Roberts: Sara F. (Sally) Roberts Collection, Series 2 Land Research

Call number:  MG-234, Series 2 Land Research

25 boxes     778 folders     12.5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 6

Description:  This collection contains the research notes and information compiled by Mrs. Roberts, contract genealogist. The collection consists primarily of family and land research. There are cemetery and tax lists, church records, land drafts, maps and overlays, land surveys, deeds, wills, census information, and court records. Most of the items are Mrs. Roberts’ handwritten notes and photocopies of original or microfilmed documents.

Creator:  Roberts, Sara F.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

The collection is divided into two series:  Patrons should look at both series for their research topic.

Family Names

Land Research

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please visit at 230 North President Ave, Lancaster, PA to use the resources onsite. Upon request and examination of the material, staff may photocopy Mrs. Roberts’ handwritten notes and original documents. Poor quality photocopies and bound material will not be photocopied.

Language:  English, German

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of the estate of Sara F. Roberts.

Custodial History:  The materials were rehoused due to some water damage and the folder titles are those assigned by Mrs. Roberts.

Related Material:  Sara F. (Sally) Roberts Collection, Series 1, Family Names


Box 1  (Folders 1-27)

Folder 1  Lancaster City. Atlas maps; Maps of Wards. (8 pieces)

Folder 2  Lancaster City, Deeds. Advertisement for sale of lots on Pine and Frederick Streets, College Ave.; Deed, Erisman to Russell to Steigerwalt, Lots 136-150; List, original Lot 619, general plan, City of Lancaster; Deed, Hampp to Helle, E ½ Lot 56 and Gundacker to Couney, W ½ Lot 56; Plaintiff Index, 1786-1805; Deed, Barnes to Wacker. (7 items, 11 pieces)

Folder 3  City, Walking Tour. Deeds, Derridinger to Sides-Transfers of S. Queen Street, Hamilton to Heckenbottom; Derridinger, S. Orange Street between Shippen and Plum Streets; John Reishling, King and Lime Streets; George Hoff-Kuhn, north side of King Street; Court House Square; Maps; “Downtown Walking Tour.” (8 items, 26 pieces)


Folder 4  Deeds and Directory. (14 items, 81 pieces)

Insert 1  Deeds: A. K. Bowers & Co. vs. Gotlieb Young, Vine and Church Streets; Henry Mull to Susanna Connolly, King Street; Petition, Ann Welden; Inventory, Mary Ewing; Will and inventory, Savanna Connolly; Petitions and passes, Duke and Walnut Streets: James Hamilton to James Webb, John Wisler, Philip Shreiner, Queen Street; Walking Tour maps, starting on Prince Street; Court House Square, W. King Street; Deed, Heritage Center

Insert 2  Women of early Lancaster; Lancaster Directory, 1843; Directory, 1900


Folder 5  City, Directories. (9 items, 24 pieces)

Insert 1  208 and 210 E. King Street: Indenture, Robert McClure and Charles Kline to Benjamin Eshleman; Hotels, churches, and pastors; Deeds

Insert 2  Court Ave. Hotel: Directory lists; License copy, Witmer; Tavern Bond, Petition; Petition, John Michael

Insert 3  725 E. Orange Street: Deed, Anna Reese to George H. Keller

Insert 4  Lancaster Market: Jacob Gable to Henry Gast


Folder 6  City, 521 and 533 Ruby Street. Maps; Deeds, Bomberger; 627-629 Fairview Avenue. (3 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 7  Lancaster Boro Minutes. Explanation of map; Rules of the District Court; Documentary History of the Borough of Lancaster. (3 items, 52 pieces)

Folder 8  City, Old Town West of Duke Street. Pictures, old view, 1890s. (1 item, 8 pieces)

Folder 9  City, Old Town Lancaster. Pictures and newspaper reprints; Original newspaper articles on black paper; Floor plan. (3 items, 15 pieces)

Folder 10  City, Old Town east of Duke Street. Inventory, Michael Gundacker, merchant, 1815; Card, southern part of Lots 55 and 56; Family group sheet, Michael Gundacker. (3 items, 42 pieces)

Folder 11  Original Lot, Triangle of Old Town. Lot 619, map and general plan of Lancaster; Picture; Historical research. (3 items, 56 pieces)

Folder 12  City, Old Town, Lot 619. Vine, Rockland, and Church Streets; Deeds. (85 pieces)

Folder 13  City, 343 N. Mulberry Street. List of occupants and dates. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 14  City, 116 and 120 Duke Street. Maps; Deed. (2 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 15  City, 1121 King Street. Alexander vs. Donnelly; Abstract of deed, 1119 King Street; Court record from Alexandria, Virginia, A. Violett. (3 items, 26 pieces)

Folder 16  City, 309 E. Chestnut Street. Land records (photocopies); List of deeds, Michael Abel; Orphans’ Court notes. (3 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 17  City, Tracts, Chestnut Street. Maps; Deeds, 632 Chestnut Street; Deeds, 624 Chestnut Street; Map of Lancaster, 1823. (4 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 18  City, Lime Street and Center City. Maps; Lists of deeds; Genealogy note, G. Gillespie, M. Cooper; Court note, Graham Neff; Appearance Docket, May 1795; Order of Sale, Abraham Royer; Will, Amos Slaymaker. (7 items, 50 pieces)


Folder 19  City, 37 S. Lime Street. (11 items, 134 pieces)

Insert 1  Church Street. Inventory, John Miller; List of Miller wills; Will, John Miller; Deeds and maps

Insert 2  Courthouse deed; Maps and notes; Will, William Rapp

Insert 3  Lot, east of Lot 17. Deeds: John Powell, Fanny Flick, James Brady, Kuhn to Hamilton; Maps; South end of Lot 17, Peter Landau and Harry W. Rapp


Folder 20  City, 37 N. Lime Street and 204 E. King Street. Direct Tax lists, 1798; Genealogy notes. (2 items, 34 pieces)

Folder 21  City, 37 N. Lime Street, Deeds. Return; 1900 Census, Lancaster City note. (2 items, 23 pieces)

Folder 22  City, 37 N. Lime Street, SE Corner of Lime and Orange Streets. Deeds; Petitions, John Riddle; History of the Lot; Maps; Deed, Florence Smith Dwinell and L. James to Evangelical Lutheran Church. (5 items, 52 pieces)

Folder 23  City, Lime Street, 1980. Map; Census, 1850-1880; Lots in 1759; Direct Tax, 1798. (4 items, 21 pieces)

Folder 24  City, 33 N. Lime Street. Montage, Leisure Living to First Federal Savings and Loan; Deeds. (2 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 25  City, 333 E. Orange Street. Obituary, Heinrich Strobel; History of 333 E. Orange Street; Genealogy notes; Deeds; Notes by Sally Roberts; Biographical Annals, Bernard J. McGrann; Woerner’s, St. Mary’s; Newspaper obituaries; Directory pages; Census lists; Court records, McGrann; Tax returns; Maps; Estate papers, John Hensil; Obituary, John McGovern. (15 items, 249 pieces)

Folder 26  City, Hamilton Estate. “Lancaster City-Lancaster Townstead” (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 27  City, Peter Grubb. “The Grubb Family”; Notes; Map; Land warrants, West Hempfield Twp.; The Grubb Mansion; Excerpts from “Cornwall Ore Banks” in papers of the Lancaster County Historical Society; Picture of Sprenger’s Brewery, 127 E King Street. (8 items, 44 pieces)


Box 2  (Folders 28-48)

Folder 28  City, Lancaster County Redevelopment, Block #10. Original deed to 28 E. Vine Street; Will, Benjamin Henry; Will, Jacob Danbaugh; Court papers, Michael Gundacker; Will, Samuel Dale; Maps and list of properties. (6 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 29  City, Original Lots #53-56. Maps, 109-117 Washington Street; 111-114 Washington Street; 109 Washington Street; Deeds. (4 items, 53 pieces)

Folder 30  City, Original Lot #53. Maps; Deeds; 208-216 Rockland Street; 1860 Census list; Will record, Thomas R. Torr; Mechanic Lien document; Genealogy note, Marks Smith; Will abstract, Adam Reigart; Notes from Sheriff’s book. (9 items, 92 pieces)


Folder 31  City, Original Lots #52 and 54, 106 and 108 S. Duke Street. (4 items, 75 pieces)

Insert 1  Corner Lot on SW of E. Vine Street and S. Duke Street. Notes on properties at 110 and 112 Duke Street; Folder on Original Lot #54

Insert 2  Lot #54, 114-122 E. Vine Street. Block 10, #1, 2, 3, 4; Lists of deeds, taxes, and wills


Folder 32  City, Original Lot #55. (4 items, 88 pieces)

Insert 1  Lots #55 and 56, 121-125 S. Duke Street. Deeds

Insert 2  115, 117, 119 Duke Street. Deeds and transfers

Insert 3  112 and 114 E. Duke Street. Tax notes; Deeds


Folder 33  City, Original Lot #56. 7 folders of typed deeds and notes. (7 items, 52 pieces)


Folder 34  City, Lot #56. (3 items, 40 pieces)

Insert 1  Notes and deeds. 101 and 107 S. Duke Street; 106 and 108 E. Vine Street

Insert 2  Notes and deeds. 109-113 S. Duke Street


Folder 35  City, Original Lots #89-90, fronting Vine Street. (3 items, 44 pieces)

Insert 1  Folder of typed records of Old Town Lancaster. Map; Deeds and notes

Insert 2  Lots # 89, 90, 91,     South side of E. Vine Street. Earliest deeds and ground rent information


Folder 36  City, Original Lots #89-90, fronting S. Duke Street. (15 items, 148 pieces)

Insert 1  Old Town Lancaster. Tour booklet, “Old Town Lancaster,” undated; Maps of house plans; Folder of deeds and notes; Maps

Insert 2  110-118 S. Duke Street. Southern end, Duke Street

Insert 3  Alley to Duke Street. Brenneman’s Court and E. Vine Street, 48 and 50

Insert 4  Southeast part of Lots #89-90 Duke Street. 110, 112, 114, 118, 122 S. Duke Street; Deeds

Insert 5  Lots #60 and 89, West side of Duke Street. Deeds; Genealogy notes

Insert 6  124 and 126 S. Duke Street and Washington Street. Deeds and notes

Insert 7  Southern end, Duke to alley. Deeds, #120-126 to alley

Insert 8  118 S. Duke Street, Tobias Royer. 1886 City Directory list; Abstract of will; Will; Tax appraisement


Folder 37  City, Original Lots #91-92, fronting on E. Vine Street. (12 items, 116 pieces)

Insert 1  32-38 E. Vine Street. Deeds; List of deeds

Insert 2  42, 44, 46, 48, 50 E. Vine Street. NW corner of Duke Street and Vine Street; 113 S. Duke Street and West corner of Vine Street and Duke Street

Insert 3  Deed Chains for E. Vine Street, South side of Duke Street and Vine Street. 110, 112, 114, 116, 118, 122 S. Duke Street

Insert 4  Lampeter Square and Lancaster. Will, David Miller, 1858; Genealogy notes; 1850 Census, West Lampeter; Inventory, David Miller; List, War of 1812; Inventory, Samuel Miller

Insert 5  Schwartz, Conrad. Will; Inventory


Folder 38  City, Original Lots #91-92, Washington Street. (11 items, 83 pieces)

Insert 1  Christian Street and 24, 26, 28 E. Vine Street. Deeds

Insert 2  Chains, S. Duke Street. Map; Note from Sheriff’s Deed book; Deeds

Insert 3  Lots #89-90. E. Vine Street, South side; Claim on 41-43 Washington Street

Insert 4  Mayer, George Lewis. Will; Inventory; Notes; Order of sale; Estate notes


Folder 39  Lancaster City. Land surveys; Maps and overlays; Pictures. (3 items, 30 pieces)

Folder 40  City Maps. List of footage for Lots on Church Street; Court notes; Notebook of land drawings. (3 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 41  City, 14-16 N. Queen Street. Notes and genealogy, Long Family; Deeds and maps; Tax books; City directories; Will, Jacob Long; Inventory; Accountant charges. (7 items, 93 pieces)

Folder 41  City, E. King Street. Map of Turnpike Road, E. King Street, William Hamilton. (1 item, 1 piece) (duplicate folder number)

Folder 42  City, James Mehaffey. Will abstract; Deed record. (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 43  City, John N. Sane. Indenture to Penn Railroad. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 44  Murray Warrants. Proclamation from British. (2 items, 5 pieces)

Folder 45  Copy Deeds. Table of Contents; Obituary, Kathryn Darlington; Will, Kathryn Darlington. (3 items, 3 pieces)


Folder 46  City, 125 Howard Avenue. (6 items, 42 pieces)

