Gone Fishin’

The Silver Hook Fishing Club shows off their catch, c. 1910. It’s that time of year again.  No, not just springtime.  That time of year when folks gather at their favorite stream, creek, pond or other favorite body of water and sit silently awaiting a nibble.  The tiniest of bites leading to that moment of frantic reeling and tugging, tugging and reeling, only to find you’ve caught some weeds.  That’s right, it’s fishing season in Pennsylvania.  Trout are newly stocked around the state and arguments ensue over whether Velveeta or nightcrawlers are the best bait.

It might also mean a nice long weekend in the woods, as seen here with the Silver Hook Fishing Club from around 1910 or so.  They’re obviously having a blast, as evidenced by the musical instruments and that stuffed dummy scattered around.  And they even managed to catch a few fish.  So get out your rods and reels and your creels and get out there and cast a line.  You never know what you might catch!

From PhotoBlog