Lancaster Suffragists Remembered

Lancaster Woman Suffrage Association

In November 1920, following ratification of the 19th Amendment in August of that year, women in Pennsylvania voted for the first time. Many from Lancaster participated in the effort through membership in the Lancaster Woman Suffrage Association. Recognizing the role of the Republican Party in supporting suffrage, nearly 1000 women met at the Brunswick Hotel on October 3, 1922 to form the Women’s Republican Club of Lancaster, the oldest such club in the state and celebrating its 100th anniversary this fall.

Woman’s Suffrage Party of Lancaster County

Many from Lancaster played a crucial roll in embracing women’s suffrage including Congressman W.W. Griest and Mary B. Herr. Herr served as the first chair of The Woman’s Suffrage Party of Lancaster County and the first president of the Women’s Republican Club of Lancaster County. The House of Representatives approved the amendment granting women the right to vote on May 21, 1919 – only days before Herr’s letter of thanks to Griest. The Senate passed the amendment on June 4, 1919. It was ratified by enough states to become law in August 1920. Pennsylvania became the seventh state to ratify the 19th Amendment on June 24, 1919.

Letter on letterhead of the Woman's Suffrage Party thanking Congressman Griest for his support of the Anthony Amendment
Letter in support of Congressman Griest’s support of the Anthony Amendment. The 19th Amendment became known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment in honor of Susan B. Anthony, an American social reformer and women’s rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women’s suffrage movement. LancasterHistory.

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