Insert 1  Edward Lynch House. Deed listing; Chain of ownership; Map; Adamstown, Lancaster; Deed lists

Insert 2  Reger, Jacob. Estate papers


Folder 47  City, 333 E. Orange Street. Newspaper obituaries, McCombs; Court records; City tax list; Deeds; City directory. (5 items, 93 pieces)

Folder 48  City, Deeds and Notes. Small survey map, John Hastant; Andrew Galbraith; Michael Shank and Henry Pare; John Shillow; John Epley; Paper of E. Steman; Marriage notice, Thomas Carter and Susan Kauffman. (7 items, 8 pieces)


Box 3  (Folders 49-65)

Folder 49  Conestoga Twp. “The Story of Safe Harbor”; Deed list; Newspaper article (not complete). (3 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 50  Conoy Twp. Petition, John Hoffman; Deed record, George Snyder; Petition, George Snyder; Warrantee maps. (4 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 51  Conoy Twp. Bainbridge Book. (1 item)


Folder 52  Manheim Twp., Delp Road. (4 items, 56 pieces). #134 Delp Road, book note on Magdalena, daughter of Benjamin Witmer and widow of Daniel Eshleman

Insert 1  Deeds; Maps; Newspaper article about “dig”


Folder 53  Manor Twp., Census. List of Free Inhabitants in Manor Twp., 1850. (2 items, 124 pieces)


Folder 54  Manor Twp., Deeds. (11 items, 45 pieces). Washington Boro: Henry Hoffman; Deeds and maps

Insert 1  Wright, Joseph. Genealogy note; Maps

Insert 2  Kauffman, Michael. Original deed; Map overlays; Census record; Common Council paper; Indenture; Newspaper notice of public sale


Folder 55  Manor Twp., Sholty Family. (8 items, 127 pieces)

Insert 1  Sholty, William. Maps; Indenture, Musser to Sholty; Deeds; Inventory

Insert 2  Sholty Land. Maps; Notice of sale; “Tract of land in Manor Twp. belonging to William Sholty”; Folder of deeds and notes, Musser, Witmer


Folder 56  Manor Twp. Notebook of material. (1 item, 60 pieces)

Folder 57  Manor Twp. Records. Index to wills, Witmer; Marriage index, Washington County; Administrators’ account, Isaac Kauffman; Genealogy notes; Will, Isaac Kauffman; Bowman genealogy. (6 items, 33 pieces)


Folder 58  Manor Twp. Land Records. (4 items, 27 pieces)

Insert 1  Notebook

Insert 2  Land Records, Frey. Maps; Order of sale, Joseph Frey; Petition, John Frey


Folder 59  History of Manor Indian Town. Indian Treaty of Fort Stanwick, Albany, New York. (1 item, 1 piece)


Folder 60  Martic Twp. Land Records. (7 items, 98 pieces)

Insert 1  Walton. Maps; Land transfers; Deeds

Insert 2  Walton, Mildred. Typed lists, noted “to be checked”

Insert 3  Walton, Earl. Maps and overlays; Deed, Deutscher to Silverthorn; Indenture


Folder 61  Hempfield Twp. (6 items, 39 pieces)

Insert 1  Land drafts; Map; 1798 Direct Tax; Property notes

Insert 2  Columbia and West Hempfield. Newspaper copy of Wrights Ferry Mansion; Article on 18thcentury Columbia and vicinity


Folder 62  East Hempfield Twp. Deed book record for “Paul’s Little House” (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 63  Little Britain Twp. and Drumore Twp. Record of session to divide Little Britain. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 64  Leacock Twp. Map; Notes by John Syphard; Land records, Buckwalter, Swope, Lapp; Indentures, Buckwalter, Swope, Lapp; Tax assessment lists; Will, Frederick Swope. (6 items, 81 pieces)

Folder 65  Leola. Notebook of material, 157 W. Main Street. (1 item)


Box 4  (Folders 66-86)

Folder 66  Marietta.   Sesquicentennial Book. (1 item)

Folder 67  Marietta Lots. Notebook lists; Brochures; “Marietta Restoration Associates”; Candlelight tour; Census lists; 301 East Market Street. (6 items, 27 pieces)

Folder 68  Marietta Book. Large notebook. (1 item)

Folder 69  Maytown. Victorian Mansion House, “Mike Hoffman Mansion”; Deed, Shaeffer; Names from the Pennsylvania German Society; History of 133 River Street; “Lancaster in 1795” (Rochefoucalt’s Journey); Deed, Sollenberger and Schroll; Letter regarding Reformed Church; High school notices; Maytown Alumni Journal. (9 items, 28 pieces)

Folder 70  Maytown Bicentennial Booklet. (1 item)

Folder 71  Rapho Twp. Original Deeds, 1854-1926: John Shenk to John Musser, David Long to Jacob Buch, Jacob Buch to Michael Moore, Josiah Little to John Shenk, John Snavely to Maurice Nissley, Josiah Little and John Musser to John Shenk, Anna Bender to Cyrus Rutt, Harriet Moore’s Committee to Levi Gross, Acceptance of real estate by Harriet Moore, Levi Gross to Cyrus Rutt, Cyrus Rutt to John Snavely, Trust estate of Harriet Moore, Conditions of sale, John Shenk, Phares Rohrer to John Snavely, David Long to Jacob Buch; Survey bill, John Snavely to Benjamin Nissley; Judgment Bond, John Shenk to Josiah Little transferred to John Musser; Agreement between Levi Gross and Cyrus Rutt; Agreement between John Snavely and Maurice Nissley; Survey bill, Phares Rohrer by J. Weber; Survey map. (21 items)


Folder 72  Rapho Twp. Land. (8 items, 49 pieces)

Insert 1  Samuel Scott Survey. Maps and overlays; Surveys

Insert 2  Hutchenson, James. Survey and map overlays

Insert 3  Overlays and Surveys

Insert 4  Old Peter’s Road, 1716; Tract, Thomas Griffith

Insert 5  Land of Joseph Lytle. Original surveys; Maps


Folder 73  Rocky Springs Search. Map; Letters regarding search; List of adjoiners; Deed, regarding bankruptcy of park; Genealogy notes; Deeds; Pictures. (7 items, 56 pieces)

Folder 74  Rocky Springs, Surveys. Original, Part B; Original, Part D. (2 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 75  Rocky Springs, Warrant Maps. Listed as assessment maps. (1 item, 8 pieces)

Folder 76  Rocky Springs, Landis. Estate of Abraham Landis: Orphans’ Court record; Genealogy notes. (2 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 77  Rocky Springs, Quarry Loop. Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 54 pieces)

Folder 78  Rocky Springs, Greider. Deeds; Order of sale. (2 items, 37 pieces)

Folder 79  Rocky Springs, Crider. Estate of Henry Crider: Sale notice; Petition to sell, Martin Gryder’s estate; Order of sale, Henry Kreider; Inventory, Peter Miller’s estate. (4 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 80  Rocky Springs, Greider. Henry Greider of West Lampeter, died 7 April 1867; Will abstract; Petition for Inquest; Deed; Genealogy notes. (4 items, 13 pieces)


Folder 81  Rocky Springs, Tobias Greider. (3 items, 10 pieces). Greider, Tobias, died 1791: Will Translation

Insert 1  Greider, Tobias, died 1838. Will; Geneaolgy notes


Folder 82  Rocky Springs, Hughes. Original survey for William Hughes, 1717: Resurveyed 1735; Deeds and maps; Genealogy notes. (3 items, 67 pieces)

Folder 83  Rocky Springs, Rees. Deeds and maps; Trolley rights of way; Genealogy notes. (3 items, 48 pieces)

Folder 84  Rocky Springs, Neff. Original survey, Part A; Warrant, William Hughes, 1717; Patent, Francis Neff, 1735: Deeds and maps; Estate papers, Francis Neff, Section A: Inventory, Administrators Account. (7 items, 33 pieces)

Folder 85  Rocky Springs, Benjamin Landis. Agreement of partition between heirs; Deed. (2 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 86  Rocky Springs, Benjamin Greider, died 1815. Son of John Greider , died 1825; Deed and map; Notice of sale. (2 items, 11 pieces)


Box 5  (Folders 87-100)

Folder 87  Girl Scouts-Coleman Land Dispute. Card notes; Warrant notes; Warrantee of land. (3 items, 12 pieces)

Folder 88  Girl Scouts-Jacob Sanders. 1799-1838; Deed records; Will translation; Petition to sale of real estate; Administrator’s account; Order of sale. (5 items, 24 pieces)

Folder 89  Girl Scouts-Unrecorded Deeds. Collection of unrecorded deeds. (1 item, 11 pieces)

Folder 90  Girl Scouts-Tax Records. West Cocalico Twp. tax records; Elizabeth Twp. tax records; Court records-Peter Souder, Robert Coleman; Deed and map; Maps. (4 items, 34 pieces)

Folder 91  Girl Scouts-Maps of Lots. Picture of Foxfire House; Maps, hand-drawn; Letter to Sally Roberts. (3 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 92  Girl Scouts-Plan for Furnace Hills Camp. Notebook of site evaluations; Notes on land ownership; Survey and warrants; Index of deeds; Maps-Coleman estate, Eberly land; Sketch plan. (6 items, 43 pieces)

Folder 93  Girl Scouts-Furnace Hills Camp, Deeds. Deeds; Overlay maps; John Over, Peter Souder, Robert Coleman papers. (3 items, 27 pieces)

Folder 94  Girl Scouts-Deeds. Deeds; Summary of the history of Foxfire House. (2 items, 73 pieces)

Folder 95  Girl Scouts-Joseph Royer. Patent-Elizabeth Twp. 76A; Order of sale; Orphan’s Court records. (1 item, 15 pieces)

Folder 96  Girl Scouts-Clay and Cocalico Twp. Deeds not related to Camp Furnace Hills; Release deed. (2 items, 23 pieces)

Folder 97  Girl Scouts-Kurtz. Deeds and maps; Genealogy notes. (2 items, 30 pieces)

Folder 98  Girl Scouts-Foxfire House. Deed-Jacob Shoup; Maps; Deeds. (3 items, 48 pieces)

Folder 99  Girl Scouts-Land Descriptions, 1832. Land ownership maps. (1 item, 29 pieces)

Folder 100  Girl Scouts-Maps. Land of George Saber; Area maps. (2 items, 9 pieces)


Box 6  (Folders 101-120)

Folder 101  Elizabethtown, Maps. Maps of area. (1 item, 21 pieces)

Folder 102  Elizabethtown, Lots. Lots owned by Michael Cable; Map; Genealogy notes, Kauffman; Will abstracts; Indenture, Hughes to Roetting; Census, 1790, 1830; Court House index. (7 items, 25 pieces)

Folder 103  Elizabethtown, Heritage House. Notebook on “Phase II Archeological Investigations at Heritage House”; Status report. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 104  Elizabethtown, History. Old Black Bear Tavern, picture and building site history; Picture of houses; “Elizabethtown”; Copies of newspaper articles; Community history. (5 items, 29 pieces)

Folder 105  Elizabethtown, Deeds. William Roeting to Jacob Roeting; List of debts, William Bishop; Census, 1790; Sally Roberts’ list of deeds. (4 items, 24 pieces)

Folder 106  Elizabethtown, Mount Joy Twp. Property map, John Black; Land notes. (2 items, 17 pieces)

Folder 107  Elizabethtown, Miller. 130 N. Market Street; Deeds records; Maps; 1798 Direct Tax for Donegal Twp.; Orphans’ Court record, Winnemore. (5 items, 52 pieces)

Folder 108  Elizabethtown, Kauffman. Deed and maps; Papers on Inquest; Reports on sale; Orphans’ Court records: Henry Kauffman and Mary Ann Kauffman; Genealogy notes. (5 items, 34 pieces)

Folder 109  Elizabethtown, Church. Booklet of Christ Lutheran Church. (1 item)

Folder 110  Elizabethtown, Tax Lists. Collection of maps and tax lists. (115 pieces)

Folder 111  Elizabethtown, Deeds and Indentures. Maps; Deeds; Tax lists; Notes; Writ of partition, Overholtzer and Knisely; Articles of agreement, Bender and Redsecker. (6 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 112  Elizabethtown, Harris-Lowry-Hughes. Notebook of land records. (1 item)

Folder 113  Elizabethtown, Lot #16. Debt record, William Bishop; Family of George Carlos; Genealogy notes; Deed transfers. (4 items, 60 pieces)

Folder 114  Elizabethtown, Lot #16, High Street. Chain of Title of Elizabethtown; Sheriff’s Deed, Lot #16b; Direct Tax list; Maps. (4 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 115  Elizabethtown, John Elliot. Genealogy notes; 1815 Tax; Deeds; Administrators Account, John Elliot; Court records. (5 items, 37 pieces)

Folder 116  Elizabethtown, Research Notes. Copies of newspaper articles; Research notes; Maps; Deed; List of Elizabethtown Preservation Associates, Inc.; Index, Elizabethtown Lutheran, 1770-1922; Necrology list, Armstrong. (7 items, 46 pieces)

Folder 117  Elizabethtown, Records. Rhineland emigrants; Notebook, “E-town”; Maps; Deeds; Genealogy chart; Deed, John Shaffer. (6 items, 45 pieces)

Folder 118  Elizabethtown, Lots and Deeds. Notes, Michael Coble; Lots and deeds; Tax lists and census; The Brenneman History; Mount Joy Twp. tax; Christ Lutheran Church records; Will, Alexander Lowry of Donegal; Genealogy notes; Petition to sell, John Bender; Index to deeds; Indenture, John Shaeffer, Donegal Twp.; Abstract of wills; Assessment maps; Petition, George Wealand. (14 items, 78 pieces)

Folder 119  Mount Joy, Deeds. Notebook of material. (1 item)

Folder 120  Mount Joy, Township Lots. Notebook of town lots. (1 item)


Box 7  (Folder 121-138)

Folder 121  Mount Joy, Borough Tax Lists. Notebook of tax lists, 1852. (1 item)

Folder 122  Mount Joy, Book, 1800-1900. “Big Mount Joy Book.” (1 item)

Folder 123  Mount Joy, Original Deeds. From estate of Miss Annie Blensinger. (1 item, 21 pieces)


Folder 124  Mount Joy, Deeds. (14 items, 129 pieces)

Insert 1  Lots North of Marietta Street. Pete Foley’s house; Chain of title, northern Mount Joy Twp.

