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Fighting the Battles [Book 3 of “Revolutionary Lancaster” Series]


Book 3 in the “Revolutionary Lancaster” series focuses on the military men of Lancaster County who were involved in the Revolutionary War.

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No military battles took place within the boundaries of Lancaster County, but the men of this area were among the very first to see action in the War. Professor Klein and Miss Taylor present the story of Lancaster’s military men in pursuit of independence. The Lancaster County riflemen, armed with the locally-produced Pennsylvania rifle, quickly established reputations for marksmanship—but not, perhaps, for exemplary conduct. 

The rush of excitement swept about the county as news arrived of the events in and near Boston, Lexington, and Concord. In their exuberant fashion, the local patriots quickly formed two companies of riflemen, even though only one was requested. 

That’s the beginning, but the trail leads through every major battle of the Revolution. This is a story you’ll read with enthusiasm… and with astonishment at the adventures and misadventures of Lancaster’s Revolutionary War soldiers. 

This book is a soft cover, 42 pages. Copyright 1975.

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