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Sat Jul 22 @ 6:00PM -
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Allegro at Wheatland

Join Allegro Chamber Orchestra on the lawn of President James Buchanan’s Wheatland for a sunset, summertime concert. The evening’s repertoire includes: Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, Prokofiev’s Summer Day Suite, Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4, The Italian, and a Ralph Lehman premiere, Laudo Per Gaudium, in celebration of Allegro’s 15th Anniversary. Doors open at 6pm, followed by the concert at 7pm.

Tickets are $20 for adults and free for children (5-18). For an extra $5, a chair will be provided in a reserved section. Tickets should be purchased in advance.

10% of ticket sales will be donated to Lawn chairs, blankets, and picnics are welcome. Coffee and ice cream will be available for purchase. On-site parking limited. Street parking available.

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Sat Aug 05 @11:00AM - 03:30PM
African-American Heritage Walking Tours

African-American Heritage Walking Tours

Learn about Lancaster's abolitionists, Underground Railroad agents, religious leaders, and entrepreneurs as you visit 12 historical sites and properties with African­-American heritage. Visit sites such as: bounty hunters' offices & Black businesses on Penn Square; site of Elite Hotel; Thaddeus Stevens & Lydia Hamilton Smith Historic Site; Trinity Lutheran Church; Lancaster County Courthouse; Saint James Episcopal Church; site of the Lancaster Train Station; Shreiner­ Concord Cemetery; Fulton Hall/Old Jail; and Central Market.

TOUR INFORMATION: Two tours will be offered on Saturday, August 5 at 11am and 2pm. Tours depart from the Lancaster City Visitor Center at 38 Penn Square in Lancaster. Tours are safe & easy and take 60-­90 minutes (comfortable walking shoes recommended). No reservations needed. Tickets only available at the Lancaster City Visitor Center on tour days. For more information, please contact Randy Harris (717-808-2941) or Leroy Hopkins (717-224-7030).

Sat Aug 05 @12:00PM - 03:00PM
Living History at Wheatland

Wheatland: The Early Years

James Buchanan, left, and Isaac Toucey, right.James Buchanan, left, and Isaac Toucey, right.Step back in time to August 1851 as a Lancaster neighbor and friend comes to call on James Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan retired from his position of Secretary of State two years ago and has just started to enjoy his new lifestyle as a gentleman farmer. As a visitor, you will have a chance to meet the members of his family, including his niece Harriet Lane and his nephew James B. Henry, along with a variety of out-of-town guests such as Connecticut State Senator Isaac Toucey and his wife Catherine Nichols Toucey.

Living History tours featuring Wheatland: The Early Years begin on the hour, starting at 12pm with the last tour at 3pm. Advanced reservations are strongly recommended as tours do fill up and walk-in space is not guaranteed. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour so you may have ample time to check in.

What is a Living History tour? A Living History Tour differs from a Standard Tour of Wheatland in that it is an immerse experience in history where various costumed historic reenactors share history through first-person “living” portrayals of historic characters. These tours are only available the first Saturday of the month from March – October. Tour admission also includes admission to the exhibition galleries at



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