 1775. Informs Yeates of a threat to the laws of a civilized and Christian Government and requests assistance of Yeates as counsel.

8. Note. James Cunningham to Jasper Yeates, MountJoy to destination unknown, dated July 8, 1782. Business matter between the two.

9. Note of authorization by Joshua Pusey and Deborah to Jasper Yeates, and written by him. Dated June 21, 1785. Concerning the sale of real estate. Testified to and signed by Andrew Dunlop.

10. Receipts (4 on 1/2 sheet of paper) of debts recovered by Jasper Yeates signed by the following four receipients: Joseph Smith, James Bickham, Brice Clark, Moses Irwin. Dated Jan. & Feb. 1785.


Folder 3

1. Receipt for two hundred dollars collected on the estate of William Hamilton, dated in Philadelphia July 12, 1786, signed by Thomas Parke.

2. Note to Mr. Yeates accompanying the return of a letter from Wm. Peters. Note is unsigned and undated.

3. Photocopy of a letter. W. Bradford to Jasper Yeates, Philadelphia to Lancaster, dated Jan. 4. 1789. Legal business.

4a. Letter from George Ross to Jasper Yeates, Philadelphia to Lancaster, dated Dec. 3, 1789. Concerns Ross’ sudden departure for Philadelphia and some business with respect to property and Mr. Hamilton.

4b. Letter. Handwritten copy of 4a.

5. Note from Paul Zantzinger to Jasper Yeates, dated Dec. 27, 1789. Indicates three copies of documents have been enclosed.

6. Four receipts of payment. Payee Jasper Yeates; to J. Montgomery, dated Feb. 17, 1790; to Andrew Graydon, dated Feb. 18, 1790; to John A. Hanna, dated Feb. 18, 1790; to Thomas Edwards, dated Feb. 23, 1790.

7. Copy of letter for Jasper Yeates, written by Thomas Hartley from York Town, dated June 19, 1794. Legal business case of Hamilton McGinnes against William Bailey.

8. Letter from Thomas Smith to Jasper Yeates, Philadelphia to Lancaster, dated May 6, 1806. Concerns a matter of a deed in dispute which was made before 1775, and seeks Yeates advice.

9. Note from Richard Rush to Jasper Yeates, Philadelphia to Lancaster, dated Nov. 13, 1809. Note was sent with a publication of Rush’s “thoughts upon our Judiciary”.

10. Receipt of payment to Jasper Yeates for expenses for the December term and March term of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, dated April 3, 1810. Yeates received $96.00 for 24 days. Receipt signed by Yeates, approved by Wm Findley, settled and entered by George Bryan.