YMCA, YWCA Records, 1859-1961

Call number:  MG-319

1 box     19 folders     .25 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 8

Description:  Collection contains information about the YMCA and YWCA in Lancaster and the activities of each. Includes the constitution and by-laws published in 1859. Newsletters for both organizations outline services and classes offered, lecture series, meetings, and information about health and fitness. Brochures advertise Camp Shand and Camp Totem from 1947-1961. Several items list committee members and officers for the associations.

Creators:  Young Men’s Christian Associations (Lancaster, Pa.); Young Women’s Christian Associations (Lancaster, Pa.)

System of Arrangement:   Collection is divided into two series: 

Series 1  YMCA

Series 2  YWCA

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Items were collected by the Lancaster County Historical Society unless otherwise noted.


Series 1  YMCA

Folder 1  Constitution and By-laws, General Information

Insert 1  Constitution and By-laws of the Young Mens’ Christian Association, of Lancaster County, Pa.: Together with the Names of Members, and the First Annual Report of the President. Hiestand, Huber & Heckert, printers. Lancaster. 1859. Gift of Mrs. Charles B. Keller, daughter of the Lancaster YMCA’s first president. Date in pamphlet is 1 January 1933, date in accession records is 5 December 1947.

Insert 2  “Facts of Interest” for the Lancaster YMCA for 1913-1914.


Folder 2  YMCA Newsletters and Announcements

Insert 1  “Y.M.C.A. Prospectus, for the Fall and Winter of 1879-80, Lancaster, Pa.” The New Era Print.

Insert 2  Newsletter. “Your News.” Mentions centennial of service to the military. Articles dedicated to body builders and Camp Shand activities. Lancaster. Vol. 11, no. 8, April 1961.

Insert 3  Newsletters. “Boys News.” Outlines awards, Visitation Day, Camp Shand news and activities, and new faces. Classes and a trip to Philadelphia are listed. Lancaster. March 1961, May 1961.

Insert 4  Program listing Sunday Mass meetings for the 1927-1928 season. Martin Auditorium, Lancaster.

Insert 5  List of “so-ed” classes for men and women. Swimming, dancing, driving, investing, and advertising. Winter 1961.


Folder 3  YMCA 100th Anniversary

Insert 1  Program insert. Gold-colored paper with the Lancaster YMCA logo. “100th Anniversary 1954.”

Insert 2  Invitation to the 100th Anniversary dinner. Hotel Brunswick; Program for the anniversary dinner. Shows board members, trustees, staff, and the Centennial Committee. Timeline on the back. 18 November 1954.


Folder 4  YMCA Camp Shand and Camp Totem

Insert 1  Brochure for the 1st Annual Week of Camping for Young Men. Lancaster YMCA Summer Camp, Camp Shand, Carlisle. 18-23 August 1947; With application and information on cost, transportation, and medical examination.

Insert 2  Brochure advertising Camp Shand to individuals and families. Shows information on food service, facilities, entertainment, sports, and rates. No date.

Insert 3  Brochure on Camp Shand and Camp Totem for Boys’ Camp, Day Camp, and Family Camp. Information on campers’ insurance, health and safety, and physical requirements. With blank application. 1958.

Insert 4  Brochure for Camp Shand. “An influence for good that lasts a lifetime.” Shows activities, dates, and rates. 1961.

Insert 5  Brochure for Camp Totem, day camp for boys held at Buchmiller Park. Shows dates, schedule, activities, and fees. With blank application. 10 July to 19 August 1961.


Folder 5  YMCA Annual Meetings

Insert 1  Program for the Thirty-third Annual Convention State Young Men’s Christian Association of Pennsylvania. Held in Lancaster. 21-24 February 1901.

Insert 2  Annual meeting program. 13 January 1953.

Insert 3  Annual meeting program. 12 January 1956.       


Folder 6  Nineteenth annual report. 1888.


Folder 7  Anniversary Programs

Insert 1  Seventeenth anniversary program. 24 March 1887.