Insert 2  Deeds. North end of 1816 survey; Snyder, Wilson, and others

Insert 3  Eberly, Kuhn. Deed; Overlays and deed

Insert 4  Martin, Russel E. Tract of land adjoining the sawmill tract; Deed, Stauffer to Martin

Insert 5  West Main Street. Deeds; Land notes; Genealogy notes

Insert 6  Continued and Extended Deeds. Maps and deeds; Cohicks Town; Court notes


Folder 125  Mount Joy, Lot Numbers. Map, 1853; List of Lot numbers. (2 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 126  Mount Joy, Patterson. Deed surveys, “Grandpa Eby’s”; Deeds and maps; Bube’s Brewery; Tax list, Mount Joy and Richland, East Donegal Twp. (4 items, 53 pieces)


Folder 127  Mount Joy, 202 East Main Street, Lot #17. (18 items, 135 pieces)

Insert 1  History of 202 East Main Street; Maps; Genealogy notes; Biographical notes on John A. Snyder; Notes on David McNeely Stauffer; Brenneman History; Will, John Fenstermacher

Insert 2  Historical title to original Lot #55; Maps; List of deeds; History article; Notes and genealogy chart, Cassel family; Deeds; Newspaper obituary, John Snyder

Insert 3  Cassel-Snyder Families. Map; Land transfer lists; Deeds; Genealogy notes, Cassel family


Folder 128  Mount Joy, 333 East Orange Street. Correspondence regarding William Miller; Notes on Samuel Miller; Deeds; Note on David Miller Allison; Note on will of William Miller; Census, Leacock Twp., 1850, 1860; Tax and assessment originals, Leacock Twp.; Deeds, grantee, Allison; Orphans’ Court record; Administrators Account, James Miller. (10 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 129  Mount Joy, History. Booklet, Dedication of Mount Joy Library Center; Notes from “In Old Penna. Towns”; Article on the trolley line, typed; “The Early History of Mount Joy”; Chain of title, the Old Tavern, 950 West Main Street; Notes, “Springville”; Maps; Petition for tavern license; Note from Governor Robert P. Casey; Program for school operetta, 1928; “Shortbread, Religion and Freedom.” (11 items, 41 pieces)

Folder 130  Mount Joy, Bank and Fire Company. Copies of newspaper articles about the bank; Papers on the First National Bank, Mount Joy; Copies of newspaper articles about the fire company. (3 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 131  Mount Joy, Insurance Records. Deed, property on Queen Street; List of insured property owners. (2 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 132  Mount Joy, Market Street. Deeds; Deed, Fellenbaum; List in mortgage book. (3 items, 34 pieces)

Folder 133  Mount Joy, Property Locations. Handwritten notes of locations of home owners; Map overlays; Old Harrisburg Turnpike, 1864; Route 230, 1898; Route 230, 1964; Pinkerton Road, 1864; Pinkerton Road and Longenecker Road, 1898; Pinkerton Road and Longenecker Road, 1965; Marietta Pike, 1864; Marietta Pike, 1898; 4 lane, North side to Legion, 1964; South of Route 230, 1965; Map, field trip, 1967. (13 items, 26 pieces)

Folder 134  Mount Joy, Tax Lists and Map, 1852-1853. Owners of real property; Tax information. (2 items, 41 pieces)

Folder 135  Mount Joy, Township Warrantee Map. List of tracts. (19 pieces)

Folder 136  Mount Joy, Petitions, Tax List, Inventories. Copy of newspaper article, 1827; Petitions for tavern licenses; Mount Joy Township tax record; Inventory, James Bayley Sr. (4 items, 59 pieces)

Folder 137  Mount Joy, Surveys and Land Records. Maps; Overlays; List of deeds, Maurer to Frey (computer printout). (3 items, 30 pieces)

Folder 138  Mount Joy, Deeds and Census. Orphans’ Court record, Shissler estate; Deeds; Census records; Notes on Hoffer, Lehman, and Garber families; Maps. (5 items, 72 pieces)


Box 8  (Folders 148-151 oversized, 139-147, 152-176)

Folder 148  Donegal Twp., Marietta and Maytown. 1815 Direct Tax, collection. (1 item)

Folder 149  Mortgage Booklet (I, J, K lists). (1 item)

Folder 150  Donegal Twp. Notebook of petitions, taxes; Lists of land. (2 items)

Folder 151  Mount Joy Twp., 1815 Tax. Notebook of material. (1 item)

Folder 139  Census Records. Census lists, Lancaster County; Genealogy note, John K. Geib, Gantz; Index of names, Pennsylvania, 1820. (3 items, 31 pieces)

Folder 140  Photographs. Newspaper picture and copy, Penn Square; Newspaper picture and copy, Trolley at Chickies Hill; Newspaper articles, copies: “Unearthing a Tombstone,” “Night Out for Oldsters,” Shue Letter, Conestoga Massacre. (6 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 141  Salisbury Twp. Tax records; Census notes; Tax lists, 1778-1787; Genealogy notes; Deed, copy. (5 items, 25 pieces)

Folder 142  Schools. History of Mount Joy schools; List of teachers; “East Donegal Post,” log schoolhouse; Columbia schools, maps and pictures. (4 items, 16 pieces)

Folder 143  Manor Twp. Census, 1790, 1800. (1 item, 12 pieces)


Folder 144  Annals of the Conestoga Valley, Hudson. (14 items, 96 pieces)

Insert 1  Hudson, William, 1734. Administrative Bond; Will, copy

Insert 2  McVity, Cromwell and Margaret. Administrative Bond; Deed

Insert 3  Hudson, George, 1748. Will abstracts; Account; Will, Margaret Hudson; Inventory; Administrators Account

Insert 4  Taylor Papers for Hudson; “Annals of Conestoga Valley”; Genealogy chart; List of Taylor Papers; Land transfer record


Folder 145  Computer Record of Deeds. (1 item, 24 pieces)

Folder 146  East Donegal. Census, 1850 (computer printout). (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 147  East Hempfield Twp. Tax lists; Maps. (2 items, 89 pieces)

Folder 152  Lancaster County Tax Lists, 1751-1757. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 153  Donegal Surveys. Will, Christian Kauffman; Deposition, Peter Allen; Notes for Kendig, Ebersole. (3 items, 25 pieces)

Folder 154  Rheems, 1815 Tax. Unrecorded deed list. (2 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 155  Land Research for Roads. Surveys, Lancaster to Philadelphia Turnpike, 1733-1767; Maps. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 156  Census, 1850, Mount Joy Twp. and Rapho Twp. Census lists; Census, 1880, Mount Joy Borough. (2 items, 26 pieces)


Folder 157  Haldeman Mansion, Locust Grove. (16 items, 137 pieces)

Insert 1  Historical title search. 168 West Main Street, Adamstown

Insert 2  Adamstown, Cocalico Twp. Maps; List of taxable inhabitants of Cocalico Twp.; Cocalico Twp., 1815 Tax

Insert 3  Regar, Jacob. 215 acres, adjoining; Deeds; Genealogy notes; Court records

Insert 4  Bird, William. 356 acres, East Cocalico Twp., 1737; Property notes

Insert 5  Adams Family of Adamstown, East Cocalico Twp. History notes; Maps and picture; Orphans’ Court records; Genealogy notes; Tax list, Cocalico Twp., 1771; Johann Jacob Ruger


Folder 158  Strasburg Historical District. Walking tour. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 159  Lancaster Barracks, October 1776. Plan of POW barracks article; Correspondence, September 1776. (2 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 160  Genealogical Gleanings. Lancaster Journal, 1800-1809, from Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, 1809-1821. (1 item, 53 pieces)

Folder 161  Washington Boro. Deed, David Shartzer to George Myers. (1 item, 5 pieces)

Folder 162  Journal of a Tour to Lancaster, PA, 1828. “A Trip Across Pennsylvania.” (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 163  Court Records. Road docket, 1750; Donegal Twp. land; Petition, Anna Shanks; Petition, Buckwalter family; Orphans’ Court record, Samuel Shertzer, 1870; Petition, Chickies Creek; Orphans’ Court records, John Greider [Cryder]; Petition, Mary Mays; Note on Davis, Davison, Dawson; Deed, Buckingham to Darlington; Plaintiff Index, Mooney, Defott. (11 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 164  Common Pleas Court. List of plaintiffs, defendants. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 165  German Wills. Wills, not probated; Wills, not recorded. (2 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 166  Surveys I. Musselman-Kendig; Original Lot #618; 128 East Vine Street, chain; Maps; Land notes; Lists of surveys (computer printout); Deed, Leib to Eberly; Peter Hershey (computer records). (8 items, 67 pieces)

Folder 167  Lancaster County Historical Society. Notices of death of members; Annual Register, “History, Politics and Literature for the Year 1795.” (2 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 168  Court House Records and Locations. Historical assets of Lancaster County; Guide to Recording of Mortgages; District Court indexes; Plaintiff and Defendant Indexes; Materials of temporary archives; Shelf lists. (6 items, 37 pieces)

Folder 169  Lancaster Will Abstracts. Genealogy notes; Will abstracts, lists. (2 items, 5 pieces)

Folder 170  Mortgages and Surveys. Deed, Musser; Will abstract, Charles to Nissley; Property notice; Warrantee index; Map. (5 items, 32 pieces)

Folder 171  Deeds and Surveys. Deeds; Map of East Donegal Twp. (2 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 172  Rock Ford Surveys. Copies of newspaper articles; Maps and overlays; Sunnyside Assessment map, 1985. (3 items, 17 pieces)

Folder 173  Surveys II. Partition for creek at Little Chickies; History of properties, West Donegal tracts; Property of Joseph Yordy; Survey, Frances Erans; Deed, unrecorded, #250, Barbara Mishey, 1824. (5 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 174  Marie Ward Properties. Notes, Marie’s house; Mortgage note. (2 items, 5 pieces)

Folder 175  Deeds. Eberle to Royer; Computer sheet and maps; Notes, Greiner. (3 items, 33 pieces)

Folder 176  Old Deed Registrations. Original set of recordings. (1 item, 65 pieces)


Box 9  (Folders 177-209)

Folder 177  Lancaster County Deeds and Warrantees. Large notebook of material; Lancaster County connections; Map, Strasburg Twp.; Letter; Deeds; Maps; History of Walton land in Providence Twp. (7 items, 40 pieces)

Folder 178  Warrantees and Records. Book showing Ginder’s House; Survey, 1721, John Penn, Thomas Penn, Richard Penn; Lancaster County lists; Berks County list. (4 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 179  Unrecorded Deeds. (1 item, 9 pieces)


Folder 180  Orphans’ Court Minutes. (4 items, 78 pieces)

Insert 1  Miscellaneous notes

Insert 2  Minutes, 1750s

Insert 3  Minutes, 1760s

Insert 4  Minutes, 1780s


Folder 181  Shock, Clarence. Estate papers; Orphans’ Court records. (2 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 181  Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania. Court records. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 182  Court House Archives. Defendant index; Orphans’ Court records. (2 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 183  Orphans’ Court Records. Bonds; Deeds; Administrators Accounts. (3 items, 15 pieces)

