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The Revolutionary Leadership [Book 5 of “Revolutionary Lancaster” Series]


Book 5 in the “Revolutionary Lancaster” series focuses on the committees and legislatures which met in taverns before and during the American Revolution to draft and enforce documents of law and to govern the county and state.

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Battles and military leaders receive the bulk of attention in the history of wars, but philosophers and politicians determine the permanent outcome of a successful conflict. 

Dr. Terry Madonna introduces us to the committees and legislators who met in taverns before and during the American Revolution to write the documents, enforce the laws and govern the county and state. Lancaster County had its men who were leaders in the Continental Congress and the Pennsylvania Assembly as well as governing the county. 

This book shows how twelve men worked and fought to make certain that the victory won on the battlefields would not be lost by anarchy or inactivity behind the lines. 

This book is a soft cover, 45 pages. Copyright 1976. It is the fifth book in the “Revolutionary Lancaster” series. Written by G. Terry Madonna.

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Did You Know?

Presidential hopeful Theodore Roosevelt made a stop in Lancaster while campaigning for the Bull Moose Party in April 1912.