Insert 2  Nineteenth anniversary program. 14 February 1889.

Insert 3  Quarter-centennial anniversary program. 14 February 1895.


Folder 8  Brochure listing officers and committee members. Hugh R. Fulton, president. No date.

Folder 9  Open house invitation. Lists Reception Committee and program. Printed by New Era Print. 2 January 1893.

Folder 10  Professor R. Grant Barnwell’s Imperial Art Entertainments to benefit the YMCA. Held at the Court House on 7-8 January 1881 and 14-15 January 1881.


Folder 11  Prospectus of the New Building of the Young Men’s Christian Association, Lancaster, Pa. Answers questions about the location at North Queen Street and Orange Street; shows floor plan; highlights features of the association; shows a financial statement; outlines pledges, bequests, and gifts; and lists officers and directors. (2 copies) No date.

Program for the opening of the new building located at North Queen Street and Orange Street. Shows schedule of events for opening week, including Ziegler the Magician, an address by Governor William A. Stone, and a concert by the U.S. Indian Industrial School Band of Carlisle. 7-14 April 1901. “Opening Hymn,” written by James D. Law of Lancaster for 8 April 1901. Added to the collections in 1901.


Folder 12      Letter from E. S. Snyder and A. M. Breneman regarding the 9-Day Campaign for $100,000 to pay off the Lancaster YMCA’s debt and make improvements to the building. Letterhead of the 9-Day Campaign with members of the Citizens’ Committee of One Hundred and the Young Business Men’s Committee of One Hundred listed on the back. Lancaster. 1 June 1910.


Series 2  YWCA

Folder 1  Capital campaign brochure for the Lancaster YWCA. Contains statistics and anecdotal information. No date.


Folder 2  YWCA Annual Meetings

Insert 1  Annual meeting program and reports. 30 April 1956. Gift of Rev. Robert C. Batchelder, October 1956.

Annual meeting program and reports. 22 April 1958.

Insert 2  Annual meeting program and reports. 25 April 1957.


Folder 3  YWCA Newsletters and Programs

Insert 1  Newsletter. Schedule of swimming lessons and articles on National YWCA Week, board elections, and activities. Spring 1956.

Insert 2  Newsletters. Schedules of activities and meetings, articles, and sample ballot. October 1956, April 1958.

Insert 3  Programs for the Hanging of the Greens. Held at Shreiner Auditorium. Christmas celebration included hymns, candle lighting, and decorating the building. 9 December 1957, 8 December 1958.

Insert 4  Promotional pamphlets. Information about the YWCA, classes, activities, and list of board members. 1955-1956, September 1956-June 1957.

Insert 5  Promotional pamphlets. Information about the YWCA, classes, activities, and list of board members. 1957-1958, 1959-1960.

Insert 6  Newsletter. Schedule of swimming lessons and sports. Spring 1960.


Folder 4  Prospectus showing officers; calendar of holidays; and schedule of the Religious Department, Domestic Arts, Physical Training, and Clubs. 1906-1907. Card advertising an educational rally with an address by Dr. R. K. Buehrle. September 28.

Folder 5  Souvenir menu for the YWCA “Friendship Supper.” Contains lists of committee members and patrons; history of the YWCA in Lancaster; and advertisements for local businesses. 5-6 December 1895. Original is in poor condition, please use photocopy.



Folder 6  Kepler Lodge, Martic Forge—Summer camp of the Lancaster YWCA. Gift of Gary Hawbaker, 2011.


Pamphlet with information about the lodge, registration, location, cost and items to take. Miss Ruth Worrall, director and Miss Esther Lahti, head counselor. 1927.


Song sheet with the lyrics of seven songs.


Folder 7  Pamphlet for the Girl Reserves of the Lancaster YWCA with information about the club, programs offered, the insignia and ideals. Miss Ruth Worrall, secretary and Mrs. Douglas Franck, committee chair. No date. Gift of Gary Hawbaker, 2011.