Folder 184  Quarter Sessions Records. Abstracts, Book 1, 1729-1742; Docket, 1776-1782; Bouquet papers; List of constables; Examination of John Lieb and others. (5 items, 12 pieces)

Folder 185  Plat of Deed Calls. Maps and deeds (computer printouts). (1 item, 38 pieces)

Folder 186  Susquehanna River Island. Deed. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 187  History of Walton Land. Providence Twp.; Computer printouts. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 188  Donegal, McFarland Tract. Land office records; Computer printouts; Inventory, James McFarland; Will, Thomas Clingen; Chain of title, F. P. Jacobus. (5 items, 40 pieces)

Folder 189  Mount Joy Twp. Notes; Maps; Deeds. (3 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 190  Deeds II. Indentures. (1 item, 25 pieces)

Folder 191  Maytown Tract. Deeds, Lazarus, Lowry; Lowry family; Maps; Pictures. (4 items, 34 pieces)

Folder 192  Land Records, Bits and Pieces. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 193  Newspaper Articles. Genealogy and land articles. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 194  Miscellaneous Research Notes. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 195  Lancaster City Lot Numbers. Maps. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 196  Lancaster City, Deeds. Charlotte Street and West Orange Street. (1 item, 19 pieces)

Folder 197  Lancaster City, Lot #457. Deeds, transfers, maps; Original Lot #467; Chain of title for Lots #356, 354; Maps; Original land grants; Petition, James McIlvaine. (8 items, 47 pieces)

Folder 198  Lancaster City, Lot #356. 34 Charlotte Street, Tract #3; Deeds; Map. (2 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 199  Lancaster City, Lot #354. Tract #4, West Orange Street; Deed. (1 item, 18 pieces)

Folder 200   Lancaster City, Charlotte Street. Chain of title; Deeds; Sheriff’s deed book. (3 items, 33 pieces)

Folder 201  Lancaster City, Baumiller. Land transfers, 354-356 West Orange Street; Directory; Maps; Conditions of sale; Inquisition, 1855. (5 items, 50 pieces)

Folder 202  Lancaster City, Baumiller, Tracts. “Lancaster Townstead”; Deed; Map. (3 items, 17 pieces)

Folder 203  Lancaster City, Baumiller, Deeds. Deeds; Direct Tax, 1815; Rent list. (3 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 204  Lancaster City, Buckmiller. Maps; Original tax list, 1811; Papers, Conrad Baumiller; Deed record, John Buckmiller. (4 items, 59 pieces)

Folder 205  Lancaster City, Buckwalter. Deeds. (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 206  Lancaster City, Jacob Gundaker. South part of Lot #467; Deeds. (1 item, 4 pieces)


Folder 207  Lancaster City, Gerald Lestz. (5 items, 60 pieces)

Insert 1  Lestz, Gerald. Deeds, Baumiller, Buckwalter, Lestz; Estate papers, Conrad Baumiller; Court papers, James McIlvaine

Insert 2  Buckwalter-Stehman. Deeds; Southwest corner of West Orange Street and Charlotte Street


Folder 208  Lancaster City, Juliana Library Company. Deeds; Lot #467; “The Juliana Library Company in Lancaster”; Original tax list, 1811; Original Sheriff’s deed, April Term 1811. (5 items, 37 pieces)


Folder 209  Manheim Twp., Delp Road. (8 items, 145 pieces)

Insert 1  Deeds for tracts; Maps

Insert 2  Original Documents (copies). Direct Tax list, 1798; Court records; Inventory, Joseph Steiner; Notes, Stoner estate; Petition for road land; Newspaper articles about land sales

Box 10  (Folders 210-227)

Folder 210  Delp Road (cont.). (8 items, 8 pieces)

Insert 1  History of #221, Phillip Hammond; Papers for Stoner, Steiner; Map

Insert 2  Original Deeds. Frick to Ford; Hostetter to Ford; Miller to Hammond; Obituary, H. C. Lawrence; Overlay map


Folder 211  Colemanville. (15 items, 147 pieces)

Insert 1  Smith, DeWalt. Deeds; Conestoga Twp. notes, 1798; Will; Inventory; Inventory, Salome Smith; Administrators Account, S. Smith; Inventory, Valentine Gartner

Insert 2  Coleman, Robert. Deeds

Insert 3  Martic Forge. Maps

Insert 4  Shoff, Frederick. Genealogy notes; Order of Inquest; Will; Administrators Account; Bond, John Shoff

Insert 5  Shoff Deeds


Folder 212  Colemanville (cont.). (8 items, 149 pieces)

Insert 1  Stehman, Joseph. Deed, Coleman; Deed, Steman

Insert 2  Stehman, Henry. Deeds; Notes, Robert Coleman

Insert 3  Colemanville Water & Power Co. Map; Deeds

Insert 4  Colemanville Deeds. Deeds; Notes


Folder 213  Mount Joy Records. (4 items, 57 pieces)

Insert 1  Maps; Surveys

Insert 2  West Main Street. Deeds, Geberich, Roberts

Insert 3  Original Deeds, 268 West Main Street. Geberich; Martin


Folder 214  Mount Joy, Borough Hall. Peifer Bros., Mount Joy Hall Association. (1 item, 9 pieces)


Folder 215  London Land Company. (16 items, 125 pieces)

Insert 1  Musgrave, John. Deeds; 7 pictures

Insert 2  Musgrave Family. Will, John Musgrave; Will, Thomas Musgrave; Orphans’ Court records

Insert 3  Landis Family. Deeds; Maps; Genealogy notes; History of John Musgrave; Will, Benjamin Landis; Will, John Landis; List of property values

Insert 4  High Realty Company. Chain of title; Maps; Taylor Papers (transcribed); Musgrave papers


Folder 216  Meixell, Andreas. Genealogy notes; Deed; Maps; Will; Estate papers; Bond, AnnaMary Meixell. (6 items, 59 pieces)

Folder 217  Righter, Michael. Correspondence; Map. (2 items, 7 pieces)


Folder 218  Breneisen. (10 items, 65 pieces)

Insert 1  Breneisen Family

Insert 2  Breneisen, Samuel, clockmaker. Genealogy notes; Application for a license; Court notes; Notes from National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors Museum; Deed

Insert 3  Breneisen, Jacob. “Non-Lancaster County” family; Genealogy notes; Lebanon Twp.; Annville Twp.


Folder 219  720 Fremont Street. Research by Sally Roberts; Title chain; Deeds; Maps; Estate of William Montgomery; Rock Ford land; Orphans’ Court record, Jacob Stofft; 4 cards. (8 items, 46 pieces)


Folder 220  Manor Twp. Mill. (19 items, 126 pieces)

Insert 1  Taylor Papers; Papers, Robert Beaty; Administrators Account, Abraham Hershey; Inventory of original papers

Insert 2  Indiantown Mill. Papers, Henry Bott; Papers, Robert Beaty; Deeds; Chain of title to mill

Insert 3  Bott, Henry. Inventory, 1782; Orphans’ Court minutes

Insert 4  Bott, John. Will; Inventory; Account papers, 1808; Newspaper notes

Insert 5  Meadow Race Mills. Deeds; Maps; List of land owners, Manor Twp., 1815; Mellinger family; Newspaper copy


Folder 221  Varnes-Werntz Family. Orphans’ Court records; Correspondence; Genealogy notes; Will, Conrad Werns; Inventory, Conrad Werns; Probate paper, Barbara Wernz Bendon; Will, Mary Elizabeth Werntz; Inventory, Mary Elizabeth Werntz; Orphans’ Court minutes, George Werns; Inventory, George Werns; Guardianship account, Jacob Werntz; Guardianship account, John Werntz; Inventory, Susanne Varnes. (13 items, 62 pieces)

Folder 222  Strawbridge, Robert. Genealogy notes; Research notes; Inventory; Administrators Account. (4 items, 13 pieces)

Folder 223  Rambo. Genealogy notes; Directory list; Deeds; Notes and queries; “Descendents of Joran Kyn”; “The Founding of New Sweden”; Inventory, Swen Rambo. (7 items, 32 pieces)

Folder 224  Lowry. Inventory, Alexander Lowry, 1805; Inventory, Joseph Lowry, 1781; Administrators Account, Joseph Lowry, 1781; Estate papers, James Lowry, 1737; Genealogy notes, Lazarus; Family history; Estate papers. (7 items, 43 pieces)

Folder 225  Gessel-Gazell. Genealogy notes, Gesell; Court papers; Deeds, Gesell; Probate papers, William Kesell; Administrators Account, Will Kosole; Passenger list; Research correspondence; Map; Deed, Zartman. (9 items, 37 pieces)

Folder 226  Oatman, John. Genealogy notes; Enumeration of Sadsbury Twp., 1800; Deeds (written copies); Grantee index. (4 items, 19 pieces)


Folder 227  Haines Farm. (15 items, 111 pieces)

Insert 1  Timothy Haines Farm. Map; House drawings; Genealogy note; Deeds to adjoining lands; Affidavit, Jeremiah Haines, 1870

Insert 2  Haines House, Trust Application. Historiography of Pleasant Grove; Chain of title; Features of the Stone House; Deeds; Will, Timothy Haines; Administrators Account; Floor plan, Stone Farm House; Maps; History of Lancaster County; “Timothy Haines Home”


Box 11  (Folders 228-269)

Folder 228  Dauphin County Families. (23 items, 91 pieces)

Insert 1  Peach (Clemson) Island

Insert 2  McClure

Insert 3  McKee, James. Inventory

Insert 4  McClintock. Will, Abraham McClintock; Inventory, Abraham McClintock; Deed; Will notes; Inventory, Robert McClintock

Insert 5  Shippen. Genealogy notes; Deeds; Descendents of Dr. William Shippen; Historical and genealogical notes; Vital statistics of five generations; Bible records; Abstract of wills at Philadelphia and Philadelphia County; Articles, Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine; Parish registers; Immigration of the Irish Quakers; Picture; Will, Edward Shippen; Notes and queries; Dictionary of American Biography; Old Shippen House


Folder 229  Dauphin County Bible Records. Epitaph, Harriet Umberger Smith; Family records. (2 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 230  Dauphin County, Conewago Presbyterian Church. Notes and queries; History of Dauphin County. (2 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 231  Dauphin County, Will Book A. Index; List. (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 232  Dauphin County, Will Book B. Index; List. (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 233  Dauphin County, Scott. Philadelphia Monthly meeting; Maps. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 234  Dauphin County, Dixon. Pennsylvania genealogies; Will, John Dixson, 1748; Will, Robert Dixson; Will, John Dixon, 1781. (4 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 235  Dauphin County Historical Society. “Transactions” books, 1903, 1905. (2 items, 1 piece)

Folder 236  Dauphin County Historical Society Notebook. Newspaper articles; Ephrata Cloister songbook list; Correspondence, proceedings, etc., May 1775; 4 cards; Notes; Historical Society “Elder Collection”; Notebook. (7 items, 16 pieces)

Folder 237  Dauphin County, Presbytery of Carlisle. Collection of printed pages. (1 item, 64 pieces)

Folder 238  Dauphin County, Witmer-Grubb-Harris. Pictures of Witmer family; Genealogy notes; “The Longenecker Gold Cross”; Court records; Letter from Historic Preservation Trust; The Grubb family; Map of iron fields; Robert Coleman; Historical anecdote, John Harris; Defeat of the Indians; Mrs. Letitia Herr Malone line. (11 items, 43 pieces)

Folder 239  Dauphin County History, Land Warrants. Tax list; Town list; Warrants; Harrisburg Loan paper; Map of Dauphin County, prior to 1830. (5 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 240  Dauphin County, Old Hanover Church. 2 booklets, “Early History of Old Hanover Church.” (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 241  Dauphin County Lutheran Church. Baptisms by Rev. Illing; Records of Rev. Illing; Marriages by Rev. Illing. (3 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 242  Dauphin County, Blunston’s Licenses. List of licenses issued by Samuel Blunston, license to settle land. (1 item, 8 pieces)

Folder 243  Dauphin County, Captain William Johnston. Will; Inventory. (2 items, 5 pieces)

Folder 244  Dauphin County, Rev. John Roan. Marriage records, Paxtang and Derry Churches; Notes and queries. (2 items, 15 pieces)

Folder 245  Dauphin County, Johnson-Johnston. Will, Jean Johnston; Deed note, Benjamin Johnson; Will, Thomas Johnston; Inventory, Thomas Johnston; Deed, Thomas Johnson. (5 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 246  Dauphin County, Hanover Church. Hanover Church Burial Record; Marriages; Births and baptisms; Graveyard; Churches and cemeteries. (5 items, 37 pieces)

Folder 247  Dauphin County Church Records. Paxtang Presbyterian Church. (1 item, 20 pieces)

Folder 248  Dauphin County, History. Residents of Dauphin County; “The Settlement, Formation and Progress”; The site of Harrisburg; “Whiskey Insurrection”; Index; List of constables and overseers of the poor; Township supervisors and officers; Swatara notes; Revolutionary War lists. (9 items, 56 pieces)

Folder 249  Dauphin County, Penn’s Manor. Maps. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 250  Dauphin County, Notes and Queries. Marriages, deaths, baptisms, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church; Dauphin County marriages, 80 years ago; “Ye Ancient Inhabitants”; Notes, Abraham Lincoln family. (4 items, 67 pieces)

Folder 251  Dauphin County, Record of Graves. Derry Presbyterian Church. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 252  Dauphin County, Old Paxtang Church. Printed booklet by William Henry Engle, MD. (1 item, 23 pieces)

Folder 253  Dauphin County, Paxtang Marriages. Paxtang Presbyterian Church. (1 item, 24 pieces)

Folder 254  Dauphin County, Tombstone Records. Paxtang Presbyterian Church. (1 item, 33 pieces)

Folder 255  Dauphin County, “The Bells in Dauphin County before the Revolution.” Articles about the Bell families. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 256  Dauphin County, Census, Old Families. Census, Harrisburg and Dauphin County, 1790. (1 item, 15 pieces)

Folder 257  Dauphin County, Marriage Records. Market Square Presbyterian Church, 1819-1868. (1 item, 21 pieces)

Folder 258  Dauphin County, Derry Twp. Tax Lists. Original tax lists, 1756, 1758, 1769, 1770. (1 item, 46 pieces)

Folder 259  Dauphin County, Unknown Account, 1780. Historical Society material. (1 item, 13 pieces)

Folder 260  Dauphin County, 1770, King’s Tax. Derry Twp., card files. (1 item, 53 pieces)

Folder 261  Dauphin County, Colonel Bouquet Papers. Illinois Historical Collections, Franklin Papers; Papers of Colonel Bouquet. (2 items, 31 pieces)

Folder 262  Dauphin County, Wilderness Trail. Maps; Wilderness Empire. (1 item 14 pieces)

Folder 263  Dauphin County Historical Society. Notes and queries; Original papers, maps and deeds (photocopies); Memoir of George Chambers; Biographical sketch of General Michael Simpson; “The John Harris Mansion.” (6 items, 89 pieces)

Folder 264  Harrisburg Surveys. Maps; Deeds; Picture, States Hotel. (3 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 265  Gratz Papers. Copies of letters; “The Old Lancaster Court Houses”; Shippen letters. (3 items, 21 pieces)

Folder 266  Gratz Papers and Index. B. & M. Gratz (photocopies). (1 item, 38 pieces)

Folder 267  Maps and Deeds. (2 items, 78 pieces)

Folder 268  Swatara Twp., Map and Surveys. Tax list; Map of Turnpike Road. (2 items, 85 pieces)

Folder 269  Captain Witmer Papers. Correspondence, proceedings, etc., September 1776. (1 item, 12 pieces)


Box 12  (Folders 270-282)

Folder 270  Lebanon County, Maps. Topographical map; Map, part of Tulpehocken settlement; Map, Manor of White Church; Maps and overlays; Deed, Manor of White Church. (5 items, 28 pieces)

Folder 271  Lebanon County, Book on Palmyra. The History and Directory of Palmyra, PA. (1 item)

Folder 272  Lebanon, Bowman. Correspondence with Howard Guernsey; Genealogy notes. (2 items, 80 pieces)


Folder 273  Lebanon, Bowman Family. (12 items, 73 pieces)

Insert 1  Genealogy notes; Inventory, Barbara Bowman; Inventory, Abraham (son of Henry II), 1823

Insert 2  Abraham, Londonderry Twp., Dauphin County. Johannas, 1785; Abraham, 1786; Orphans’ Court records; Gerberich’s Cemetery list

Insert 3  John, son of Abraham II. Deeds; Guardianship account

Insert 4  John, Londonderry Twp. Genealogy of Ephrata Bowmans; Inventory; Will


Folder 274  Bowman, Johannas and Bowman, Jacob. (3 items, 47 pieces)

Insert 1  Johannas. Genealogy notes

Insert 2  Land surveys and patents; Tract survey of Palmyra area


Folder 275  Bowman, Jacob. Genealogy notes; Administrative papers; Will; Inventory; Will, Jacob Jr. (son of Jacob II); Estate papers, 1857. (6 items, 32 pieces)

Folder 276  Bowman, Jacob-Schnider. Correspondence, Freany Sneider; Genealogy notes; Inventory, Jacob Naftzleger. (3 items, 61 pieces)

Folder 277  Bowman, Lebanon Twp. Tax Lists. Tax lists; Orphans’ Court records; Land notes. (3 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 278  Bowman Genealogy. Family charts; Will, Jacob Nofziger; Will, John Maulfair; Will, Moses Bowman; Chester County Archives note; Newspaper article, “History’s Open House,” Harris-Cameron Mansion. (6 items, 36 pieces)

Folder 279  Bowman, Henry. Will, 1789; Deeds; Guardianship account, Michael; List from “History of Lebanon County.” (4 items, 29 pieces)

Folder 280  Bowman. Passenger list; Genealogy notes; Deeds; Genealogy note, Jacob Naftziger; “American Ancestors ‘John Bowman'”; “The Old Lebanon Academy.” (6 items, 62 pieces)

Folder 281  Lebanon, Peter Stosser. Census lists; Title search, Log House, 1110 Chestnut Street; Lebanon Borough, George Steitz; Deeds; Map; Genealogy notes; Slusher Family Newsletter; Tombstone inscriptions. (8 items, 34 pieces)

Folder 282  Lebanon Bowmans. Genealogy notes and charts; Census, Lebanon Borough, 1850; Map; Printed page on Spring Grove; 15 cards on family. (5 items, 36 pieces)


Box 13  (Folders 283-312)

Folder 283  Stream Map of Pennsylvania. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 284  Early Country Maps. List of maps in Land Office; Middle Paxton; “The Proprietary’s Mann.” (3 items, 21 pieces)

Folder 285  Plats of Deeds. Computer printouts and overlays. (12 pieces)

Folder 286  Miscellaneous Overlays and Drawings. (25 pieces)

Folder 287  Conestoga Twp. Map; Survey list and map. (2 items, 4 pieces)

Folder 288  Rapho Twp. Warrantee maps; Map, Conoy Twp.; Map, Manor Twp. (3 items, 35 pieces)

Folder 289  Earl Twp., Leacock Twp. Warrantee maps and overlays. (1 item, 17 pieces)

Folder 290  City Maps, Park Street and Plum Street. Manor Twp. survey map. (14 pieces)

Folder 291  Lancaster Maps, Various Areas. (16 pieces)

Folder 292  Lancaster County, Elizabethtown. (1 item, 23 pieces)

Folder 293  Lancaster County Maps. Maps of area; Aerial views of Mount Joy; Geological map. (3 items, 32 pieces)

Folder 294  Deeds, Indentures. (59 pieces)

Folder 295  Area Towns. Professional directory; Columbia-Wrightsville; Marietta; Elizabethtown; Lloyd Mifflin, poet and painter; Sale of Luck Island; Bareville. (7 items, 38 pieces)


Folder 296  Early Maps. (5 items, 40 pieces)

Insert 1  Old Philadelphia

Insert 2  Maps, 1770, 1792, from Pennsylvania Archives

Insert 3  Copies of Early Lancaster County and Pennsylvania maps; Sheriffs in Lancaster County

Insert 4  Early roads and Indian Trails


Folder 297  Plat of Deed, Peter Hershey. Map of Mount Joy. (11 pieces)

Folder 298  Land Office Sketches. (1 item, 33 pieces)

Folder 299  Warrantee Maps. Productions of Agriculture. (38 pieces)

Folder 300  Maytown, Donegal. Maps; Notebook. (2 items, 11 pieces)

Folder 301  Manheim Twp. Maps. Warrantee maps. (27 pieces)

Folder 302  Pre-Federal Maps List. Map of Dauphin County. (31 pieces)

Folder 303  Map of Amish Land Owners. Berks County; Index to early Amish land owners

Folder 304  Map of Germany. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 305  Map of Northampton. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 306  Donegal History. 56 typed pages. (1 item, 56 pieces)

Folder 307  Donegal, Accession Papers, 1859-1900. Photocopied records. (1 item, 144 pieces)

Folder 308  Donegal, Scotch-Irish Settlement. “Most Notable Scotch-Irish Settlement” (computer printout). (1 item)

Folder 309  Donegal, 1980. Typed sheets. (1 item, 11 pieces)

Folder 310  Donegal, Field Trip, 1967. Letter; Maps. (2 items, 4 pieces)

Folder 311  West Donegal. Census, 1900; Warrantees; Census, Elizabethtown. (3 items, 11 pieces)

Folder 312  Donegal, Black Census. (1 item, 4 pieces)


Box 14  (Folder 313-333, 324-333 are duplicate numbers)

Folder 313  Donegal, Early History. “Content of the Minute Book of the Donegal Society”; Trustee Book of the Donegal Church; Mifflin History, 1908; Facts of interest about Donegal; Story of Old Tavern; Early history from 1718; Maps. (7 items, 55 pieces)

Folder 314  Donegal, Land Records. Tax list; Minute Book H; Index, Pennsylvania Archives; Genealogy note, Cook. (4 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 315  Donegal, Deed and Warrantees. Map of early roads; Description of land owned by Presbytery; Booklet, “Zoning Ordinance.” (3 items, 37 pieces)

Folder 316  East Donegal. Notebook on early land records. (1 item)

Folder 317  Donegal, School Deeds. (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 318  Donegal, Correspondence. Letters from James Logan, William Penn’s surveyor; Notes from Donegal minutes; Will, Alexander Mayber. (3 items, 23 pieces)

Folder 319  Donegal, 1798 Direct Tax List. (1 item, 47 pieces)

Folder 320  Donegal Surveys. Orphans’ Court records. (21 pieces)

Folder 321  East Donegal Map. Printer’s mold; Maps and overlay. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 322  Donegal Roll, 1776. Notes and queries; Newspaper copies. (2 items, 41 pieces)

Folder 323  Donegal, Notebook. Copy of agreement between Jacob Rihm and Samuel Smith; Map of Elizabethtown; “Brief History of the Presbyterians”; Notebook by Sally Fellenbaum. (4 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 324  Donegal, Michael Gross. Direct Tax list; Court House records; Genealogy notes. (3 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 325  Donegal, Baughman to Bishop. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 326  Donegal, Samuel Betznor. Land notes; Maps. (2 item, 14 pieces)

Folder 327  Donegal, Andrew Boggs. Land notes. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 328  Donegal, James Cook. Land notes; Maps; Land notes, David Craig; Land notes, Jacob Sherer. (4 items, 17 pieces)

Folder 329  Donegal, Jacob Ebersole. Records of Conoy Twp.; Genealogy notes. (2 items, 13 pieces)

Folder 330  Donegal, John Galbreath. Will, James Rhody; Land records. (2 items, 31 pieces)

Folder 331  Donegal, John Gardner Tract. Overlays; Maps. (2 items, 42 pieces)

Folder 332  Donegal, Conoy Twp.    Genealogy notes, Kornhass; Land notes. (2 items, 28 pieces)

Folder 333  Donegal, Francis Harris. Land notes; Newspaper copy. (2 items, 3 pieces)

Folder 324  Donegal, Jacob Engle. Land records; Papers, Joseph Lyon; Genealogy notes. (3 items, 33 pieces)

Folder 325  Donegal, John Jamison. Genealogy notes; Land notes. (2 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 326  Donegal, Conoy Twp.    Land notes, Nickey-Gillson-Shank. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 327  Donegal, Philip Klonniger. Land notes, John Nissley. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 328  Donegal, James Logan. Land notes; Maps and overlays. (2 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 329  Donegal Presbyterian Church. Deeds. (1 item, 13 pieces)

Folder 330  Donegal, George Miranda Tract. Shippen, Edward; Land notes. (2 pieces)

Folder 331  Donegal, Randal McClure. Miranda notes; Will notes; Maps; Brenneman notes. (4 items, 29 pieces)

Folder 332  Donegal, John Nissly. Land notes. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 333  Donegal, Samuel Smith. Conoy Creek; Engle estate notes; Maps. (3 items, 14 pieces)


Box 15  (Folders 334-394)

Folder 334  Donegal, Thomas Wilkins. Deeds, Brubaker-Graybill; Maps. (2 items, 26 pieces)

Folder 335  West Donegal, Peter Blasser. Deeds; Property map. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 336  West Donegal, Samuel Ramsey. Conoy Twp.: Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 337  West Donegal, Daniel Sanders. Conoy Twp.: Deeds. (1 item, 4 pieces)


Folder 338  Donegal Twp., Overlays. (5 items, 89 pieces)

Insert 1  West Donegal Twp. Deeds; Overlays

Insert 2  East Donegal Twp. overlays; Conoy Twp. overlays

Insert 3  East Donegal Twp. Portion of 1851 map


Folder 339  West Donegal, Bossler Road. Pioneer Hills Development: Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 12 pieces)


Folder 340  West Donegal Families. (8 items, 82 pieces)

Insert 1  Woods, Nathan. Maps; Deeds; Will; Genealogy note

Insert 2  Allison, Robert. John

Insert 3  Mease, John. James Allison, “Rich Farm”

Insert 4  Blazor, Blayor. Deeds

Insert 5  Kipp, Henry. Deed


Folder 341  Donegal. Deeds; Maps; School tract. (3 items, 47 pieces)

Folder 342  Donegal, John Wilson. Deeds; Direct Tax, 1798. (2 items, 13 pieces)

Folder 343  Donegal, Rheems Area. Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 15 pieces)

Folder 344  Donegal, Henry Eckenroad. Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 345  Donegal, Pete Bauer. Stoner, Abraham: Deeds. (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 346  Donegal, Jacob Wilhelm. Genealogy note; Deed; Church record. (3 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 347  Donegal, James Hugh Wilson. Deed. (1 item, 3 pieces)

Folder 348  Donegal, Peter Root. Deed. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 349  Donegal, Jacob Engle. Deed. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 350  Donegal, Thomas Thompson. Deed; Patent, Jacob Shenk. (2 items, 10 pieces)

Folder 351  Donegal, James Fulton. Warrant for 309A, 1744; Will, Samuel Fulton; Deed; Land draft; History of the farm; East Donegal tax; Genealogy letter. (7 items, 50 pieces )

Folder 352  Donegal, Conewago Creek. Maps; Deeds. (2 item, 17 pieces)

Folder 353  Donegal, Anchor Area. Warrant and survey, Bane; Maps; Deeds. (3 items, 51 pieces)

Folder 354  Donegal, William Spear. Deeds; Jacob Mishey papers. (2 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 355  Donegal, Bayer-Weyland. Deed. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 356  Donegal, Andrew Mayze. Deeds. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 357  Donegal, Peter Rixsaker. Deed. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 358  Donegal, Robert Buchanan. Maps; Deeds, Staufer. (2 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 359  Donegal, George Snapper. Deed. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 360  Donegal, Gifford-Ruby. Index; Deed. (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 361  Donegal, Nicholas Rixaker. Deeds. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 362  Donegal, Michael Peters. Deeds. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 363  Donegal, Casper Smedley. Land Office map, #7; Deed; Index. (3 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 364  Donegal. Dock to Sharer, #52, 53; Eshleman, John, #54; Berger to Wengner, #56. (3 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 365  Donegal, Mt. Vernon Area. Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 366  Donegal, Thomas Harris. Deeds. (1 item, 23 pieces)

Folder 367  Donegal, Carr. Deeds; Maps. (2 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 368  Donegal, John Wilson Tract. Anchor Area: Maps; Deeds; Genealogy, Jacob Rihm; Warrant and survey, 1745. (4 items, 29 pieces) 

Folder 369  East Donegal Twp. Map of Field Trip, 1967; Notes, East Donegal Twp. (2 items, 12 pieces)

Folder 370  East Donegal, Marietta. Maps; House tours. (2 items, 12 pieces)

Folder 371  East Donegal, Mount Joy. Overlays; Maps; Community history. (3 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 372  East Donegal, Hugh White. Sale notice; Land list; Maps; Overlays; Deeds. (5 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 373  East Donegal, Nathaniel Stevenson. Deeds. (1 item, 3 pieces)

Folder 374  East Donegal, Ephraim Moore. Deeds. Maps. (2 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 375  East Donegal, Presbyterian, Glebeland. Deeds. (1 item, 3 pieces)

Folder 376  East Donegal, Richard Allison. Index; Will. (2 items, 8 pieces)

Folder 377  East Donegal, Anna Kraybill. Genealogy notes; Deeds; Maps; Will, Jacob Krebill; Correspondence. (5 items, 24 pieces)

Folder 378  East Donegal, Daniel Lowry. Trader’s license; Index; Maps. (3 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 379  East Donegal, William Bryan. Index; Deed. (2 items, 3 pieces)

Folder 380  East Donegal, William Smith, Herman Long. Deed. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 381  East Donegal, Martha Beyalon [Bizailion]. Combs, Moses: Deeds; Will, Jacob Wolf; Map. (3 items, 57 pieces)

Folder 382  East Donegal, John Kelly. Genealogy notes; Map; Will. (3 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 383  East Donegal, James Logan. Deeds; Graveyard notes. (2 items, 32 pieces)

Folder 384  Donegal, Stauffer-Whitmer. Map; Deeds; Pictures of Donegal Mills. (3 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 385  Donegal, William McClelland (No records for McClelland except on list). Maps, Fred Mumma, Robert Moody. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 386  Donegal, Andrew Galbreath. Deeds; Map. (2 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 387  Donegal, John Wilson. Pictures of home, David Byers; Deeds; Direct Tax; Index; Will, Jacob Krebill. (5 items, 38 pieces)

Folder 388  Donegal, Mary Motherhill. Middleton, Robert; Deed; Genealogy note. (3 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 389  East Donegal, George Undemuth. Deed; Map. (2 items, 3 pieces)

Folder 390  East Donegal, James Letort. Card notes; Maps; Deeds; James Letort Tract. (4 items, 28 pieces)

Folder 391  East Donegal, William Allison. Article on Alexander Lowry; Maps; Picture, mansion of Alexander Lowry. (3 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 392  East Donegal, James Anderson. Wilkins, Robert; Small map. (2 pieces)

Folder 393  Miscellaneous Notes by Sally Roberts. Research notes. (1 item, 17 pieces)

Folder 394  Donegal Presbytery. Large collection of material, records of Donegal Presbytery, 1732-. (1 item)


Box 16  (Folders 395-413)

Folder 395   Donegal Church History. Printed copies of church history; Burials not listed in Donegal Book. (2 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 396  Donegal, Photographs of Church. (16 pieces)

Folder 397  Donegal Society. Beginning of Society; Annual Meetings, 1912-1947. (2 items, 31 pieces)

Folder 398  Donegal, History of Presbyterian Church in America. Articles from Synod of New York. (1 item, 29 pieces)

Folder 399  Donegal, Historical and Genealogical Lists. Monuments at church. (2 items, 28 pieces)


Folder 400  Donegal, Notes from Survey. (7 items, 87 pieces)

Insert 1  Trustees of church; Tax lists, East Donegal Twp.; Deeds

Insert 2  Church notes; Land draft; Pewter information; Tracings from pewter


Folder 401  Donegal, Records and Marriages. History of Donegal Church. (1 item, 69 pieces)

Folder 402  Donegal, Newspaper Clippings. (1 item, 13 pieces)

Folder 403  Donegal, Church Bulletins and Notes. Charter note; Annual meeting; Witness Tree; Rev.  J. Ernest Somerville, D.D.; Historical brief. (5 items, 97 pieces)

Folder 404  Donegal, Church Scrapbook. Old notebook. (1 item, 12 pieces)


Folder 405  Donegal, Church Records. (4 items, 105 pieces)

Insert 1  Records, 1899

Insert 2  Records, 1877

Insert 3  Pew rents; Notes


Folder 406  Donegal, Meeting Notes, Burial Sites. Drawings of land. (1 item, 36 pieces)

Folder 407  Donegal Society. Correspondence; “Steinmetz in Donegal.” (2 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 408  Donegal Society Reunion. Acquisitions. (1 item, 84 pieces)

Folder 409  Donegal Society History. Booklet by D. Edward Good, 16 June 1988; Typed papers of the history, 1 March 1988. (2 items, 46 pieces)

Folder 410  Donegal Society Program. (1 item, 42 pieces)

Folder 411  Donegal Society, Executive Board Meetings. (1 item, 153 pieces)

Folder 412  The American State Papers, Notebook. 1789, Vol. 1 and 2, Class 8, Congress of the United States. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 413  American State Papers. Additional pages, Public Lands; English Colonies in North America; Correspondence. (3 items, 60 pieces)


Box 17  (Folders 414-438)

Folder 414  Index, Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789. Journals. (98 pieces)

Folder 415  Continental Congress. Correspondence. (1 item, 21 pieces)


Folder 416  Revolutionary War Records. (2 items, 4 pieces)

Insert 1  Era of American Revolution, 1776

Insert 2  Records of Pennsylvania’s Revolutionary Governments (Collection)


Folder 417  The Paxton Rangers. Booklet, Pontiac’s Rebellion. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 418  Papers of Sir William Johnson, Notebook. Post-War period, 1763-1774. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 419  Articles of Capitulation. (1 item, 10 pieces)


Folder 420  Washington Papers, September-October 1781. (3 items, 33 pieces)

Insert 1  Correspondence, December 1775

Insert 2  Council of Pennsylvania, 1774

Insert 3  Washington Papers, September-October 1781 (photocopies). (The maternal grandmother of Washington)


Folder 421  John Connolly, Loyalist. (1 item, 36 pieces)

Folder 422  Naval Records, 1775-1788. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 423  The Jacobite Movement. The Last Phase, 1716-1807; Correspondence. (2 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 424  The Mason-Dixon Line, Map. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 425  Illinois-Wabash Land. Company manuscript; Address to Republican Society of Philadelphia. (2 items, 68 pieces)

Folder 426  Louisiana. Photocopy; Handwritten copy. (2 items, 28 pieces)

Folder 427  The Mississippi Valley. Mississippi Spanish records. (1 item, 42 pieces)

Folder 428  North Carolina. Account book, William Dunbar. (1 item, 69 pieces)

Folder 429  Ohio, Koch Information. (1 item, 8 pieces)

Folder 430  Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Dallas’ Report. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 431  Church of England. Lineage (handwritten). (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 432  Great Britain’s Claims in Mississippi. Claims by subjects. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 433  Scottish Settlers, 1625-1825. Maps. (40 pieces)

Folder 434  Scotch-Irish in America. (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 435  Irish Genealogy. 7 pamphlets. (18 pieces)

Folder 436  National Geographic Society Quarterly. Transported Jacobite rebels, 1716. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 437  The Lancaster Barracks. Pamphlet. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 438  The Mayflower Society.


Box 18  (Folders 438-459)

Folder 438  Church, Franklin County, Mercersburg. Upper West Concocheagua Presbyterian Church, 1769-1812; History of Mercersburg. (2 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 439  Church Booklets. Silver Spring Presbyterian; “The Seven Ages of Rev. Joseph A. Murray, D.D.”; The “English Church” in Carlisle; Local history, Carlisle Presbyterian Church; Local history by Rev. Joseph A. Murray, D.D.; Big Spring Presbytery; Directory of Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Cemetery; Princeton University Chapel; Brief History of First Presbyterian Church, Princeton, NJ; A History of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Colebrook, PA. (10 items)

Folder 440  Presbyterian Historical Society. Journal of the Department of History. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 441  Lutheran Church, Mount Joy. Deed; Correspondence; Map; History of church; Pastors. (5 items, 16 pieces)

Folder 442  Boehm’s Chapel Society. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 443  Donegal Presbyterian Church. Roll, 1776; Lancaster County Heritage Magazine. (2 items)

Folder 444  “The Evolution of Ten Pre-1745 Presbyterian Societies in the Cumberland Valley.” (1 item)

Folder 445  History of Early Presbyterian Churches. Notes on conservatives; Church history (computer printout); Brubaker genealogy chart; Note on Donegal Church; “Jacobites”; Notes on Court of Common Pleas; Historic Paxton Church. (7 items, 21 pieces)

Folder 446  Pennsylvania German Society. Documents, Amish-Mennonite; Historic background; Pennsylvania Germans; First settlement in Lancaster County; The Mennonites. (5 items, 19 pieces)

Folder 447  Pennsylvania German Society, Trinity Lutheran Church. Births and Baptisms. (1 item, 134 pieces)

Folder 448  Mormonism, History. Birthplace of Mormonism. (1 item, 8 pieces)

Folder 449  First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster. Law to teach; Appraisement of property, 1858; Petition, Katharine Hand; Patents; List of contents of film of records; Marriages; Pew rents; History; Note on Adam Breneisen. (9 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 450  Leacock Presbyterian Church. History. (1 item, 13 pieces)

Folder 451  Pequea Presbyterian Church. Patent. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 452  Pequea, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Chester County. 200 Years of Church History. (1 item, 28 pieces)

Folder 453  Carlisle, Second Presbyterian Church. Historical address, 1883. (1 item, 54 pieces)

Folder 454  Silver Spring Church. History, 1734-1909. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 455  Records from Area Churches. First Presbyterian, Philadelphia, Baptisms; Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran, Brickerville; Lutheran, Strasburg; English Presbyterian Church; New Castle upon Delaware; St. Johns Lutheran, Maytown; New Holland Trinity Lutheran; Episcopal Church of Bangor, Caernarvon; Elizabethtown Lutheran; St. James Episcopal. (10 items, 16 pieces)

Folder 456  Elizabethtown, St. Peters Church. Baptism record. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 457  Trinity Lutheran Church. 250thAnniversary. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 458  Blausser’s Church, Elizabethtown Area. H. E. Reem Chronicle, 1932. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 459  Donegal’s Moravian Church Land Survey, Maytown-Milton Grove. Note by Mrs. Clayton R. Fry, teacher; History of Reformed Church, Maytown; Art from Moravian Archives; “Primitive Ironwork”; Land survey. (5 items, 16 pieces)


Box 19  (Folders 460-502)

Folder 460  Carpenter’s Graveyard, Lancaster. (1 item, 15 pieces)

Folder 461  Graveyard on Landis Farm (Gross farm). (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 462  Lippold Graveyard Notebook. Goodman: Markers on Media Heights Golf Course. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 463  Eby Graveyard. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 464  Newside Cemetery, Lower Paxton Twp. Page on Dauphin County; Map; Article on gravesite; Newspaper articles. (4 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 465  Cemeteries, Mount Joy Cemetery, Lot Numbers. Cards, Block and Lots; Lists of Lot numbers. (2 items, 4 pieces)

Folder 466  Cemetery Records, Rapho Twp. Map; Genealogy notes, Patterson; Cemetery notes on Wien-Wright. (3 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 467  Old Cemeteries, Abbeyville, Bowman. Camp Hill Cemetery; Kraybills Cemetery; Goods Cemetery; Cemetery on David Wilson tract; Abbeyville Cemetery; Concord Cemetery; Old Welsh Cemetery; Baughman Burying Ground. (8 items, 11 pieces)

Folder 468  Abbeyville Road Cemetery. Maps; Overlays; Brubaker Mennonite Church; Correspondence with Landis Brubaker; Inventory, John Stoner; Will, Jacob Brubaker; Will, Henry Binckley, Cocalico Twp.; Road Index; Deed. (9 items, 56 pieces)

Folder 469  Greiner-Hoffer-Fishborn. Genealogy notes; Family Bible, Fishborn; Geib, buried at Hill Church. (3 items, 25 pieces)

Folder 470  Church and Cemetery Records. List, Milton Grove Cemetery; List, Gantz Cemetery; Correspondence from Mary Wheeler; Genealogy notes; Marriages; Kraybill Cemetery; Gerberich Cemetery; Will abstracts; History of Lebanon County; Baptism records, Rev. John Waldschmidt; Marriage records, Rev. John Waldschmidt; Reformed Church marriages; Lancaster Lutheran marriages; Elizabethtown Lutheran Church; Greiner Cemetery; Zion Reformed Cemetery, Brickerville; Additional lists. (17 items, 95 pieces)

Folder 471  Annals of Conestoga Valley. St. Thomas Episcopal Church; Bangor Episcopal Church; Private schools; Marriages, Ashland Farm. (4 items, 4 pieces)

Folder 472  Bishop Tschantz Graveyard. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 473  Cemeteries. Large notebook; Abbeyville Road Cemetery, Landis Brubaker; Correspondence; Maps; Deed (copy). (5 items, 24 pieces)

Folder 474  Brickerville, Reformed Church. Marriages; Burials. (6 pieces)

Folder 475  Town Graveyard, Carlisle. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 476  Chestnut Level Cemetery. 275thCelebration of Church. (10 pieces)

Folder 477  Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Harmony, Chester County. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 478  Columbia Cemetery. Bassler Graveyard; Old Brick Burying Ground; Hunsicker Graveyard. (3 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 479  Elizabethtown Mennonite Cemetery. Cocklin Cemetery, Gettysburg Pike, Cumberland County; Map and list. (2 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 480  Heller’s Salem Reformed Church (also known as Hill Church). Cemetery records to 1900. (20 pieces)

Folder 480  Ephrata Cloister Cemeteries. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 481  Kraybill Mennonite Cemetery. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 482  Church Records in Lancaster. Tombstones, First Presbyterian Church; Bible records; Burial records, Trinity Lutheran; Marriages by James Power, D.D.; Tombstone, Geigertown, Pennsylvania; Tombstone, First Reformed Church, Lancaster; Inscriptions in graveyard on Mylin Farm, West Lampeter Twp.; Records from First Reformed Church. (8 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 483  Leacock Presbyterian Cemetery. (1 item, 17 pieces)

Folder 484  Cemetery Records, Leacock, Pequea, Compass. Deaths. (11 pieces)

Folder 485  Marietta Cemetery. Community history. (18 pieces)

Folder 486  Records of Moravian Church. Burial records, 1744-1821; Baptism records; Marriage records; St. James Graveyard; Marriage records; Baptisms by Rev. John Casper Stoever. (6 items, 47 pieces)

Folder 487  Big Spring Presbyterian Graveyard, Newville. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 488  Upper Octorara Cemetery. (1 item, 18 pieces)

Folder 489  Middle Octorara Cemetery, 1727. (1 item, 39 pieces)

Folder 490  Penryn Cemetery. (1 item, 23 pieces)

Folder 491  Pequea Presbyterian Cemetery List. Old cemetery land letter. (32 pieces)

Folder 492  St. James Episcopal Church, Lancaster. Booklet, Lancaster County Historical Society; Chart of graveyard; Lists from booklet (copies). (3 items, 22 pieces)

Folder 493  St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery. Compassville. (1 item, 32 pieces)

Folder 494  Strasburg Presbyterian Church. Gravestone inscriptions. (1 item)

Folder 495  Union United Presbyterian Church. Burial records, 1816-1980; A History of the Union United Presbyterian Church, Colerain Twp., Kirkwood Pike, Route 472. (2 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 496  Cocalico Church Records. Pastors, baptisms, marriages. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 497  Lutheran Church Baptisms. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 498  Cumberland County Marriages. (1 item, 14 pieces)

Folder 499  St. Gabriel’s Church, Berks County. Marriages by Rev. Alex Murray, 1767-1768. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 500  Marriages and Baptisms by Rev. John Cuthbertson, 1751-1791. (1 item, 42 pieces)

Folder 501  Dauphin County Marriages, 1744-1854. (1 item, 14 pieces)

Folder 502  St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Records, Maytown: Books I, II, III. (1 item)


Box 20  (Folders 503-534)

Folder 503  Maytown Reformed Church. Membership lists; Rev. Henry B. Shaffner; “One Hundred and Thirty Three Years”; Reformed Churchyard; Marriages; Columbia congregation. (5 items, 92 pieces)

Folder 504  Marriages, First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster. Register of marriages by Rev. William Ashmead, 1821-1846; Newspaper article, Rev. P. J. Timlow, 1839-1873. (2 item, 15 pieces)

Folder 505  Marriage and Baptism Records, Rev. John Waldschmidt, 1752-1786, Lancaster County. (1 item, 29 pieces)

Folder 506  Lancaster County Marriage Bonds, 1757-1793. Pennsylvania to North Carolina migrations. (10 pieces)

Folder 507  Baptisms and Marriages, Rev. John Casper Stoever, 1730-1779. Evangelical Lutheran Church; A Muster Roll of the Revolution. (2 items, 98 pieces)

Folder 508  Old Rocky Spring Church, Franklin County. History and cemeteries. (1 item, 11 pieces)

Folder 509  Marriages, Cumberland County, 1761-1800. (1 item, 21 pieces)

Folder 510  Cumberland Valley Marriages, 1789-1817. Rev. John Conrad Bucher, 1763-1769; Carlisle to Lebanon. (2 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 511  Marriages by Rev. John Linn, 1778-1793. Presbyterian, Perry County. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 512  Miscellaneous Notes of Marriages. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 513  Donegal Marriages and Baptisms, 1 May 1807-22 September 1821. Donegal in the Revolution; Marriages by Rev. William Kerr. (30 pieces)

Folder 514  Marriages, St. James Church, Lancaster, 1755-1856. Marriages by Rev. Abraham Romich, Swatara Reformed Church. (29 pieces)

Folder 515  Marriage Licenses, Lancaster, 1791-1799. Marriages by Rev. D. W. Gerhard. (19 pieces)

Folder 516  Marriages, Rev. Denny, 1794-1844. Path Valley, Chambersburg. (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 517  Moravian Marriages. Elizabethtown records; Genealogy notes, Sheaffer; Map of Elizabethtown; Maytown Reformed Church; Deeds; Census, 1790; Orphans’ Court Record; Notebook. (8 item, 35 pieces)

Folder 518  Chillisquaque Church, Northumberland County. Cemetery records; History of the church; The Warren Run Presbyterian Church. (3 items, 61 pieces)

Folder 519  Scotch-Irish, York County and Adams County, 1896. (13 pieces)

Folder 520  Marsh Creek Marriages, 1774-1809. Rev. Alexander Dobbin. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 521  Marriages, 1730-1774, Rev. Johann Casper Stoever. The Trapper Records; Upper Providence Twp., Montgomery County; Early Berks County tombstones. (3 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 522  Marriages of Some Pennsylvania Soldiers in the Revolutionary Period. Central Pennsylvania marriages; Early Pennsylvania births, 1675-1875; Early Central Pennsylvania lineage; Marriages of Union County, Pennsylvania. (4 items, 48 pieces)

Folder 523  Pennsylvania Archives Marriages, 1702-1810. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 524  Marriage Records, Pennsylvania Archives, Series 2. Tombstone inscriptions, Geigertown, Berks County: Old Forest Church Cemetery; Lutheran Church Cemetery. (2 items, 11 pieces)

Folder 525  Pennsylvania Marriage Licenses, 1748-1752, issued by Gov. James Hamilton. (39 pieces)

Folder 526  Baptisms and Marriages, 1785-1790. Rev. Reed. (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 527  Pennsylvania Marriage Licenses, 1762-1776. (60 pieces)

Folder 528  Pennsylvania Marriages. Pages 108-109, 212-215. (1 item, 5 pieces)

Folder 529  Marriage Licenses of Pennsylvania, 1784-1786. (14 pieces)

Folder 530  St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Baptisms, marriages, and funerals. (1 item, 27 pieces)

Folder 531  Hill Church, Annville, Lebanon County. Baptisms, burials, and marriages. (1 item, 31 pieces)

Folder 532  Marriages, Reformed Church, Lancaster, Rev. John Bartholemew Rieger. 1742-1793; 1795-1808. (2 items, 57 pieces)

Folder 533  Baptism Records, St. Peter’s AME-Lutheran Church, New Holland. (1 item, 10 pieces)

Folder 534  Marriages, Notes and Queries. (1 item, 5 pieces)


Box 21  (Folders 535-553)

Folder 535  Mining, Nickel Mines. “The Nickel Mines of Lancaster County.” (1 item, 11 pieces)

Folder 536  Mining in Lancaster County. Journals, iron industry; Printed article on iron. (2 items, 16 pieces)

Folder 537  Railroad. Correspondence; “P.R.R. in Lancaster”; Court papers; Deeds; Land transfers; Land records; “Lancaster City Ordinance”; Station pictures; Maps; Resolution; Directory; President James Buchanan. (12 items, 145 pieces)

Folder 538  Illinois and Ouabache Companies. List of members; Articles of agreement; “Illinois-Wabash Land Company Manuscript”; Resolutions; Facsimile of manuscript. (5 items, 94 pieces)

Folder 539  Revere Tavern. Deeds; Maps; Survey notes; Will list; Genealogy notes, Jacob Fisher; Tax, 1801, Leacock Twp.; Newspaper; Land records; Land, David Witmer. (9 items, 92 pieces)

Folder 540  Nissley Guest Homes and Apartment Suites. Menno Fry Mansion and Steigerwalt Mansion. (1 piece)

Folder 541  Taverns. Old Black Horse Tavern, 2660 Old Harrisburg Pike; Tavern applications, 1809, 1811, 1825; Petition for tavern, Falmouth, Jacob Sheffer. (3 items, 50 pieces)

Folder 542  Mount Joy, Bube’s Tavern. Petition; Tavern application; Petition, Alois Bube. (3 items, 18 pieces)


Folder 543  Anchor Inn. (8 items, 75 pieces)

Insert 1  Petitions, George Wealand; Petition, Henry Mathias; Petition, John Meyer; Deeds

Insert 2  Warrantee Map of West Donegal; Notebook; Will, John Roan; Inquisition, Timothy Connor


Folder 544  Tavern Licenses. List of licenses; Petition, A. Sheafer and S. Jacobs. (2 items, 21 pieces)

Folder 545  Springhouse Restaurant. Printed flier. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 546  Sprenger’s Brewery. Will, Philip Gloninger; Will, Mathias Young; Will, Marcus Young; Will, Christina Young; Deeds; Profile data, The Alhambra House; Copy of sign. (7 items, 107 pieces)

Folder 547  Tavern, The Watering Trough. Genealogy note on Stehman-Neff; Survey note, Bastian Stehler; Ownership list; Note, Joseph Beiler, Peter Fisher. (4 items, 4 pieces)

Folder 548  Tavern Deeds. Joshua Bowman; Old Tavern, Shireman, Johnson, Drescher. (2 items, 3 pieces)

Folder 549  Speedwell Forge. Deeds. (4 items, 18 pieces)

Folder 550  Taylor, Isaac-Harris, John. Note from Marnie Sweet; Note regarding John Harris. (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 551  Indian Traders. Will, Peter Bazaillion; List of traders. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 552  Book, Pennsylvania German Society, Vol. XXXII. (1 item)

Folder 553  Book, Hills Album of Biography and Art. (1 item, 1 piece)


Box 22  (Folders 554-567)

Folder 554  Roberts, Achievement Certificate, Goals. (5 pieces)

Folder 555  Roberts, Financial Records. (1 item, 42 pieces)

Folder 556  Roberts, Genealogy. Large chart; Personal notes. (2 items, 26 pieces)

Folder 557  Roberts, Personal Papers. School notes; Correspondence; Newspaper copy; Pictures, Mount Joy; “Speechcraft.” (5 items, 30 pieces)

Folder 558  Roberts, Newspaper Articles. Obituary, Lewis Stark; “Spirit of Susquehannocks Rises Again”; Indian spirits at Haldeman Home. (3 items, 3 pieces)

Folder 559  Roberts, Yearly Diaries. Notes. (10 pieces)

Folder 560  Roberts, Research Requests I. (1 item, 179 pieces)

Folder 561  Roberts, Research Requests II. (1 item, 98 pieces)

Folder 562  Roberts, Research Requests III. (1 item, 112 pieces)

Folder 563  Roberts, Research Requests and Notes. Pennsylvania courthouses; Family tree of Protestantism; Cards, deeds, agriculture census. (3 items, 50 pieces)

Folder 564  Roberts, Research Requests and Charts. (1 item, 98 pieces)

Folder 565  Robert, Personal Notes, Parish Notes. (38 pieces)


Folder 566  Roberts, Computer Printouts. (7 items, 111 pieces)

Insert 1  Notes: “The Longenecker Gold Cross”; “The Children and Grandchildren of Reuben T. Fellenbaum”; Lists of deeds; Survey maps

Insert 2  “IBM Mapper”: Instructions; Maps


Folder 567  Roberts, File Records. Booklet. (1 item, 1 piece)


Box 23  (Folders 682-700)

Folder 682  Pennsylvania, 1981 Genealogy Seminar. Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society; Tombstone rubbings

Folder 683  Pennsylvania, Septennial Census, 1779-1863. Township lists; Military records, Sheridan, Murray, Naughle, Stump. (2 items, 13 pieces)

Folder 684  Pennsylvania, Century Farms. Application forms; Inventory; Guide to inventory. (3 items, 11 pieces)


Folder 685  Pennsylvania, Family Data in Land Patents. Pennsylvania finances; “The Hub of the Tulpehocken”; Family data. (3 items, 26 pieces)

Folder 686  Pennsylvania, Germantown. Notes of the early history; “The Battle of Germantown.” (2 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 687  Pennsylvania, History of the Ratification of the Constitution, Pennsylvania. (1 item, 7 pieces)

Folder 688  Pennsylvania German Society. “Community History,” October 1972; Membership applications; Index to proper names; Lancaster Conference Congregations. (4 items, 41 pieces)

Folder 689  Pennsylvania German Pioneers. Souder roots; Land, Baily, Hollinger; Magazine, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage; Map; Perches chart; Deeds; Pennsylvania German pioneers list; Wills list. (8 items, 38 pieces)

Folder 690  Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies. Notice of the 175thAnniversary; Article by Hunter Rineer, “A Brief History of Pennsylvania Land Records.” (2 items, 7 pieces)

Folder 691  Pennsylvania, Palatines to America. Pennsylvania Chapter meeting; Lecture on the Hessians. (2 items, 6 pieces)

Folder 692  Pennsylvania, Survey and Maps. Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road; Map, Union County; Map, Swatara Coal Region. (3 items, 3 pieces)

Folder 693  Pennsylvania, A Pictorial History of the American Revolution. (1 item)


Folder 694  Pennsylvania, Early Road Surveys. (6 items, 37 pieces)

Insert 1  Historical surveys; Overlays; Court records

Insert 2  Early Roads: Maps; Overlays

Insert 3  Donegal Road petitions, 1742


Folder 695  Pennsylvania, Road Petition, 1752. Maps; Survey. (2 items, 13 pieces)

Folder 696  Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728. Propriety notes; Genealogy notes, Murray; Church notes; Maps; Deeds; Debt list, William Murray, John Murray; Grave markers, Liverpool Cemetery, Murrays; Genealogy, Earles of Ross; Petitions to John Penn. (9 items, 56 pieces)

Folder 697  Pennsylvania, Wilderness Chronicles of Northwest Pennsylvania. “Indians Burn Forts”; Maps; Correspondence regarding Murray; Library book list; “The Mississippi Valley in British Politics”; Map of donation and depreciation lands. (6 items, 20 pieces)

Folder 698  Pennsylvania Indian Trails. Map of early Indian villages in Pennsylvania and Ohio; Traders map of Ohio Country, 1750-1752; “The Shamokin Traders and the Shamokin Path”; Indictment, Simon Girtoy. (4 items, 4 pieces)

Folder 699  Pennsylvania, Quit Rents. Rent lists. (1 item, 11 pieces)

Folder 700  Pennsylvania, History of Scottish Dissenting Presbyterians. Booklet, Franklin County. (1 item, 1 piece)


Box 24  (Folders 701-735, 763-766)

Folder 701  Pennsylvania, Minutes of the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 1758. Genealogy notes; Pennsylvania German Society, Vol. II

Folder 702  Pennsylvania, Lancaster County Historical Society. Historical papers and addresses; City Directory; Picture, Lancaster Watch Manufactory; Tax list; City maps; Original land grants; Apothecaries of Lancaster County; Guardianship paper, Rebecca Fry. (8 items, 53 pieces)

Folder 703  Pennsylvania, Allegheny County. Newspaper business photographs. (1 item, 6 pieces)

Folder 704  Pennsylvania, Printed Articles. “Lord Dunmore’s War”; “The Papers of James Madison”; “John Dickinson and the Constitution”; “The Place of Pittsburgh in History”; “Fort Pitt.” (5 items, 60 pieces)

Folder 705  Pennsylvania, Berks County, Snyder County. Marriages, Berks County; Marriages, Snyder County. (2 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 706  Pennsylvania, Berks County Land. Maps; Map of trails; List of taxables, 1752; Early maps. (4 items, 27 pieces)

Folder 707  Pennsylvania, History of Berks County and Lebanon County. Letter by Robert Coleman, Ironmaster; Land warrant index; Pennsylvania families; Original land owners in Tulpehocken area; Early settlement in the Allemaegel Region; Map; Will abstracts, Miller; Will abstracts, Metzgen. (8 items, 19 pieces)


Folder 708  Pennsylvania, Berks County. (3 items, 49 pieces)

Insert 1  Shaffer, Jacob. Genealogy notes

Insert 2  Marriages; Wills and administrators records, 1752-1850


Folder 709  Berks County, Tulpehocken, 1723. Original land owners in the Tulpehocken area, 1975; Maps; Deed, Fells Manor; Anniversary magazine of the Tulpehocken, 1723-1973; Pictures of Tulpehocken Manor. (5 items, 67 pieces)

Folder 710  Berks County, Church Records. Register of Reeds Church; Baptismal records, Evangelical Lutheran Church; Index to Host Reformed Church. (3 items, 25 pieces)

Folder 711  Chester County, History. Map. (1 item, 9 pieces)

Folder 712  Chester County, Wills and Warrants. Genealogy notes, Sadsbury; Will abstracts; Chester County, Warrantee Index. (3 items, 27 pieces)


Folder 713  Chester County, Tax Lists. (5 items, 52 pieces)

Insert 1  Tax lists

Insert 2  Tax lists, 1722-1724

Insert 3  Tax lists, 1718-1719

Insert 4  General History; Will, Chester County


Folder 714  Chester County, Conestoga Tax Rate. Notes (copy). (6 pieces)

Folder 715  Chester County, Journal. Journal of James Kenny, 1761-1763. (1 item, 28 pieces)

Folder 716  Cumberland County, Oath. Oath of Allegiance, 1761-1778. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 717  Cumberland County, William Swain Papers. “The Peaceful Plateau”; Articles by William Swain, historian. (2 items, 14 pieces)

Folder 718  Cumberland County, Notebook. Article on Stony Creek; Deed, Pembrooke. (2 items, 9 pieces)

Folder 719  Cumberland County, Marriages and Wills. Abstract of wills. (13 pieces)

Folder 720  Cumberland County, Carlisle, 1731-1774. Map; Mapping the town. (2 items, 13 pieces)

Folder 721  Cumberland County, Will Abstracts. Will, index and abstracts; Deeds; Genealogy notes; Court papers; Church records. (5 items, 46 pieces)

Folder 722  Cumberland County Celebration. Victory Peace Celebration, 1919; 175thAnniversary, Newville, Pennsylvania, 1790-1965. (2 items, 2 pieces)

Folder 723  Indiana County, Blacklick Twp. Deed, Archibald Marchal. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 724  Lancaster County, Court Sessions. (1 item, 68 pieces)

Folder 725  Lancaster County, DAR, Donegal Chapter. Yearbook, 1980. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 726  Jews of Lancaster. “The Early Jewish Settlement at Lancaster, PA”; “Early Legal Records of Jews of Lancaster Co., PA.” (2 items, 15 pieces)

Folder 727  Lebanon County, Surveys. Warrantee maps. (1 item, 2 pieces)

Folder 728  Lehigh County, Bollinger. Long Swamp, Henry Bollinger. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 729  Mifflin County, Kelly. Letters testamentary, Edward Kelly. (1 item, 3 pieces)

Folder 730  Montgomery County, Wills. Wills, “M” index. (1 item, 14 pieces)

Folder 731  Perry County, Warrantees. Warrantees, Greenwood Twp. (1 item, 5 pieces)

Folder 732  Philadelphia, Catalogue. Historical catalogue of the St. Andrews Society. (1 item)

Folder 733  Philadelphia, Tax List. List of taxables. (1 item, 12 pieces)

Folder 734  Philadelphia, Will Abstracts. Colonel Smith’s Journal; Note, French Fort Dusquesne; Marriages (M); Genealogy notes; “John H. Morrow”; Map. (6 items, 49 pieces)

Folder 735  History of Jews of Philadelphia. Photocopies of correspondence; “Index to Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society”; “The Franks Family as British Army Contractors.” (3 items, 36 pieces)

Folder 763  Streets and Main Roads about Philadelphia, 1754. (6 pieces)

Folder 764  Westmoreland County. Pennsylvania Archives. (1 item, 3 pieces)

Folder 765  Fairfax County, Courthouse. Guardianship papers        . (1 item, 4 pieces)

Folder 766  York County. Will, I. William Boyd. (1 item, 1 piece)


Box 25  (Folders 767-778)

Folder 767  Pettigrew, Land Records. Genealogy notes; Deeds; Wills; Maps. (4 items, 40 pieces)

Folder 768  Donegal Church, 1776. Membership list. (1 item, 1 piece)

Folder 769  Bits and Pieces, Land. Miscellaneous notes and dates. (1 item, 5 pieces)

Folder 770  Photographs, Donegal Society, School Photograph. Identification chart. (3 pieces)

Folder 771  Photographs, Donegal Church. 2 large photographs; Folder of small pictures. (8 pieces)

Folder 772  Photographs, Buildings. 8 identified photographs; 8 unidentified photographs. (17 pieces)

Folder 773  Photographs, Donegal Pewter and Furniture. 5 photographs; 6 negatives

Folder 774  Photographs, Sally Fellenbaum Roberts. Family pictures; School pictures, some unidentified. (10 pieces)

Folder 775  Photographs, Sara Roberts, Mount Joy. Mount Joy pictures, unidentified. (1 item, 8 pieces)

Folder 776  Photographs, Early Donegal Church. 15 views. (16 pieces)

Folder 777  Photographs, Florin Mills, Donegal Church. List of pastors; 4 pictures. (5 pieces)

Folder 778  Photographs, Snapshots. Not identified. (7 pieces)